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Portland Indymedia Expands Election Coverage

Portland Indymedia is expanding election coverage with 2 new pages.
To highlight elections most relevant to the people of Oregon there is an oregon elections 2004 page:

This page will collect stories related to local races in Portland and around the state.

A page for discussing the presidential race has also been created:

The purpose of this page is to collect the various discussions of the presidential race in one place. This page will be unique in that its stories will not appear on the front page newswire as these stories have a tendancy to dominate the newswire at the expense of more locally relevant stories.
THANK YOU! 31.Mar.2004 17:32


thank you so much!

Banish reposts not politics 31.Mar.2004 21:52

George Bender

I think the two new categories are a good idea, but it looks like the net effect is to banish electoral politics from the home page. I expect this will result in a lot less posting and discussion on these topics. Is this what you want? Granted that a lot of the discussion has become repetitive and tedious, still I thought part of the idea of Portland IndyMedia is that readers decide the content.

What I suggest instead is to reduce the clutter by banishing reposts from the home page. They would still appear on the appropriate category pages. That way we would have only original material on the home page and people would have more encouragement to write some, knowing it wouldn't quickly get pushed off the bottom.

Are you the same 31.Mar.2004 22:34

George Bender

who keeps reposting Nader stuff?

needs a comprehensive overview for newly awakened sheeple 31.Mar.2004 23:00


"net effect is to banish electoral politics from the home page."
i agree, but this could work if there is a _prominent_ icon near the top of the front page permanently highlighting selection 2004.

and hopefully there will be at least one person that up until recently has been a total mainstream news believer, but something finally clicked and they woke up, now they come to PDX imc, the selection 2004 page should have some sort of quick breakdown for them, help these freshly emerging independent thinkers see the mainstream bias and the real issues and who the candidates are really working for.

If there is nothing more than a newswire and scrolling features, then it'll be sorta blind luck if they come across anything that changes their mind.

also, many people are confused and may buy the republican line of just vote nader. There NEEDS to be a major item top center, ALL OREGONIANS that want change should vote in the Dem Primary. Vote Nader Later.

Why not have something short and sweet, that says it all, and that you'll NEVER see anywhere in the mainstream. like:

Wealthy Elites vs We the People
Bush-Kerry vs. Kucinich-Nader

some sheeple may wish to return to their cocoon, gotta hit em quick before they have a chance to find their denial and put it back on.

Good for pdx.indymedia ! ! ! 01.Apr.2004 11:27

politics as possible

Adding separate (s)election 2004 pages is a brilliant and imaginative approach to coverage of the 2004 brouhaha in Oregon and throughout the country. Good for pdx.indymedia !

Genius ! ! Pure genius ! !

The O'Franken Factor! 01.Apr.2004 14:02

Bird dog

way to go 01.Apr.2004 14:24

you know.

It is wonderful to see this action. by removing all these reposts fromt he front page portland imc is effectively saying, WAKE THE FUCK UP THE SELECTION DOESNT MATTER. and you who go to find this page are fucking lap dogs that cannot accept real change.

think about it, you fucking know it is true.

The oregon elections page, local elections which can be a bit more radical where different views have a bit more weight, they get their own page and stay up. this is good. i dont give a shit about either but hey.

so, look at it for what it is, the pres selection doesnt matter to us, no matter what they will fuck us in the worst way they can, it is their nature. so why give them the time of day?

think about it!!! you people arent thinking about it, really.

"(s)election 2004" free speech zone is not acceptable 01.Apr.2004 18:31

Brian Thomas

So now we have the Portland Indymedia version of George Bush's free speech zone. Everyone who posts a feature worthy story about the struggle to drive Bush's right wing coup from power gets forced over into this fenced in Indy free speech zone that is located a couple of blocks from where all the traffic is.

I might even have gone along with this if not for the added insult of a button that says "(s)election 2004". Yes, 2000 was a selection -- but that does not justify officially mocking the efforts of million of Americans are fighting to make this election real. Forcing everyone who posts about the election to click "(s)election 2004" makes it clear that the real intent ot the new Indy free speech zone is to mock the efforts of Americans who are fighting for real change in the direction this country is taking NOW.

