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We pay these guys to make our fine city safer!
What I want to say is that people on any and kinds of drugs are a hundred times less dangerous than people who are angry. When somebody is pissed off anyone in front of them becomes a good target.

Now a few of our police officers are making a bunch of people angry.

The police officers union should stop protecting sub-marginal officers who take the high wages we give them and make our fine city more dangerous for everyone, especially bus drivers, cabbies, conveience store clerks and such.

I am outraged but not suprised that a human being lost their life for the lack of a turn signal.

This is not the wild west. This is not a "war zone". And this is not a scene from a hollywood action movie.

Personally I think a responsible police force would turn all those fancy automatic pistols in for scrap metal and work on gaining the trust and respect of the community. If they get in a bad situation get the rifle or shotgun out of the trunk. While many of us readers/ contributors to this website like that idea it would be considered pretty far out by most "regular people"

I read a comment in an previous post by a gentleman who pointed out that gang problems kill ten times as many black men than police. And that some of us just want to use this event to discredit the police. What he says is completely true, and I thank him for the courage to write in.. However the difference is we are paying the police to make the city safer. (There are a few places left where people actually have to pay "protection fees"- but I really doubt most entry level mobsters get the kind of wages and benefits that our Portland cops do.)

Also, hopefully some of the religious and community leaders in the area can step up to the plate and organize some sort of community healing march/ demonstration.