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huge massing of riot geared police

mass gathering of riot geared police, where did they go? nobody knows...
last night at the mlk, killingsworth police station there was a huge gathering of police in full riot gear orchestration with unmarked black semi-trucks drowned in red and blue lights full of them. we have no idea where they were going. upon asking a police officer this question he replied, "your're safe here,"

this was about 10 pm tuesday march 30
Alien invasion 31.Mar.2004 09:34


Inside tip on where they were headed...Evidently Vera Katz has been hiding behind her job as Mayor of Ptown...She's actually being hunted by an evil space race and they descended on Portland last night after discovering her whereabouts...Interviewed evil alien continued to request to be taken to our leader repeating again and again, Lickkk Bushhh in 2004. What this meant, i have no idea. Beware though people of Earth, Vera Katz as police commisioner is a very dangerous woman, don't try to apprehend her if seen in public, just turn tail and run like hell; the same goes for her nasty little trained dogs we know as Officer Friendlies. God be with you

If this is true, and I don't doubt it, then it clearly means 31.Mar.2004 09:37


that the out-of-control faction of rightwingnutter-cops were out on an INTIMIDATION CRUISE of the Black
Community in dramatic attempt to give them a "message". Could be that they're being lead by that nutter
of a Preez of their Police Union, as he got quite full of himself before camera and it was televised on
the evening news. Basically he was "drawing the line in the sand" with the Police Chief and the Mayor,
and came across so full of preening hubris that one couldn't help wonder if he too wasn't deranged. He
too was a citizen killer as I've heard (and read here too) and was McCollister's main "cheerleader" and
we'd do well to put our collective microscopes on this fellow and do some serious looking at him! Let's
be REAL here...there is a tremendous amount at stake in all this, positions could be lost, people could
be actually held "accountable", retirements could be lost or diminished, standings in the community are
likely to be diminished, and on and on the bevy of personal "opportunity lost" costs are GREAT, and when
such happens in a very corrupt system...as we most surely have here...then JUSTICE sometimes falls away.
It's our collective task here to unite with the rest of the community and make sure JUSTICE remains in
the forefront and that it is not lost for corrupt self-serving personal expediencies. WE need to demand
an accounting as to WHAT this police "action" was all about...why/where/who/when and refuse to take bull
shit as an answer! That's how I feel anyway. This is a situation that is about to get out-of-control I
deeply fear and I honestly see some sick egos (like that Police Union President for one) jostling and
posturing for POWER. To hell with them...let us be damned and done with them. WE THE PEOPLE didn't vote
Robert King into this position of POWER he is grabbing at, and it is we that must make those we did vote
for realize that he is mere "minor" player in the whole scheme of things...mere minor player who needs to be rigidly CONTROLLED by those in lawful authority. There...said it! Enuf!

what it means is 31.Mar.2004 16:16


They were looking for a riot. If they let that racist killer Sery off, they're gonna get one.

Hope so... 31.Mar.2004 21:34

Crossed Fingers

Maybe the cops will take that day off.