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PCUN and MEChA march in Corvallis a success!

Despite the rain and cold weather, a march for farmworkers' rights, held in Corvallis on Friday, March 26th, drew close to 700 participants. The march, organized jointly by PCUN, Oregon's farmworker union, and MEChA, the Mexican-American student organization, was held in conjunction with the MEChA National Conference, taking place at Oregon State University.
Participants rallied and marched through Corvallis calling for justice for farmworkers and immigration reform. They demanded the passage of the DREAM Act, which would legalize undocumented high school graduates and allow them to attend college, and stood in solidarity with the struggles of farmworkers not only in Oregon but also throughout the country. PCUN representatives were joined by Erik Nicholson, of the United Farmworkers of America's (UFW) Washington office, and by Francisca and Brian Payne, of the Florida-based Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW).

In honor of the CIW's long-standing boycott of Taco Bell, the main purchaser of Florida tomatoes, marchers paused briefly in front of a Taco Bell restaurant chanting "Boycott Taco Bell." The CIW is calling on Taco Bell to pay one penny more per pound of tomatoes purchased in order to raise workers ' wages, and to pressure tomato growers to improve the working conditions in the fields.

Marchers, most of whom were MEChA members, as well as PCUN members and supporters, stayed in good spirits for the two-mile long march, cheering and chanting and passing cars honked their support. Other organizations represented included Jobs with Justice, Oregon Farmworker Ministry, Latinos Unidos Siempre, and the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation.

This march represents the first time PCUN and MEChA have collaborated on such an event, and the first time PCUN has held a march in Corvallis. After working hard to bring the MEChA National Conference to the Northwest, students decided to reach out to PCUN to bring the struggle for farmworkers' rights to the forefront at the conference.

MEChA, which promotes higher education and community involvement for Mexican-American youth, has a long history of supporting the struggle for farmworkers' and immigrants' rights.

that's great, but... 30.Mar.2004 11:42


there were a lot of ppl who had no clue. so, i was at my internship and a fellow comes in saying that there was some sort of protest going on near his house; he said he lives on sixteenth st. i quote: "...one person told me it was for gay marriage, someone else told me it was against it, another person told me it was against abortion, and still another told me it was against the war...". when i read this post, i thought "ahroom?" so maybe that's what it was...i didn't see any flyers etc. about it, but maybe my head has been in the clouds.

that's pretty cool that PCUN and MEChA organized in CorVALlis. i mean, come on, 700 ppl, that's pretty damned good.

From Tucson... 01.Apr.2004 11:38

Great experience...

I attended the MEChA National Conference along with about 35 other people from Tucson, AZ and we all enjoyed being part of this great march. The march symbolized the official support of MEChA towards the Farm Worker Movement. This took place in Corvallis, so our support was directed to Farm Workers in Oregon, but our support was for all of the Farm Workers that live day in and day out struggling to survive in this country. Part of the march was protesting in front of Taco Bell. MEChA is currently boycotting Taco Bell nation-wide in support of Florida's Farm Workers that are struggling to get a "one cent more per basket" raise. Many topics were discussed in the conference itself, but the the actual march was in support of the farm Worker struggle. C/S