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Womyn and Trans Action Camp: Now-->Sunday!

Womyn and Trans Action Camp: Now-->Sunday!
The Womyn and Trans Action camp in the Willamette National Forest from March 30-April 4th will have scheduled rides leaving from Eugene, OR on March 30 & April 1 at 10 am. The rides will leave from the CFD office in the Growers Market, next to the Morning Glory Cafe, on 5th and Willamette St. in downtown Eugene. If you need a ride and are unable to make either of these times please contact us and we can work on finding room in another run or personal car. For more information about the action camp please call (541) 684-8977 or email  forestdefenders@riseup.net.

The womyn and trans action was created as a direct way to increase the number of womyn and trans folks with technical forest skills in our community. This helps to shift the power dynamic that exists when primarly men have been given skills and then can choose to whom to pass these skills onto. The womyn and trans action is also a place where people can feel empowered to learn and have the self-confidence needed to voice their own opinions and give input in important group decisions.

For too long many of us have been acting on reformist ideas that somehow the forest can be saved from us without addressing the roots of our destruction, the roots of capitalism, of oppression. We challenge the idea that wide spread change will be achieved through the mere recognition by the general public and elected representatives that it is wrong to clearcut an olde growth rain forest for profit while we are all still eating McDonalds, wearing Nike tennis shoes, abusing ourselves and the people we love, and brutalizing anyone who is different than us. While fighting our specific battle against the timber industry and the forest service, we must also be fighting the demons
running the larger show, indifference, capitalism, oppression and domination. Actively confronting these demons outside of and within ourselves is essential if we are to believe for one moment that things will really change, that we are really radikal in thought and action.

The womyn and trans action is just one small idea put into practice to help our community actualize the end of patriarchal domination within the 'environmental movement', while also defending a sacred temperate rainforest. We work to create a space where people know the difference between themselves and a doormat. We have skills, opinions, ideas, and an evolving sense of who we are, and this action provides an opportunity for us to work together to be the change we want to see in the world.

It is highly recommended that, provided you are willing and able, you leave your car in Eugene and get a ride out to the forest. This is due to parking and other potential complications. In addition to the two pre-scheduled rides, on March 30 & April 1st at 10am, there will be a ride board located at the Cascadia Forest Defenders office where people can find out about other possible rides throughout the week. The office is located at 5th and Willamette St. in downtown Eugene, OR next to the
Morning Glory Cafe.

Please contact us for more information.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Cascadia Forest Defenders
(541) 684-8977  forestdefenders@riseup.net

PO BOX 11122
Eugene, OR 97440

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org
phone: phone: 541-684-8977