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Portland Indymedia does it again...has the cops on the run...

the first part of FOX NEWS 10:00PM telecast?
They had brief interview with "Pastor" whatshisname from the Southwest Bible Church of
Beaverton, and how did the newspeak folk at Channel 12 find out about this church and their connections to Officer Jason Sery? Bet they found out by reading it here in the
Portland Indymedia...their media of choice!

Way to go folks! We ARE making a difference!

Had Binky not done the fine work last night in digging up the dirt on Sery and doing a
Google on him, we'd been hard pressed to know ALL we know about this dude! We here
know MORE than the general public about what's really going on, and we've made a big
difference I feel in how Vera, Foxworth, and all of officialdom has responded, as we
have hammered away on them and hammered hard. Let's don't lay down our hammers now?
Have been watching FOX 12 since I got up just before 6:00AM 31.Mar.2004 07:04

Early Riser

and haven't seen anything about Sery's church people giving interviews?

Are you sure it was on Channel 12?

video clip 31.Mar.2004 09:53

la haine

A video clip of the interview with the pastor may be found on the Fox News website:


Scroll to the bottom of the page for "Friends support officer involved in shooting".

I can confirm an instant of this with this information. 31.Mar.2004 10:20

mike-d. mikedeepdx@yahoo.com

I had another reporter come up to me at the 2nd press conference about the shooting and thank me for having that information on our website. I thanked them but I also let them know that I did not dig up that information. good work.

Disenchanted about the character description of Office Seary 31.Mar.2004 13:01

Tabitha mialese@aol.com

I'm disappointed by comments made from Officer Serys Pastor, whose name I do not know and others who chose to comment about his character. While I understand and expect family and friends to be loyal to Officer Sery, I don't expect for his actions of deadly force to be ignored based upon moral respect.

The fact of the matter is, a man's life has been taken and there's no justification for it. I find it very disturbing that Police union representative, Robert King and other supporters of Officer Sery can imply that based upon Mr. Perez's past criminal history he somewhat bred his own death. In other words, that his death was inevitable because he had made wrong choices in his life that involved a prison conviction. How many times have all human beings made wrong choices and yes, some illegal choices? For those who have made wrong choices but yet have a clear record it's fortunate that privilege or luck prevented that wrong from being exposed.

It's unfortunate when an atrocity of this nature takes place it's predominantly people of color particularly African-Americans who are victimized by police brutality and excessive force. I'm angry that many non-black communities can form opinions and down play the fact that race is not an issue when it comes to police brutality, and that the fear factor is extremely high for police officers. My response to that kind of reasoning is when your children are fatally shot during traffic stops I question how supportive or objective a citizen can then feel toward the Police Bureau. It's rather easy to form judgments and opinions about the reality of police injustice that one is not faced with because their skin is not black or tan. Many of my white peers can enjoy the comforts of driving their vehicles without being harassed by the police. I would suggest that before determinations are made regarding this issue despite what you see on television or read about Mr. Perez investigate the fact and research the entire truth about his life.

Have anyone who supports Officer Sery taken the time to write or contribute sympathy towards Mr. Perez's family and his six-year-old son who will never see his father again? Officer Sery's family, pastor, colleagues, and friends can still comfort him. No one can comfort my class mate James, who was a very unique and mannerable young man.

I do pray that justice is served in this case and that Officer Sery receives the maximum punishment by law for taking the life of a man who he assumed had a gun because of his past record. I support Mayor Vera Katz in her decision for a public inquest, and I highly approve of Chief Foxworth's position of leadership he's demonstrating during this time of tragedy.

For African-Americans a traffic stop can mean a death sentence. I feel like stamping a card on my face that reads: Officer, I'm not a drug addict or a criminal. Please don't shoot me because I match a profile description.

To the Perez and James families my prayers and support is with you. I love you James for what I knew was true about you, and my memories of you are positive and sincere. I'll never forget your shy smile and your incredible athletic talent. Rest now and don't ever worry again for God will care for those who are dishonored.