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The Daily Poetry Movement

I found this poem which appears to be anonymous. I was looking for the beautiful Diane Pattersons' lyrics. I was not able to find them but I hope that one day I will. If you come across her art work grab it. Her music is fabulous and she is so wonderful in concert. Free Tre! Human abuse and torture of our international prisoner must not be tolerated!
Dear Mattole;
You raised me and now your forests are falling,
So here I am, here I am calling you.
Mountain Mother like that old John Denver song,
Once the river dries up and the Salmon are gone,
Will the lupins and narcissus still bloom?
When the river no longer rages and it trickles and stops,
With what, do you plan, to water your crops?
PL's clear cutting', clear cutting again.
Illegal forestry--but then again,
Do we need the government to tell us we shouldn't cut those trees,
How long have we fought,
to keep that land free, keep it ours?
Keep it from the hands of outside powers.
Who know nothing of our way of living here,
and what is more--they don't care.
They destroy whole hillsides
It all falls into the river in mudslides,
How can we allow it,
God, they have no respect.
For the land, when the land can't recover from it?
When we came together to save that same watershed
And those same Salmon, who'll soon be dead
If we allow this.
Do you remember the last time,
Do you remember saving the trees,
Closing the valley well,
Maybe this is what they need.
Do you remember my last rhyme?
Do you remember me?
Oh great Mattole, rise up, flood your banks wide,
And stop the desecration of your valleys and hillsides.
I chant the holy charms: Kooskie, Shenanigan, Bull Creek,
Rainbow Ridge, The Mouth of Mattole, The WildCat, and King's Peak.
These are the walls of our house.
The sky is the ceiling,
Every stone, shrub and grouse,
We're all part of one thing.
This is our home they're tearing down,
Board foot by board foot
Outsiders come to take our town.
With trees and river gone, what's left?
Isn't it our sworn duty, and right, to protect,
Our home, our land, and our way of life?
Against this dire threat? --CtRlZ
I am a Honeydew native and feel strongly in my heart that it is my duty to be where you are. How can I help?
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