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Minimum Wage: Does It Buy Work or Workers?

Minimum wage work offers the most oppressive work environments, with the highest level of paternalistic behavior, of all jobs in America. As a person who has wage slaved in minimum wage jobs this lifetime, so that someone else can take the profits from my labor, not me (which is the beauty of capitalism), I have come to realize that bosses seem to think they are renting ME for minimum wages, not my WORK. I do not see it that way.

I always thought that the employment I signed onto was for work product, not personhood, but when you look at the way most minimum wage bosses behave, apparently they think they are buying personhood, not product, in the contractual agreement. I think this seriously needs to be addressed. If the workers think they are contracting out their LABOR, but the bosses think the workers are contracting out the workers' THEMSELVES, there is a problem with interpretation of the employment contract and clarification is needed. [ Read more... ]

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