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newswire article reposts united states

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Why won't Portland IMC allow repost of this article?

have tried to publish this article here for the past 24 hours.

it was briefly up on the newswire around 12:45 p.m. today when only it's URL was included (not the entire text), but the prohibition editors apparently slipped up because 5 minutes later it vanished.

homepage: homepage: http://www.commondreams.org/views04/0329-01.htm

by trying to publish you mean spamming 31.Mar.2004 14:32

indy volunteer

Next time try contacting us when you have a problem. Spamming the newswire is not appreciated. The article already appears on the newswire. In fact, it was on the newswire twice, though I have marked one of those as a duplicate as well (your other 20 posts were already marked as duplicates).


what a 31.Mar.2004 15:20

joe blow

dumbass. i guess your article was just too radical for PDX indymedia - ?

to 'indy volunteer' 31.Mar.2004 16:01

not a spammer

thanks for also finally "allowing" this one to MAGICALLY APPEAR on the newswire:

Israel, Suicide Nation

I posted both the Nader article, and the above.

the Nader article (YES, you're DAMN RIGHT I tried it 20 times, since yesterday afternoon), along with the Left Hook - Israel article only JUST appeared on the newswire within the past hour.

The Left Hook / Israel article was posted ONCE, very early this morning. It did not materialize until an hour ago. many other articles now appear before and after it.

what actually did happen here?

maybe you are unclear 31.Mar.2004 16:14

indy volunteer

Posting 20 times is spamming. If you posted 20 times you are a spammer. Nothing "magically" appeared, that story was on the newswire twice while you busy spamming. Once where it is now and once from a day earlier or so. As for why posts take so long to appear there are many reasons that can happen none of which need to be delved into here. Most likely the problem relates the many recent changes to the site over the last couple of weeks which has led to delays and other short term glitches. Again, if you post and don't see your article appear just contact us and we will look into it. By spamming the newswire you are violating the editorial policy of the site which can lead to your posts being composted.

These 3 Articles Did Not Exist On The Newswire Until An Hour Ago 31.Mar.2004 16:23

not a spammer

look at the time codes on all these newswire items:

Israel, Suicide Nation
03:08 Mar-31 (1 comment)

Black America Equality Index Catalogues Economic Gap
02:37 Mar-31

OPEC Pushes For Higher Oil Prices
02:28 Mar-31
[also posted this one, very early this morning - has been surpassed by the more recently updated BBC - Bloomberg post, so why bother having it on there now???]


Until 2:30 p.m. this afternoon, the newswire looked like this, sequentially:

Faux Journalism is the White House's New Ally
04:21 Mar-31 (2 comments)

suggestion, Portland IMC editors / techs (and 'James') - on reposted articles
01:00 Mar-31 (1 comment)

Then, within the past hour or so, the three intitally mentioned articles 1) Israel 03:08 2) Black America 02:37 3) OPEC 02:28 appeared **in their proper time sequence of posting** on the wire in between them, where they originally belonged.

what gives?

just a newswire hiccup, or is there some reason these particular 3 were only allowed to appear after 2 p.m. today?

Please Just Answer The Question. 31.Mar.2004 16:45

not a spammer

"that story was on the newswire twice . . . Once where it is now and once from a day earlier or so."

-- " a day earlier or so"? Where? When? can you please provide the link to prove what you say? I'm pretty careful about reading the newswire, and making certain not to duplicate. It's as big a waste of your time as it is mine.

"As for why posts take so long to appear there are many reasons that can happen none of which need to be delved into here."

--why not? I'd like a clear explanation, please.

and I'm sorry if you think I was spamming. I won't do it again, and promise to contact you first if something like this ever happens in the future, but -

you need to explain why the 3 articles in a row - posted 12 hours ago - didn't appear until this afternoon.

is it because some articles - even if submitted in the same timeframe - are 'batched' to different servers before publication?

perhaps this was your problem 31.Mar.2004 16:45

indy volunteer

I believe some of those posts were categorized as "selection 2004" which caused them to not be displayed on the newswire and only on the "selection 2004" page (which you couldn't have known since it was only just being put into place in the early this morning and announced later today). I moved those off of that page at about noon today. At that point, while you were busy spamming, the article in question was on the newswire twice already. If you don't belive me that is fine, I have nothing to gain from lying about this and I'm not interested in pushing you into defensiveness. I just want you to be clear on the editorial policy for the future and ask you to refrain from spamming if you have a problem.

No, I Believe You 31.Mar.2004 17:13

not a spammer

what you're saying about the Nader article. I also reposted it with the "Black America" prefix on the title - my original post from yesterday had it with verbatim original title.

also did see the new 'Selection 2004' category of stuff too, where I'll make certain to check. good solution for these kinds of reposts and discussion.

but I'm still not clear about how the Israel and OPEC articles also got categorized into the 'Selection 2004' page (or did they?). any explanation for what happened to those?

Who the fuck cares? 01.Apr.2004 02:19


Your comment is up. It was up before. Fine, move on. IMC operates for free and amazing with little supports. So shut up plz.

'countzero' 01.Apr.2004 03:17



fuck you, if you DON'T.

jerkoff. why don't you head back to democratic underground, infoshop, or rwor (whichever you prefer - or none of the above - perhaps Free Republic?)


p.s. 01.Apr.2004 03:24


"Your comment is up. It was up before."

--the originally posted concern came from THREE ARTICLES (not "comments") that vanished from the newswire for almost 12 hours and then "appeared".

an explanation for the other two Israel/OPEC ones hasn't yet been furnished.

correction 01.Apr.2004 03:28


not 'vanished', even - none of those 3 articles _ever even appeared_ until 2:30 yesterday afternoon. yes, the Nader one was being redirected to the 'Selection 2004' page . . .

to 'not a spammer' 01.Apr.2004 17:35


if you're so worried about censorship or whatever you think might be going on, why don't you volunteer for pdx imc and see first hand how they post things to the newswire.

'strongbad' 01.Apr.2004 18:07

not a spammer

I'm not really worried or 'paranoid' about censorship - it just seemed pretty bizarre to me that three articles in a row would not even appear on the newswire until 12 hours later. I follow the newswire closely and I don't ever remember that happening before with posted articles.

I have thought about being a pdx indy volunteer - and would definitely like to learn more about how things are posted/handled, but I already work free for too many other causes right now. life is getting shorter by the second.

that said, I do admire the pdx indy staff volunteers' hard work, and thank them for their responses above.