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Dear Staff @ Portland Indymedia

to the posting I was just starting to read a few minutes ago
that was linking to the KATU=TV website and their news of the person who was present
during the citizen murdering on Sunday night and actually took an audio cassette tape
of the whole thing.

I was starting to link to the KATU link and for some reason, my computer went down
on it...don't know WHY?

After I rebooted to get back up and got back here to Portland Indymedia, I honest
to God can't find it again. It was up at the top of the Open Publishing column
and I can't it?

What happened? Is it my computer? Is it the trolls?
Hi! Me again! 31.Mar.2004 21:19

this is WEIRD!

When I first sent you the "Dear Staff @ Portland Indymedia"
message I was on my AOL account's website...for Portland Indy-
media, the then top item was>>>Po-Po Stinks

Now, after sending you the message, I got out of AOL and went
over to my other MSN account, pulled up YOU and guess what?
I found the item I'd written in 1st place>>>Corporate Media...

I don't understand WHY the AOL and MSN accounts would have
your front webpage differently...they should both be the
SAME shouldn't they? This is mysterious? If you can give
me "enlightenment" I'd appreciate it...THANKS!

Still Here 31.Mar.2004 21:19



hrm 01.Apr.2004 01:34


do you have different settings in aol than you do in explorer for caching (saving of for faster loading webpages) ? you may have to dig around in internet explorer settings to set your browser to check its cached copy of the webpage to the url to update any changes. often times, with slower internet connections, people use the caching feature to speed up how fast the page loads, however, this may mean that you dont get the most updated version of the site.

i use mozilla to surf the web just like internet explorer would, but better. it will block pop ups for you. try it out, the key sticking point for most people is that its completely open source and cost free and allows us all to take step back from the likes of micro$oft.

google 'mozilla'

I use a iMac with Mandrake Linux 01.Apr.2004 07:48


And though it's kinda frisky, it's VERY secure and it also kicks ***!