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How will we hear Air America Radio?

New Radio network
Can someone tell me where to find streaming air america or if it is on the dial here yet?
620 AM starting Wed. 29.Mar.2004 21:22


One radio guy claims it will play on 620 AM starting Wed. Lets hope.

Air America on 620 AM? YES! 30.Mar.2004 07:45


It was announced on NPR this morning. Supposed to start tomorrow (3/31.) I'm looking forward to it, just hope it doesn't hurt KBOO.

I wanna know, too 30.Mar.2004 08:02


their website is kinda skimpy on those details, probably because the deals were still pending when they put it up.
Hopefully they'll stream and archive shows.

Thanks for the info to KPOJ = Great news! 30.Mar.2004 10:26

Edward R Murrow

Station info is up now,  http://www.airamericaradio.com/

Station (620 AM confirms - Air America airing starting 9AM 3/31! 30.Mar.2004 11:01


I called them to verify.

Isn't it ironic? Dontcha think? 30.Mar.2004 12:05

Marisa webmaven@radiobastet.com

I am thrilled beyond words about Air America finally getting off the ground, so to speak. I also appreciate the irony of KPOJ being owned by ClearChannel. Let's hope that little detail doesn't get in the way of "fair and balanced" programming... ;)

Air America 01.Apr.2004 08:56


I listened to AA on the net yesterday, today RealAudio's calling it a broken link :(

I find it interesting that their 'contact us' page only lists a snail mail address. They probably want to avoid being spammed.