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believe FREEDOM national campaign; Outreach Facilitator needed in Porland

During 'TV Turnoff Week' (April 19th - 25th) Global Griot
Productions will unveil 'Believe Freedom: The American Hype
Campaign,' a national campaign aiming to deconstruct the paradox of
democratic media through screenings and discussions of the
satirical documentary film 'A DAY IN THE HYPE OF AMERICA'.
Dear Indy Media Activist;

Currently we are looking for students, organizations, universities
and leaders in cities through out America and Canada where this movie will be
screening to lead discussions on the topic of democracy and media. Below
you will find comprehensive and precise outline of what we
are looking for as much as Outreach Directors.
Any assistance you could offer us would be greatly
appreciated. You can visit our website to learn about our
company and more about the national campaign.


Yonnas Tesfai
National Outreach Director
Cell: 206-931-8528
Office: 206-568-6271

'Believe Freedom: The American Hype Campaign' is looking for outreach
coordinators to lead discussions and manage promotion of these events.
Each coordinator will play a vital role in screenings of the documentary
film - A Day in the Hype of America

Each outreach coordinator will be expected to:

Promote the show by putting up flyers and posters
Help put us in touch with regional press
Introduce the believe freedom campaign before the screenings
Lead a 1hr discussion (materials and guide provided) following the
Manage sales of DVD, shirts and posters

Outreach Coordinators will be compensated with a free DVD's and
Merchandise as well as a percentage of merchandise sales and door price
(if there is one). However, this is intended as a gesture of support and
should not be the reason someone gets involved.

If you are someone who is self motivated and have experience managing
please contact us.

Yonnas Tesfai

homepage: homepage: http://www.globalgriot.com
phone: phone: 206-931-8528
address: address: 1122 East Pike St. Box 1288

Why 31.Mar.2004 22:36


you touring this through Canada?