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Art For Life ( Leaving The AIDS Zone)

How to leave "The AIDS Zone".
Dear Reader,

By 1985, I was certain that the only explanation for how an HIV diagnosis could lead so often and so quickly to AIDS and death must be the intensely negative emotional states that HIV positive people automatically regressed into when they received their diagnosis. I could see that on top of various and considerable previous health risks, the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, isolation, terror, anger, guilt and shame were destroying any hope of recovery and limiting their ability to make truly informed decisions.

I could see that when some one got an AIDS diagnosis, they automatically joined the walking dead.

Because of my training in the power of suggestion, I understood that every communication about "HIV/AIDS" contained embedded programming: "Test positive" - get sick and die; "doctor/researcher" - accept scanty evidence and prescribe toxic, immuno-suppressive drugs; "gay AIDS activist" -insure that the public believes that everyone is at risk; "AIDS organization"- silence anyone who questions the insanity. And if you're not in any of these groups your embedded message was to fear sex and act like you cared.

I developed idea of the "The AIDS Zone" in 1983 to expose the unrecognized mass self-hypnosis and hysteria that surrounded "AIDS". I wanted to warn people who received an "AIDS" diagnosis about the deleterious effects of the social self-hypnosis and hysteria that came with being viewed as an "AIDS case."

Through 1985, I watched with horror as the press sensationalized the HIV/AIDS myth and gave credibility to much lackluster science on which it was based. It was like an Orwellian nightmare, everyone simply ignored the obvious contradictions in the official explanation of what was going down.

I invented HIV Debriefing in 1985, in response to the introduction of wide spread "HIV" testing. My goal was to help people who had been diagnosed as "infected" to recognize and escape from the unhealthy emotional states and the embedded programming to get-sick-and-die that came as a corollary to testing positive and/or being diagnosed as having AIDS.

Clearly, reason and science had been replaced by hysteria and emotions.

Keep in mind that testing positive on an antibody test was not and is not proof of infection, and testing positive for exposure is far different than having an active viral infection. I tried to bring this to the attention of every one I talked to about HIV and AIDS. Imagine my shock, when no one wanted to even talk about it, let alone think about it. It was then I realized that as a society we had become socially hypnotized to believe what we were told about "HIV/AIDS". We were all STUCK in the "AIDS Zone"!

Sixteen years have passed and the intense social marketing that breathed life into the "HIV/AIDS" myth in the 1980's is still going strong. I am still convinced that getting stuck in the AIDS Zone remains the most dangerous and under-rated risk for developing AIDS indicator diseases that people in the social health risk groups face. I also believe that it is impossible to reach and educate the public as long as we fail to grasp that they are also stuck in the AIDS Zone.

The HIV Debriefing script at the end of this paper is designed to help you liberate yourself from the AIDS Zone. It is important to realize that you might have to debrief yourself on a regular basis as the AIDS establishment is always working to re-hypnotize you and send you back into the Zone.

So before considering what kinds of help you need, it is important to calmly evaluate your health outside of the Zone. Because, the tests for both "HIV antibodies" and the "HI-Virus" are simply not scientifically valid and testing antibody positive is far different than actually having a viral infection. It is important not to get sucked into believing that you have been infected and given a death sentence by a virus -- you have been infected by a social hex.

I want to remind you that all positive results for "HIV" are false positives in lieu of viral isolation. At most, a positive test result is, outside the Zone, a marker for possible serious health risks and not the death sentence one gets within the Zone. As there is no scientific evidence which demonstrates HIV has been purified and properly isolated one should not think of themselves as HIV positive. You must strive to get out of the habit of thinking of HIV as the cause of any illness. If you have tested so called "HIV positive" it is best to consider all of the risks associated with getting a positive result and address the risks themselves.

Could you be in the AIDS Zone? Take this simple test:

Do you believe that you are infected with HIV?

Are you always afraid of getting sick and dying?

Are you having your t-cells counted?

Are you taking any conventional anti-HIV treatments?

Are you taking any alternative anti-HIV treatments?

Are you concerned about your viral load?

Are you feeling alienated and isolated?

Do you think every symptom and minor health problem is the beginning of the end?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you have been unknowingly operating within the ZONE. This is dangerous because as I pointed out, it is only in the AIDS Zone that HIV=AIDS=Death! When choosing a healthcare provider (if one is necessary) it is critical to insure that the practitioner you are considering working with is not stuck in the Zone. I recommend that you avoid any and all practitioners who treat "HIV infection." Your biggest challenge is to step outside of the Zone and address your genuine health risks and any problems you are actually experiencing. In order to help you better evaluate your prospective practitioners I offer you the Ellner Tests.


If you are otherwise healthy and have simply tested positive you must look the prospective practitioner in the eye and say: I have tested "HIV positive" and I am told that I'm at risk for AIDS. Do you think it is possible for me to live a long and healthy life? If the practitioner says anything but "Yes!", find another practitioner!


