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Pentagon Plebe Leaves Papers Behind At *bux

Here's what Washington Post and Commondreams.org
have to say about the paperwork that was left behind
in a starbucks. Also a link to a pdf which is now broken.
Clicking the .pdf there gives you: "The handle is invalid."
Trust me, it didn't do that fifteen minutes ago.
-- marco
here's the pdf unbroken
here's the pdf unbroken
As most of America slept early last Sunday morning, the Bush Administration hustled and bustled to prepare for the Sunday morning talk shows " among others Colin Powell was appearing on Face the Nation and Donald Rumsfeld was booked on Fox News Sunday. Condi Rice was not scheduled to appear until prime time, when she would make a star appearance on CBS' '60 Minutes' " the last in a long line of media appearances that caused 9/11 Commissioner Richard Ben Veniste to quip that "Condi Rice has appeared everywhere but at my local Starbucks."

Well, others in the Bush administration did, apparently, make an appearance at the local Starbucks. And as the Washington Post reports today, one of them " obviously readying himself to prep Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld " left his notes on the table. Talking points, hand-written notes on spin tactics, and a hand-drawn map to the Secretary's house were found by a resident of DuPont Circle, who made them available to the Center for American Progress. The name of said resident is being withheld at his request, as he fears that he may be accused on national television of being "disgruntled."

Also 31.Mar.2004 18:18


Found At Starbucks: The Pentagon's Papers

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