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KGW censors Jason Sery photo

Local channel KGW broadcast a photo of Jason Sery on their 6pm news broadcast this evening. The photo was probably taken while he was an officer in Montana. It accompanied a story about his service in Missoula, I think. Anyway, the same story ran at 11pm, but his photo had been blurred out.
Was it self-censorship, or did KGW get some "feedback" from the Portland Police between the 6 and 11 broadcasts? Has his photo been published anywhere else?

Keep those VCRs rolling...

Hey also! 31.Mar.2004 23:40


They said that the black community has called a protest of the killing of James Perez for sunday downtown. Anyone else have any news on it, what time, whether people outside of the community are welcome, etc.?

why wouldn't they? 31.Mar.2004 23:49

they sensored McCollister's pic

The media clealy has a vested interest in protecting the cities image. My favorite news story was when Kroeker "coker" was going around during last christmas (2002) delivering bags of food to families. AHHHH...What a nice puff piece. Then YOU'RE FIRED! What will you do Foxworth? YOUR'RE FIRED, unless you don't charge Sery with murder. Hmm? What will he do? All eyes are on you. Fuck the PPA!!!

corp news 01.Apr.2004 02:04

corp news

one of the issues at hand is the TV news still has to deal with the police in the future so if the news media doesn't step in line with the police of course things will get worse for the stations. the police and the news in Portland are not getting along as well as the police would like you to believe.

For about six months there's been cases of officers in the field being rude to reporters and camera persons. although theres been some complaints the overall picture is business as usual less and less info from the Portland police office and reluctant access for cameras to some scenes. the new PIO isn't very aggressive about getting information to the press as previous PIO's have been.

Theres another issue of weather or not the officer in Montana is the same as the one here and if the Portland police don't confirm the identity of the shooter and there's another officer by the same name who is the one depicted it would be grounds for a law suit. since everyone thinks the stations have deep pockets they get sued for some really weak things. that doesn't make it right it's just a CYA.

I'm corporate news and I've been cited for interfering with a police officer recently. there's something I can't put my finger on but there's been a change in attitude toward the media I believe the Kendra James story had an influence. some days the cops are totally cooperative then there's that one in ten where the police on scene don't want any media nearby.

If the general public where to know how some members of law enforcement treated the press they would be appalled. but as currant there's not much we can do when the individual officers are not willing to respect the purpose of a free press, or recognize we have a job to do.

seems like the media in general is NOT being intimidated by blue 01.Apr.2004 07:23

as before,

for if you'll note that more and more, the various mainstream media is getting bolder in what they're

Take for instance, there was a very insightful gem in Tuesday's (03-30-04) PORTLAND TRIBUNE on page 2
"On The Town" column by Phil Stanford, which I'll quote, as follows: "PEPPER SPRAY SPICES UP ROLL CALL
...Things must be getting a little tense over at the Northeast Precinct, where, it is reliably report-
ed, two officers got into it during roll call last week. Colleagues pulled them apart--but not before
one had managed to pepper-spray the other..."

While this is a small item tucked away on page 2 of what many would consider a "nothing item", I beg to
differ, for it tells us that there is already considerable TENSION within the ranks, and now with this
latest cops-killing-a-citizen incident, the tension within the ranks is all the more.

We can't get complacent on this, we've got a situation where the Po-Po's are under increasing stress and
pressure, both from media/activists/citizens and the infighting amongst themselves, and the best way to
bring reform has always been to keep the pressure applied consistently so that those being sought to do
changing are made so uncomfortable that they finally cave in to resistence and actually change in order
to lessen the compounded stresses and tension.

There is no better opportunity for progressive-minded people to press forward for police reform than now
and it's vital to keep all the pressure possible on the politician's and to do all you can to keep these
younger cops in as tense a state as possible, for they are the problem cops from what is coming to light
and it's they who need the pressure the most.

One thing that can be done to keep up the pressure is to renew the efforts to get the picture of Scott
McCollister and get it up here. It'll be a real psychological boost for the PIMC & progressive activist
community to get this "gottcha" on the Po-Po's as it'll be best trump card played to really frazzle their nerves. This issue of "photographs" is certainly a HOT BUTTON item for them, for why would KGW
pull their picture of this Sery asshole, unless they were forced to do so by the cops? Pictures seem to
touch lot's of raw nerves! Let's touch a lot by getting their poster boy plastered here!

to corporate news 01.Apr.2004 07:59


get prepared for some rough comments to your posting (i.e. "shut up, sellout" and "you deserve to get treated like shit, welcome to our world corporate media whore." blah blah blah same old shit.) keep in mind those comments are probably coming from police provocateurs and not necessarily the activist community. of course, then, several of the unenlightened in the activist community will jump on board like lemmings....

