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Fun Facts About Jason Sery, the Officer That Fired.

Googling for Jason Sery
Jason Sery lives in Aloha, right of highway 208 near or on the river. His parent or brother (John Sery) most likely does as well, as he moved with him from Billings.

See:  http://www.swbible.org/hbs/locations/hbsaloha.html

He was considered "borderline" on his psych. exam for when he was hired in '96 for the Billings, MT police dept.

See:  http://erd.dli.state.mt.us/humanright/decisions/finalorders/1999pdf/carsonfad.pdf

He was also blasted for violating 4th amendment rights, due to drug dog search w/o probable cause, by his District Court.

Sery then specifically called for K-9 Officer Steve Feuerstein and his drug dog, Igor, to respond to the scene. Sery testified he called for the K-9 unit primarily for officer safety reasons--because there were three persons in the vehicle and only two officers present. The District Court subsequently found this testimony " unpersuasive."

See:  http://www.lawlibrary.state.mt.us/dscgi/ds.py/GetRepr/File-17514/html

GOOD JOB BINKY 29.Mar.2004 19:39

Lets find him

Ok, so he lives in Aloha right of Hwy 208, can we get an address???? Does someone have money to do the people search thing, or maybe someone should call another person that is doing a bible teaching near him and get his address.
ACT FAST......ACT NOW!!!!!

speaking of "fun" had at the expense of the 29.Mar.2004 20:25


I'm giggling as I write after listening to Alex Jones live on Jeff Rense's live radio
talk program as they both share a laugh at ex-cop John Minnis. Remember this funny guy?
He was a "sex-cop" a Sgt. or something like that for the Portland Police and also he was
sleeping with the State's Speaker of the House of Representatives...sharing her bed. He
also was the State Senator that wanted to make looking at the police wrong a terrorist
crime, or some silliness like that. He retired as I recall and the Gov appointed him to
some other government double-dipper's job...maybe it's a triple-dippers job? Anyway if
you want to know why these young cops are assholes, it has a lot to do with assholes like John Minnis training them to be that way. It was funny listening to Alex Jones &
Jeff Rense give this old coot the giggle-factor treatment! Maybe that's the secret to it all? Rather than take these dudes "seriously" might we be better off to just LAUGH
at them? That'll frost their arrogant asses won't it?

laughter is good medicine, but.... 29.Mar.2004 20:50


laughter is often times the best medicine, but. in this case yes they are assholes, laughably so, but they are also a reflection our societies fucked up predilection towards, racism, sexism, classism, and knee jerk, violent "act now think later," policy. we need to put a stop to this. cops have to stop killing people for a "percived threat". They need to be fucking disarmed, disbannded and sent to phsyco therapy in an attempt to undo the damage done to them in their childhood and further compounded in their training. To quote a well known source "fuck the police!!"
they need to go down...

John Minnis 29.Mar.2004 22:44

is married

to Karen Minnis. Of course they are "sharing a bed." What else would you expect?

There is no "fun" facts about Jason Sery 30.Mar.2004 00:46

The facts are...

HE IS A KILLER. There's nothing fun about that.

After going over all the commentaries/thread streams on this 30.Mar.2004 14:36


terrible injustice, I note something strange>>>>there is no comment's from the trolls! It's like they
are asleep at their screens, or maybe it's they just aren't going to even try to post their usual crap
in defense..."don't judge unless you've walked a mile in an officer's shoes"..."you have no idea what it
is like to be a policeman"...and on and on with that crap as if it mattered. Maybe we've taught all the
trolls a few things by attacking them everytime they post their silliness here, and they're not about to
get a load of lambaste again? Anyway, it's good to see no troll comments for a change.

Oh please 30.Mar.2004 14:50


The reason you don't read troll postings on most of these articles is because 99.9% of them get censored. Don't kid yourselves. We'll see how long this one lasts. After I go to the bathroom, mine will probably be gone.

"Mr. Fuck A Cop" is back! 30.Mar.2004 21:43


Why the hell do we let this shit happen! I know people who are afraid of gangs, but I know gangs won't hurt me. The police are more dangerous! This Jason Sery needs to be charged for MURDER! If a civilian kills a cop they get sent up, but if a cop kills one of us they get two weeks paid "leave" (vacation) and a small investigation (whitewash). We need to make them know that we won't stand for this type of law enforcement. Since when was unbuckling your seatbelt a threat to law enforcement! Maybe we need to do like LA and start a fucking riot! If the police are already afraid of us let's give them something to really be afraid of! That's right, I know what I said and I don't give a fuck!

