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The "Empiror's New Clothes"

Granted, that there are bad guys out in the world at large doing evil things, but it is no reason to work at their level....Guantanamo bay... the patriot act...
the patriot act reads like the " Empiror's New Clothes" ....we are mighteous but not righteous...why can't we remember that "2 wrongs don't make a right"?
I am having a hard time understanding why things in Government, Foreign Policy, Global Warming, genetic hackers...mad cow disease, Anthrax, Terrorism....are so seemingly out of control when in the day to day...my home town...local scene..there is under-employment, high rents and all the other usual stuff, but each day is full and good, and if I am not working enough, I am getting to see more of my family and friends...and it sure gives me time to think and wonder about why things are...I guess maybe I need to talk with my Dad....he's a businessman works with investments, maybe he can explain why The Fed is in charge of our money...Why jobs can be outsourced to India(but if it's clothing manufacture it's sweat shops)...Even if there are bad guys in power in other countries who are doing bad things bombing until we get him or them is evil too. It's not just about turning the other cheek, it's about being moral.