If photo was on TV news, you can get it. 01.Apr.2004 08:27


If the photo actually ran on the 6pm news broadcast the day in question, simply call MOBA Media at 503-223-1677 and request a copy of that segment. One way to get the pix. Of course, they charge a fee for the tape. Like $35-$50. I understand MOBA records all the Portland TV news broadcasts, also some radio news, and keeps them on file for 30 days. Worth a try.

photo was on at 6pm 01.Apr.2004 08:44


i can attest to sery's photo being shown on the 6pm news. i was surprised, but there it was. didnt watch the 11pm. not surprised they didnt show it then. didnt record it...

it was on KGW's 6:00PM telecast 01.Apr.2004 09:12

as I got video of it

Yes indeed, having read this, I checked my video taken of yesterday's recording of what I took on this news, and sure enough, they had the guy's mug actually shown. He was in a suit with tie, not in police
uniform, and I take it that it was a picture obtained from Montana, as it looks like he was much younger
than what is reported here for him to be...must be a file photo from the Montana records?

I'm doing a video...20 minutes or so...of various local news outlet's coverage, so I can send it to a
friend of mine that's one of the producers for a local station in Atlanta, Georgia...maybe he'll be able
to use it and give Portland some BAD PRESS coverage, as every bit of outside pressure helps us here.

I don't have the equipment to remaster it from video into a digital format so it could be computerized
and then downloaded to be reposted here, but if anyone does, just let us know and I'll figure out way
to get the VCR video tape to you.

activists for pdx imc can help you capture a photo from your video 01.Apr.2004 09:42

pdx indy activist

Reply to "as I got video of it", go to this page:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/static/contact.shtml and write an email to VIDEO right now! someone will help you get that captured from video to a digital format for posting.

here is the text report from KATU of the cops 01.Apr.2004 09:58

needless overkill of the poor man...unbelievable?????

this is repost of text from KATU's website and one can link back to them to hear the audio recording of
the incident...it's something else too...can't imagine why the thugs did such a thing????

March 31, 2004
Witness Records Police Tasing James Perez

PORTLAND - Many people witnessed a police officer shoot James Perez in north Portland on Sunday and one of the witnesses actually recorded part of the incident on an audiotape.
That tape raises some questions about the tactics police used in the shooting death of Perez.

The witness who made the recording, and does not want to be identified, said he saw and heard everything when Perez was shot and killed.

"It looked like he (police officer) tried to grab him (Perez) and pull him out, and then (the officer) backed off," said the witness. "The other (officer) went into the crouch and then they shot him."

As part of the shooting investigation, Portland's police chief acknowledged that Perez was shot with a Taser device only after Officer Jason Sery had shot Perez several times with his service weapon.

"The (officer) on the stun gun, went on and on and on," said the witness. "I mean there was a point in the tape where I said, '... think we gave him enough yet? Well, they've been Tasing him for about (expletive) three minutes at least.'"

A Taser has a distinctive clicking sound, as electrical energy surges through its wires.

Listen to what the witness recorded just after Perez had been shot.

Witness recording

The clicking on the audio tape continues for at least three minutes, suggesting that the officer's Taser was emitting an electrical shock for at least that long, even though Perez had already been shot several times with a gun.

"The whole time I was looking at the guy, the guy never raised his hands. His hands were like this, his hands were like this (the witness physically illustrates Perez's hands were down at his sides) until they shot him, his hands were like this until they handcuffed him," said the witness.

A 'Taser International' spokesperson told KATU the company doesn't instruct officers how long to fire a Taser, but he added that firing a Taser for three minutes is highly unusual.

"The guy didn't deserve it. The guy didn't ask for it. You know, they murdered the guy, it's pure and simple," said the witness.

When and why the Taser was used, in addition to the officer's weapon, will be one critical element investigators will be looking into.

When the Portland Police Bureau demonstrated the use of a Taser device to the media in 2002, police said the device allows officers to send a five second electric charge through the wires to help incapacitate a suspect.

Within each Taser, there is a memory bank that allows police to obtain the time and length of the Taser firings.

Police ask FBI to open civil rights investigation

After Mayor Vera Katz requested a public inquiry into the shooting, the Multnomah County DA's office said they would announce next week when the public inquest into the shooting will take place.

Police Chief Derrick Foxworth asked the FBI to investigate whether Perez's civil rights were violated.