Minnis 30.Mar.2004 22:18


John Minnis is now the director of the Department of Safety Standards and Training, also known as the police academy, which means he's the director of the facility that trains every police officer and corrections officer in the state.

Thought this was about that cop that murdered 30.Mar.2004 23:01

Citizen Perez

and am wondering how it got off onto John Minnis? Who cares about him?

John Minnus 31.Mar.2004 00:07


who Alex Jones ridicules whenever the Patriot Act-Oregon comes up
for descussion, calling him John Mean-ness! Wow! John finally
made the Big Time as he's being mentioned by Alex Jones on radio.

why not give sery a call? 01.Apr.2004 04:20


a handy little tool is the wayback machine which archives old web pages. so i found this older version of the sw bible page:

Jason Sery

The Serys'

dont know if this is truly current (the phone number was removed in may of 2003), but could be worth a try for those bored enough.

his lovely wife jennifer? their address!? 01.Apr.2004 04:30


check this out. i searched on teoma.com for jason sery (with no "quotes"). about four down
is this web page and "summary" (or whatever the chunk is they sample to show you):

Leader Host / Location & Phone Day / Time
SERY, Jason 503-524-3041 Jason & Jennifer Sery 7935 SW 184th Avenue Thurs. 7:00 PM...

now! hmm.... this looks to be a 503 area code, and hey, an ADDRESS! here is the FUN part...
the web SITE (not just the page!!) it goes to is "TEMPORALLY OFFLINE" [no typo, it says that!] according to the home page ( www.buy24hrs.com ) ... but really its not, cuz it returns a 404 when you go to the full www.buy24hrs.com/swbc/hbs/baw.html.

anyway, i have no idea what this site is, or what this address is, but thsi is just some
info i found on a public web site by typing in two words you all....

Close, but no bacon 01.Apr.2004 09:26


xyzzy...that is interesting, but I have some even better news. I was at starbucks in Murray Hill last night, down on the corner of Murray and Scholls Ferry Road. I sat down to type out a paper that I'm working on, and who should I sit next to but two ladies who were talking about this Sery character. As I sat there, these two henpeckers started talking all about this case and what a tragedy it is that the "liberal media" is painting such a terrible picture of this killer (okay,that was my interjection, not theirs...I think they said "good man" but what the hell do they know?) I'm getting somewhat disgusted by this, and was about to engage them in some thoughtful debate, when one of the ladies starting referring to Sery like she knew him.

Long story short...this guy lives "just a few houses away" and has even helped her spread barkdust in her back yard or something like that. Hmmmm....getting interesting. As it is a free country, I got in my car when the ladies left and casually followed the one, and yup, predictable as could be, she went right back to her house (I'm assuming it is hers...she went right into the garage and shut the door). So her is a map of the neighborhood where I was:

 link to www.mapquest.com

Basically, I was on Davies and a side street over in Beaverton. This is just a stone's throw away from their church. A couple of comments that lead me to believe I was in the right place. ONe of the things that lady said was something like "it's a shame to see this happening, they just moved in a little while ago..." so that would explain why it's so damned hard to find any address information on this guy. Also, I saw FOUR cop cars in that neighborhood in the short time that I was there. Coincidence? I think not! You know they are protecting their own. FYI, that is a pretty dense neighborhood, but I think we're in the right place. Anybody live around there that knows the area? I'm in Southeast and was just over their visiting a friend earlier, so I'm kind of unfamiliar with the urban sprawl. My two cents: stay away from Murray Hill, it is a wretched place.

Signing off, call me "happy to be in the trenches doing the leg work"...

