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Portland pigs

Unarmed black man killed
Another black man was shot and killed. How many more have to die before people start to wake up! Call, fax and e-mail the Portland Pigs and demand that Sery be fired. Take to the streets! Lets protest this unforgiviable crime, and act of overt racism. The portland pigs are racist and we must demand that they be fired
I am not racist 31.Mar.2004 14:28

Jason sery

I'm not racist, just hate all niggers, spics, honkies, chinks, sloes, japs....Screw it, i hate everyone. That's why i took an oath to serve the pubic. Gimme' a badge, a gun and a vehicle and your ass is mine. Get a life and keep sending me my payczech while I'm on administrative leave...I'm laughing all the way to the bank. HAHAHAHA

The race card 31.Mar.2004 19:05

Mister memorex

The media is making this more of a race issue than it really is. I agree that Mr. Perez might still be alive today if he were white, if for no other reason that he wouldn't have been pulled over in the first place. A valid point, but the media is playing the race card more than need be. On the channel 8 news today, all the people who were interviewed who were angered by the shooting were black, and then they interview a white woman (the type you'd see on cops, who can't deal with their own problems so they call the police to wipe their ass for them) who had nothing but nice things to say about officer Sery, as if she dealt with him on a daily basis. I am a white male in SE portland and I am outraged by this, and I find it hard to beleive that they can't find a white person to interview who feels the same way, and vice versa. It's almost as if the news emphasizes that the police shot a BLACK man to assure the white middle class breeders that it can't happen to them or their children.

to mr memoerex 31.Mar.2004 20:52


yeah, no shit sherlock, if you watch and believe in tv news i have a bridge to sell you in broooklyn.