The audio recording was obtained exclusively by KATU's radio news partner 750 KXL

Corporate Media Lies 01.Apr.2004 10:48


It's interesting that KATU touts their "exclusive" access to the audio recording of the murder of J Perez. KATU has gone to great lengths to build consent for the police state, and especially for police violence against the people of this city. KATU was one of the first to smear the name of Kendra James in an attempt to excuse McCollilster for her murder. They were one of the first to assume that Jose Mejia Poot deserved to be gunned down by police in a mental hospital. They have consistently brushed aside, belittled, or ignored the people's concerns about police violence. They've gone even further than that, by consistently portraying only the police version of events, and by justifying every incident of police violence in the city of Portland for at least a year. KATU must share in the blame for this incident, as it is one more in a long line of police violence that KATU has condoned. (If you haven't seen it yet, please see Li2U News, available free from the pdx indy video collective. You can download it by going to the Video page on this site. See also the soon-to-be released "Fuck the Corporate Media.")

Regarding Videofinder's comments about obtaining footage from MOBA, I must protest. Please do NOT give MOBA any $ for any footage ever. A reliable source has reported that MOBA has been selling corporate media footage of Portland protests to agents from Homeland Security. This is another reason why the corporate media is not on our side. They are selling us out to the police state, even as they pretend to do us a favor with their "exclusive" audio tape.

If you want a corporate media photo of the officer involved, the best way to get it is to talk to the many indy readers who routinely record and analyze the lies told by the corporate media. (See comment above...someone already has it.) If you do call MOBA for any reason, please ask them why they're selling pictures of you, and me, and all the people of Portland who came out to dissent against the war and the treasonous bush regime. Ask them whether it disturbs them that Homeland Security is interested in identifying people who should be protected by the First Amendment. Ask them whether it's appropriate for them to be complicit in this obvious attempt to curtail civil liberties. Ask them whether it bothers them to be selling out their friends, neighbors, and family members in that way. But don't ask them for the footage, because that will entail supporting them in their work, which is selling us out.

Li2U News is an important piece 01.Apr.2004 11:22

worth watching

Li2U News is crucial to understand the corporate media. Once upon a time I thought that the corporate news was all about being sensational and showing violence and conflict, and scaring people so that they'll tune in and be subjected to corporate advertising. How wrong I was because the corporate news will not show police brutality no matter how sensational it is. They won't show any violence by the state on innocent people. It was an eye-opener for me and I'm sure for others.

You can find out more about it here (including screenshots, description, and links about how to download and watch it):


picture 01.Apr.2004 13:12

picture of rahul gandhi and juvinita truthaboutrahulgandhi@yahoo.com

picture of rahul gandhi and juvinita

Link to Officer Info 01.Apr.2004 13:39

a neutral party

alot 01.Apr.2004 13:59


the police state think 'radicals' are dangerous mean people.WRONG.i was a law abiding citizen who enjoyed taking walks eating good food and trying my best that i knew how to live and get along.no so then thr police threaten my life cause of my racial appearance,not even dark skinned and that and other events traumatized my life.i really believe we were heading toward some racial tolerance in this society,but the police military state doesent want that .they want robotic unfeeling OBEDIENCE!

The State wants OBEDIENCE 01.Apr.2004 15:39

from me?

Oh, too bad? Ain't going a get it as long as they give their hirelings freedom to kill fellow citizens!
I'll resist, rebel, spark revolution, talk trash talk, type trash talk, and just be a "bad citizen" of
the STATE, but I'll be a FREE MAN! I'm FREE, I'm ME!

I agree with mor 01.Apr.2004 18:10

Another Radical Citizen

I'm a 36 year old mother who lives and works in downtown Portland. I don't wear carharts or celophane my hair or have anything but my ears pierced. I say this, not to denigrate those who look like "typical" radicals, but to underline the fact that the Portland police have no idea who they're really dealing with. Many radical people wear the disguise. But when the line is drawn, I stand in solidarity with the people of color and the radical people in this town who are being oppressed. There are really a lot more of us out here than they believe, and there are more of us than there are of them.

