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Corporate media opbtains tape of police brutality

Did the mainstream get it right?
KXL got an audio tape of the shooting and you can hear the taser for three minutes they say...you can also listen to the tape on KATU HERE So the police already said he was shot and THEN tased....if that Macomber used the taser on a dead guy for three minutes, that is quite possibly the sickest crap i have ever heard Do you guys think that tape is for real?
might be 31.Mar.2004 20:59


I have owned tasers before, and the model I had was capable of sustaining the bursts for around 2-5 minutes before being totally depleted. It would be pretty low on juice by the end there, but it is possible from a technical standpoint.

The sirend in the tape indicate there is a good chance the tape is authentic too, since there are unbroken recordings of several seperate police car arrivals (which only happens at fairly major scenes), so the tape itself has at least an 80% trustworthieness.

My opinion is that it is legit, too many points in the tape (sirens coming in and echoing, cutting out, arriving seperately, the taser itself in the background, etc.) sound legit.

I am an ex-cop, and while I was never trained in tasers (we did not carry them at the time), I was trained in a variety of other scenarios. I can think of no reason to continue agression on a subject that has been shot, regardless of how the scenario panned out. The vitim was dead on scene, and any person badly enough injured to die before the medics got there (just a few minutes time) would be bad enough wounded to not move around a whole hell of a lot in the last minutes of his life. There is no way the victim could have continued to act in a threatening manner after the shots and tasings (that is if he ever did act as a threat, which I frankly doubt but there will never be a way to prove it since the only witnesses are the cops).

Bottom line, the tape is good, the cops were bad by anybody's definition and I am way more scared of portland cops than I ever have been of portland crooks.

what does the witness have to say? 31.Mar.2004 21:05

there are still many unanswered questions

this is a wierd case. one that does not seem to favor the police. good thing there were witnesses there. if there weren't, there would be no problem for the police covering this up.

My Goodness! The tape is 31.Mar.2004 21:52


and it sure tells a lot. Gosh! Someone yesterday or day before told it here on PDX IMC that "someone"
out there had surreptiously gotten some audio tape of what took place. Amazing? Makes one wonder just
what all else is out there that's yet to come forward. Best way to do it, is to dribble it out little
by little to keep the Po-Po's off base. Like keep 'em guessing and thus, they'll have no recourse but
to be honest. If they know what's coming, then they can twist it to suit themselves.

God Almighty! I think it's horrible that these two sick cops knew this young man was dead...after they
had shot him three times...and then this one keep tasering him for 3 minutes plus!!!!! What in the hell
was going on in his sick mind?

Only thing I can think of is they knew before they pulled him over who he was, one either had it in for
him, or they'd themselves been involved in some "criminal enterprise" (don't scoff at such notions, as
such happens, yes indeed) that involved him, and having known who he was, they staged the killing and
then made sure he was dead. They just didn't plan it out all that well, as they didn't figure on such
a crowd coming together so quickly and this foiled their plot!

Folk's, I think we're seeing the unraveling of a lot of COP-SHIT and it's going to get down 'n' dirty
before it's over. No wonder the Chief of the Union is so upset, maybe he's in on it too? This case is
one we need to stay on top of...push it along and keep the PRESSURE on Foxworth and Katz, so they don't
cave in to the obvious corrupt pressures being brought to bear on them. Foxworth did the right thing in
getting the FBI involved NOW, and let's hope they areen't afraid of the corrupt Po-Po's involved in all

How's this going to smack the high 'n' mighty Reverend from Sery's church in Beaverton when the TRUTH
finally comes out. Wonder if he'll be tooting the horn as to how grand a Christian Sery is and how so
trustworthy his character is. I think the TRUTH...onced it's out...will cause some of these hypocrites
to shit all over the place. This I do want the media to get on film, and then show it like they did
when Jimmy Swaggert did his great crying 'n' repenting. Oh! Wow! Gotta love these Christians...only
thing is, it's too bad they really aren't WHAT they say they are. I think God will deal with that FACT
far better than any of us! So be it!

This is sick 31.Mar.2004 22:00

what dives the PPD to do these kinds of things

the FBI will most likely do nothing. Nobody cares execpt for us as citizens who care about other citizens. Fuck bureaucracy!

Just Goes to Show 31.Mar.2004 23:13


what a little Prozak and steroids will do for a guy. Hey guys, it may fill out your body, but not your mind. Another example of the failure of symbolic thought.

I just listened to the recording 01.Apr.2004 10:10



Why would a tazer be used on anyone for 3 minutes. Maybe they were trying to shock the life they took back into him.

The whole PPB department is filled with a bunch of psychopaths. Hopefully the FBI will help. Has anyone contacted the UN? Maybe they will send in a security force to protect us from further human rights violations.

As a wise person once said on this site...the only reason these cops haven't killed us all is because they need us to pay their salary.

I am ashamed that I have paid taxes that fund this.

This whole thing is awful. If we don't see some justice I'm concerned that it would be difficult to stop people from rioting in the streets.

The mayor (police commissioner) better get this thing right.