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Exposed: The Carlyle Group

Shocking documentary uncovers the subversion of America's democracy.

I defy you to watch this 48 minute documentary and not be outraged about the depth of corruption and deceit within the highest ranks of our government and the first family.

Note: This program was broadcast on VPRO Netherlands TV. The first one minute forty seven seconds of this program is in broadcast in Dutch, the remainder is in English.
SOURCE FILE  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/video1/claryle.ram

Translation of the first one minute forty seven seconds of this program.

The war in Iraq is over.

The rubble is still smoking, while the first dozers are already entering the country.

After the coalition forces destroyed Baghdad it is now primarily American companies who are to rebuild Iraq.

An interesting point is that these companies usually have people on the payroll who have been politicians. Is this a conflict of interests or a new (global) way of doing business?

One of the corporations that work this way is the Carlyle Group. On their payroll are people like : George Bush (Sr.), James Baker III and old premier John Major.

The Carlyle Group is a private investment bank which doesn't come to the publics attention very often but it is one of the biggest American (ed: USA) investors of the defense industry, telecom, property and financial services.

What is the Carlyle Group? Who are the people behind the name? And how much power does Carlyle have?

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Qwest sold the yellow page part of the company to them