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The Daily Show's fake news steals ratings from the real news

The fake news of The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart is getting better ratings than the so called "real news" like Fox!

--Fake and scathing 1, fair and balanced 0. CNN and MSNBC have gotten used to losing to Fox News. But during the Democratic primaries, an unexpected foe stole the ratings crown from all three. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, a mock news program airing on Viacom's (VIA) Comedy Central, attracted more viewers at 11 p.m. than any of the cable news channels in the last two weeks of January, outdoing Fox by 20 percent even as the news network was running live campaign coverage. Stewart's fake news show has won ever-growing audiences with help from real politico guests like John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards. --

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the best news source on TV is The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart. Hey, it's almost as comedic as Fox News, and at least it KNOWS it's stupid (THE ONLY NEWS PROGRAM WITH NO CREDIBILITY TO LOSE!).
fake compared to what? 31.Mar.2004 04:39

good enough for me, man

Jon Stewart is ALWAYS trying to cover his ass by calling his own show a "fake news program," while at the same time other people in the TV news business just treat him like a colleague. It's okay, Jon! The other guys are JUST AS FAKE! AT LEAST AS FAKE! WAY MORE FAKE! They're not even trying to be funny! They're not keeping TRACK of which parts they make up and which parts are supposed to be true! IT'S OKAY!

Only fake sometimes 11.Aug.2006 05:27

Joe bob

I agree with the other comments on the site. Jon often makes things up for the pure sake of humor, but other shows make things up in an attempt to control the way you think and feel. Most of his story arent made up, they just make people in big places look as stupid as they really are, and that is funny not becasue its fake but because it shows the lies that are fed to people during election years and the truths that we get after the elections. I hope to see this show get bigger and bigger until everyone realizes how stupid are elected officials think we are