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suggestion, Portland IMC editors / techs (and 'James') - on reposted articles

this was a suggestion in response to 'James' and his concern over the proliferation of reposted articles on the Portland Indymedia newswire, inability to easily wade through / identify them, etc.

(originally at the end of this thread  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/03/284525.shtml)
'James' had mentioned:

"But when I'm browsing the PDX IMC newswire, I don't know whether something is a re-post until I click on it. If people insist on re-posting "corporate media" content here, which I find a bit silly and counter-productive, at the least it would be nice if some prefix or suffix was given to the headline, to indicate it's a re-posting. Perhaps, "UK Troops' anger over US 'friendly fire' [re-post]" would be sufficient."

--well 'James', this isn't entirely a problem, because there's already the 'genres' / 'regions' / 'topic pages' / 'actions' / 'resources' selection buttons,

<< here in the column immediately to your left.

if you click any single one of the categories, your web-page view of Portland IMC will automatically re-fresh itself to show only the postings of that genre, region, topic, or featured action.

but what I was thinking of was, a genre button to select **everything ___except___ reposts** -

can this be done?

it would help 'James' to re-fresh everything on the current newswire that *isn't* a repost from somewhere else, and save him the trouble of clicking on individual articles to find out.

for example, could the 'genres' selector be set up look like this:

**all except reposts**
also 31.Mar.2004 03:14

indy volunteer

you will find that if you scroll over a specifc article title on the newswire, a little pop-up will ahow up telling you the "genre" of the article.

it takes a moment for it to show up, but just scroll the mouse over and see what happens.

Reposts 31.Mar.2004 21:13

George Bender

I suggest having all reposts go only to the appropriate category pages and not appear on the home page. That would make the newswire a while lot less cluttered and encourage people to write.

I'm afraid that taking whole subjects off the home page -- as with the new election pages -- will end discussion on those topics.