I'm like Another Radical Citizen, as I too am 01.Apr.2004 19:51

becoming a RADICAL

when it comes to the issue of police in this city. You would never suspect that I'm "radical" as I'm a
retired person, dresses conservatively, and speaks reservedly...yet, what goes inside my mind they'd not
suspect in a million years. I've watched the quality of police deteriorate these past 5 or so years. I
have read of one unending tale of woe after another...about how pampered...how troubled...how arrogant..
how stupid...and how terribly expensive they're becoming for the citizen's of this area. We are finding
out how much these people are costing us via lawsuits settled out of court, legal expenses, wasted time
in Public Relations that isn't doing the job, and on and on it goes. I honestly think the authorities
are deaf and blind to the REALITY that exists. Many of these men are rude, crude, and so uneducated to
begin with that I'm insulted if one even walks up to me. I used to go for walks downtown..enjoyed it a
lot..until I found myself accosted a few times by these illbred simpletons, and refused to be talked to
in such manner to only find the situation escalating to where I was afraid. Naturally, I don't go down
town anymore, and I miss it a lot. Miss my old friends down there, miss my favorite haunts and eating
places. But, it's the same out here in Beaverton...same mentality, same mindset, same quality of people
and I fear it's the same most places now. In Portland there has been dramatic shift towards militariza-
tion of the police in which they've hired far too many of these ex-military rift-raft (truth is...White
Trash for the most part) and I understand they're mainly either Mormons, Assembly of God, or like this
cop that killed the young man...a "off-brand"-type of church out here in Beaverton (truth is...they're
little more than a Jerry Falwell gang of Holy Hooters) that have been brought in due to "connections"
and few people from Portland actually are on the force...they all live out here in Beaverton or over in
Minnis-country, and have no meaningful ties to the communities that they patrol. I stop far short of
saying they "serve", for that they don't, as you've noticed, they "serve" only themselves and each other
at the expense of the rest of us. Here I'm rambling on and on, but know this and I'll run on along: the
good people who've remained quite about the excesses of this damnable bunch will soon have reached their
outer limits and then they'll arise and squash their asses. I would not be at all surprised to soon see
minority and activist community arise in violent response and shed some "blue blood" and then these men
will be shakened to their core and hopefully awakened to the affect they are having on people. Most like
me, who simply remain silent and bide their time, for they know this topsyturvy world created by former
Chief Kroeker and his pals (it won't get better till they purge the force of everyone he brought in with
him) will reach it's evil nadir, and then suddenly rebound to what Portland once was as the entire popu-
lation collectively rebels. As for Kroeker, that man made mockery of "Christianity" (like this bunch is
now) with his "using" it to try to polish his image. You can tell real Christians by their "actions" as
they speak louder than all the words they can muster, and these people that are "using" the church to try to project a false image are toying with the forces of God, who'll not be mocked by this bunch, and
will turn their lies into "revelations" and expose their sordid pasts..just as the news is daily letting
out little by little on this bad policeman. He is no Christian, as you judge by his "actions" and not
some overly-gushing so-called "minister" (wonder where he got his DD or PhD, if got...mail order?) get-
ting on the television twice or three times saying meaningless irrelevent goody-two-shoes horn-tooting
and think they're swaying honest people's opinions. People see through it, see though those who do sure
and it'll boomarang back against them all. You wait and see! People will not let this John Ashcroft-
style of Religious Right Wing crazies tell them what to think! Well, better go...my granddaughter wants
the computer back, and besides I've said too much as it is. Excuse my bad spelling...but, just had to
say "something" as this is a bad situation that has lingered on and on, and it's giving Portland worst
name it's had, and nothing's being done to correct the corruption with the police or turn the tide from
the pentup fears that are spawning an unbelievable watershed of hatred that will..sooner than later..be
poured back upon the police in most violent manner. They'll deserve it, but lot's of good people that
don't will get hurt too. Them is who I grieve for. Well, enough for now!
Just Little Old Me Out Here In Beaverton!

Don't 'ya get it - it's simply INFO-TAINMENT at KGW Nooze 02.Apr.2004 22:55


You really don't get it? - KGW news only provides INFO-TAINMENT.

KGW hasn't been a serious news organization in years.

I lived in Denver for awhile. A couple of TV stations
there had serious police beat reporters that had been
there for years & had cultivated inside sources during those years.
They dug and dug and dug till they got to the truth.
Portland TV media? They never rock the corporate & political boat.
That's not to say they wont jump on the bandwagon if other
media break a controversial story first.

According to KGW (as a rule):
Everythings bubbly and happy in P-town. (Sickenly sweet crapola).
Mostly reports that appeal to soccer moms,
retirees and animal lovers.

They must have been at their wits end when Keiko the whale died.
It must be hard to fill 15 minutes every other day with something
other than Keiko...

I think they replaced Keiko with some assorted second-hand
cigarette smoke stories or reports on all of the new
Starbuck's popping up everywhere.

Photos of Sery and Macomber 05.Apr.2004 15:44


photos are attached
Officer Sery - obtained from another page on this site
Officer Sery - obtained from another page on this site
Officer Sean Macomber - photo taken 03/20/04 at I-War Peace Rally
Officer Sean Macomber - photo taken 03/20/04 at I-War Peace Rally

Careful there 07.Apr.2004 09:24

just a citizen

from an earlier post:

"There is no better opportunity for progressive-minded people to press forward for police reform than now and it's vital to keep all the pressure possible on the politician's and to do all you can to keep these younger cops in as tense a state as possible, for they are the problem cops from what is coming to light and it's they who need the pressure the most."

I agree that momentum is building for police reform and keeping pressure on is a good idea, but I am not sure about this last part. Keeping the younger officers tense is in my opinion a bad idea. Problem cops are already loose enough, they don't need to be squeezed into even more erratic behavior. I think it is important to keep the oversight tight, but why go out of one's way to antagonize? That's one of the things police reform wants to change, why should reformers want to do it?