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Jail to Tre: Can't Speak till you Eat

VRCC denies Tre the right to visit with CBC, other media because of his Hunger Strike
Tre's Hunger Strike -- Day 19.

I just got off the phone with the Canadian Broadcasting Company. The Vancouver Island Regional Correction Centre tells the CBC that Tre is denied access to media, and possibly all visitors, until he ends his hunger strike.

We must ensure this policy fails! I hope that any media interviews anyone does in the future, along with any letters written to newspaper editors and any othe public statements, will focus on Tre's continuing hunger strike and the jail's sadistic policy of preventing Tre from speaking freely against the environmentally destructive policies of corporate North America and the capricious North American justice systems. Better yet, defy the jail by writing Tre every day, and call the jail every day to ask for a visit and/or to insist he be given the right to speak! Then get your friends to do the same! If we are successful, the VRCC will be forced to reopen access to Tre.

The only way we can defeat VRCC's attempt to break Tre's spirit is to shine light on the jail's cruelty so people know what it is trying to do to Tre and the freedoms we all enjoy.

Mail your letters to:

Tre Arrow
4216 Wilkinson Rd.
Victoria, BC
V8Z 5B2

To arrange a visit, call: 250-953-4433 24 hours in advance

To let Rawn Phalan, the guy who decided to hide Tre from the media, know how you feel, call
Phone: (250) 953-4400
Fax (250) 953 4453

or write:
Rawn Phalen
Victoria Island Regional Corrections Center
4216 Wilkinson Road
Victoria BC

To donate to the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund,

Send your check or money order to
125 NE 83rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97220
Write the check/money order to "NLG" and write "TALDF" in the memo.

phone: phone: 503.234.2694
address: address: 3430 SE Belmont, Ste 101, Portland, OR 97214

donation update 31.Mar.2004 17:14

stu sugarman blc@hevanet.com

I did not see that Kyr has arranged for the checks to simply be made out to TALDF, standing for Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund. So, just make the check out to TALDF.



3430 se belmont, #101 portland, OR 97214

Galadrial 31.Mar.2004 19:45

Hunger Strike speaks for itself

So the forces of darkness have decreed that Tre cannot speak with words while he speaks with action. Sorry, pigs-action speaks louder than words, so words can wait while action speaks for itself. There will be plenty of words later, unless something happens to Tre first. In that case there will by one holy mother of a storm of both words and actions from a hell of a lot of people.

why was thre no hunger strike before his capture? 01.Apr.2004 06:30

a voice in the crowd

if we are to believe that this "hunger strike" is some selfless act to save the world, why didnt tre conduct one while he was still at large? maybe there weren't enough cameras, media, brightlights for tre to bask in. this guy is just a self aggrandizing attention freak, nothing more. he just uses being different to get attention.

and stop calling him a politiacl prisoner - that's an insult to all those who have truly been jailed/tortured /killed for their beliefs. stealing is not part of a political dogma

Voice, it would serve you (and all of us subjected 01.Apr.2004 08:21


to you) to think before you post. No hunger strike before arrest = wanted by authorities and unable to draw attention to the cause by that means. Strategies depend on situations.

Do you really not get that he couldn't do a public hunger strike before the arrest and bring attention to himself in that way? (Banging head against wall) You really don't get that? Huh.

I don't know how familiar you are 01.Apr.2004 15:09

with hunger strikes

But a lot of times the reason for a publicized hunger strike is to make it harder for jailers to keep a person in jail. The idea originated in Ireland where people actually knew what it felt like to go seriously hungry (there's an article about this in a recent Harper's), and could empathize with someone who would put themselves through that to make a point about their incarceration. But I suspect that another motivation, probably a deeper one, but one relatively pointless to emphasize, is that the quality of food in jail is often so poor that you wouldn't want to eat it anyway. Someone like Tre, accustomed once upon a time to eating mostly sprouts, organic nuts, and the like, would probably have a hard time adapting to jail food anyway. His desire for real food might have ultimately led to arrest, as most dumpster-divers are well aware of how useful bolt-cutters can be. Considering his famous (over)reactions to people wasting gas by making wrong turns while driving, one wonders how he is doing with the rest of the jail environment, including constant fluorescent lighting, stale fumigated air, plastic everything, and so on. Jails don't provide these things to help criminals become real humans, it's more of a systematic aggravating strategy.