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9.11 investigation

Daniel Hopsicker in Portland

9-11 investigator visits Portland
Nationally acclaimed investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker visits Portland for discussion and video clips of his investigations into 9-11 and vote fraud. See him at Laughing Horse Books on Division at SE 37th, 7pm, Saturday, April 3rd. Be sure also to catch him on Mad as Hell TV!, taping on that Saturday, soon to be seen on local cable access channels. Check tv times coming soon at: www.madashelltv.com.
I heard 31.Mar.2004 17:39


That a lot of his stuff is limited hang out. If you listen to him, listen to a lot of others too.

could be, 'reader' 31.Mar.2004 17:49


he certainly does get a constant 'feed' of fresh material at MadCowProd in Venice, Florida . . .

but I do like his coverage of the Bush Mob operations down there (Jeb & Daddy's cocaine planes, etc.)

anyway, all of this focus on the 9-11 "hijackers" (if any), 'al Qaeda', Rudy Dekkers, Mohamed Atta, etc. obscures the big question -

who benefited most from allowing those planes to hit the WTC and Pentagon?