Perhaps Indy should also banish to the free speech zone all comments about Noam Chomsky. For Chomsky has eloquently argued that although from the perspective of many on the left the differences between Senator Kerry and pResident Bush may appear small, even small differences like these, when they work themselves in the actions of the world's super-power can have staggeringly different effects on the planet and on the working classes.

Here's to hoping the new Indy free speech zone was just an April Fool's joke. For I will not post my photo essays or films DIRECTLY on portland.Indymedia until Indy's (s)election) free speech zone is torn down.

addendum 01.Apr.2004 18:48

Brian Thomas

I want to add that I don't object to a policy of keeping local features on the main page and moving features about the elections that don't have a local connection to another page referred to as "election 2004" or in some other non-pejorative way. I only object to the creation of a special free speech zone for features about the local activities of the Kucinich or Nader or Kerry, etc. campaigns. Why should a feature about Kucinich's visit to Portland or Bush's fundraising visits for that matter be forced off the main page into a free speech zone?

Perhaps we just have a misunderstanding here?

Yeah!! 02.Apr.2004 00:32

SAA kid


Go indymedia! keep the horseshit that no one reads off the front page!

pS - i dont talk for saa just me from saa.

Brian Thomas may be right about "s"election 02.Apr.2004 05:34

politics as possible

Yes, I had not thought of it in that way, but "selection 2004" maybe works to encourage the apathy of voters. But on the positive side, it may also work to call much needed attention to local and state issues and candidates in the creation of the twin page for local and state elections. Maybe attention can't be balanced without diminishing a little of the glitz and glamor of the presidential thing as played up over so many years in this country. Personally, being fairly grounded in what is happening and in my own unshakable habit of voting conscientiously regardless, I don't have a problem with "selection" --- I even enjoyed the way the page was named somewhat cynically. After all, the way that this one particular election, the great presidential election, happens every four years inevitably brings out the most cynical part of the public mind. So, on balance, maybe Brian Thomas is right and the page should be renamed, but maybe it's okay to keep it the way it is for the sake of acknowledging that along with the frightening importance of the presidential election ("power and prestige of the imperial presidency") we should keep in mind throughout that there is really something whacky about the way American presidents are chosen and the way they are viewed by us, the media and history.

I think that there should be LINKS TO THE ELECTION PAGES AT THE TOP OF THE MAIN PAGE. Then, if there is a story that is significant enough to be put in the center, there could also be links there. After all, except for stories that are important enough to go in the center column, we are just talking about whether the headlines appear in the right column on the main page or on the selection page or local election page. A great thing about these special pages is that you can look over the election situation and get an idea of all the view points without browsing through every one of the (no less important) stories about ten thousand things that appear in the right column. There is a place here for editorial judgment. Like the Nader Convention story appearing on the Main Page as well as on the "selection 2004" page seems to be a good way to handle things.

I agree, this is a mistake. 03.Apr.2004 08:05

tipping point

I think this is a big mistake that the Portland Indymedia powers-that-be are making. This is effectively censorship. No, content is not being erased, but on the web when you ban a certain topic from the front page of a site and put it somewhere else you are basically removing it from the view of most readers, who will not click on a little button, a button that is misleading anyway. "sElection 2004"? - that's just stupid, it's like a little kid making up funny names to call their big brother. Let's grow up.

Maybe some don't believe in elections but a lot of progressive people in Portland do, and this is their site too. Definitely people all over the world care a LOT about whether Bush or Kerry is going to be the next president. I just returned from travelling abroad and everywhere I went people asked me about Bush and the elections. It's important and it deserves to be treated as such by PDXIMC.

my god, you're right 04.Apr.2004 04:59

i'm not being sarcastic

Clearly the only fair thing to do is to put every article on the front page in one multi-gigabyte file. Sure it will be unusable but at least it won't be censorship.

And I just realized, almost every book bans the pages of the book from being on the cover. Clearly something needs to be done about this abuse of censorship.