If you have one or more AIDS indicator diseases or conditions, the test is a little different. In addition to eye contact, you must physically make contact with the health professional and say: I have been diagnosed as having "AIDS." Do you think it is possible for me to regain my health and live a long healthy life? If the practitioner says anything but "Yes!" run for your life! Then calmly find another practitioner.

Before moving on to HIV Debriefing, I want to point out that in certain situations conventional medical care can be and is lifesaving. But only in the context of treating the actual indicator diseases, i.e., the "opportunistic diseases" themselves. In all other cases I believe AIDS specialists (both conventional and alternative) who are helping you wage a war against HIV can only hurt you and ultimately shorten you life.

If you are to stay out of the Zone you must educate yourself and recognize that most of your loved ones, friends and family are viewing you inside the AIDS Zone.

I hereby give permission for recording my "HIV" Debriefing script for your personal use. Please understand that no one has permission to use my script for commercial purposes. I recommend that you record the following script and play it whenever necessary.

HIV Debriefing Script Michael Ellner 2001

Get comfortable with your environment and surroundings so that every sound, thought, beat of your heart and breath you take will all work synergistically to help you feel more and more peaceful and calm.

Feel free to shift your position, any time you feel that you want to. (Short pause) Good. Close your eyes and inhale and exhale deeply and lets release all of the unnecessary tensions in your body. Starting with the left side of your body -- mentally scan the toes on your left foot...now scan your foot, your ankle, calf and shin - that's it, now scan your knee, thigh, hip, the left side of your solar plexus and you left lung, scan the left side of your neck and face. Now scan the right side of your body. Soon there will be no unnecessary tensions left in your body and that will feel so right. Good, we are almost ready to start.

HIV debriefing is designed to regenerate all of the energy for healing and life that you lost on the day you got your diagnosis. Keeping that in mind...( Short pause) I want you to allow yourself to connect with what ever comes up when you take yourself back to the time and place you received your positive result. (Short pause)...

Now for the purpose of off-loading these toxic emotions, beliefs and feelings, let yourself feel them - be with all of your fears, doubts, anger and confusion so you can detox them. Make a fist with your right hand, release the fist and inhale and exhale deeply. Now vigorously shake those feelings right out of your system -- that's it, shake em out.

Now gently open and close your eyes. Good. Now, I want you to remember how good you felt during the best moments of your life - I want you to remember the times you felt enthusiastic and optimistic about your future. I want you to remember the times you felt confident, secure,
loved, and just happy to be alive (Short pause). I want you to picture yourself in your mind as follows: You are having a great hair day; you're at your ideal weight; your skin is glowing with health, your eyes are sparkling with confidence and there is a big smile on your face - because you have made peace with testing positive and feel centered and balanced.

Excellent - now enjoy those feelings as you make a fist with your left hand and release it. Now inhale and exhale deeply and gently open and close your eyes. (Short pause) ...Okay, now I want you to count to ten and at the count of ten I want you to make a fist with both hands at the same time. (Long pause) You can actually start to feel yourself feel better, as you let yourself drift into the following imagery - (Short pause)

Imagine that it is 20 years from today and you can see yourself clearly: You look and feel great...It is obvious that you have a happy heart, a peaceful mind and a playful spirit - It is plain to see that Life is on your side! Enjoy the feelings and at the count of 3, in the privacy of your mind -I want you to quietly shout: "I am at peace with testing positive," so that it is vibrating in every cell in your brain.

Wonderful! Now before, you bring yourself back to every day time and space -- take another few moments to process today's debriefing. I want you to notice that a shift has occurred deep inside you. That's right. Also, before bringing yourself back to every day time and space, I want to remind you that while you were in the ZONE the word "positive" took on a whole different meaning to you. I also want you to know that by the time you open your eyes at the end of today's debriefing, your subconscious mind will have happily reestablished all of the affirmative, optimistic, enthusiastic, constructive and favorable associations you used to have with the word Positive and once again the word Positive will produce uplifting, nourishing and yes, Positive associations and identifications for you. Today's debriefing took all the negatives out of testing positive and you can feel the difference. Now, count to ten and bring yourself back to everyday time and space - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9 and a half, before opening your eyes be sure to remind yourself that you deserve to live and be healthy - be sure that you are feeling hopeful and peaceful -- (Long pause) ... That's right, 10 - open your eyes and notice how much better you are feeling................ Now, that you are out of the AIDS Zone.

Congratulations - you have successfully Debriefed yourself!

Take care of yourself - you deserve to live!

Michael Ellner, DD Ph.D.
President, HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison - NYC)
POB 1103, Old Chelsea Sta., New York, NY 10113,


Links to aid in your re-education;  http://www.aliveandwell.org ,  http://www.aliveandwell.org ,  link to www.virusmyth.net

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Last link should be  http://www.dissidentaction.com

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