Sery's Church info. 01.Apr.2004 22:34

on it

Welcome to Southwest Bible Church
14605 S.W. Weir Rd.
Beaverton, OR 97007

Phone: (503) 524-7000
Fax: (503) 524-0594
Email:  swbible@swbible.org

to diakonos 05.Apr.2004 13:46


wow! you know u need to be spanked lol, giveing out that officers phone and address, and u followed the lady home omg, i can't stop laughing from reading your article, makes me wonder where the cops favorite hangout is lol, you are bad, i couldnt have done a better job myself, i truely admire your spunk, you are so bad lol

stalker! 06.Apr.2004 19:17

innocent until proven guilty cw_dailey@yahoo.com

I stumbled across this board and I am thoroughly disgusted at the postings here. First off, why do you want Sery's picture and address so badly? Are you going to taunt him? Egg his car and toilet paper his house? Crank call him? Worse yet, attempt to inflict injury? I am certainly not stubbornly pro-police. In fact I can't stand them at times. However, ride along with them sometime and see what kind of crap they have to put up with and how frightening the job can be. Please check out this link and read the bios, maybe you would appreciate their persective more:  http://www.nleomf.com/ As an attorney, I am a staunch believer in civil rights, as undoubtedly all of you claim to be. Civil rights mean (among other things) innocent until proven guilty. All police shootings are presented to a grand jury of citizens. This is the same process that occurs for all people accused of felonies. Let this process play itself out. Another thing that rankles me is the presumption that racism was involved. Maybe yes, maybe not. Can you offer any evidence of this? The incident occurred in an area of town with a lot of black residents. It is not unusual to pull over a black motorist in this part of town. As for the "BS" stop because of a turn signal, there is a good chance they knew who he was when they pulled him over. That is part of a cop's job, to know the criminals in the neighborhood (yes, he was a criminal . . . convictions for illegal possession of a weapon, assaulting police, resisting arrest, drug distribution and possession (several times), and two burglary convictions. Basically, the fact is that he was a convicted felon who was high on cocaine). Yes, the two controversial police shootings involved black victims. Suggestion: Don't drive around when on cocaine. Many people on this board act as if they are afraid of the police. Why? If you get pulled over, then do what they say and don't do anything erratic or threatening. You will be fine. Do you really think that Perez just sat there and they opened fire with no provocation? No. Did the provocation merit a shooting? We don't know yet. I do know that if you are presented with a situation in which you feel as if someone might kill you if you don't kill them, most people would choose to live. Perhaps he earnestly felt that way. Please remember: Innocent until proven guilty.

innocent until proven guilty? 06.Apr.2004 20:19

take your own advice

Hmmm, it sounds like you believe that the murderer is entitled to being innocent until proven guilty but not the murdered. How convenient that must be. You claim to be an attorney but that seems unlikely given your post. Perhaps you are just a very biased attorney.

"Let this process play itself out."

We know how it will turn out; this same scenario has played itself out time and time again.

"It is not unusual to pull over a black motorist in this part of town."

Yes, but blacks are being profiled. Perez would be alive today if he was white because he never would have been pulled over in the first place.

"That is part of a cop's job, to know the criminals in the neighborhood."

So you admit they were profiling him, good we can agree on that.

"Basically, the fact is that he was a convicted felon who was high on cocaine."

So much for innocent until proven guilty...

"Suggestion: Don't drive around when on cocaine."

So much for innocent until proven guilty...

"do what they say and don't do anything erratic or threatening"

Like reach for your seatbelt in an attempt to comply with their orders to get out of the car?

"Do you really think that Perez just sat there and they opened fire with no provocation?"

Yes. They knew they could get away with it.

"Did the provocation merit a shooting?"

No. There was no danger to any officer or bystander therefore lethal force was not merited.

"Perhaps he earnestly felt that way."

Then he should lose his job for mistakenly killing someone. When someone is entrusted with a job in which their mistakes can cost lives and they prove that they cannot handle situations in a way that avoids mistakes which result in a loss of life then they are not competent or qualified for that job.

"why do you want Sery's picture and address so badly?"

I pay his salary; I want to know what he looks like. Public servants should not be able to hide behind anonymity when they are grossly incompetent and unqualified.

Sad day 08.Apr.2004 21:26

A sad one

It is sad to read such evil words on both sides of the aisle.

It is sad to read that anyone would want to post someone's address just to get even

It is sad to read about supposed guilt and innocence - none of you know what really happened. NONE OF YOU!

How I wish there would be integrity on both sides and justice on both sides.

EVERYONE is guilty of blaming the other. You all should let it go.

Bitterness, rage and resentment only lead to further decay of the police force and of the African American community.

Don't you see?

Both sides are hurting. Both sides are wounded. Both sides need to love your enemies.

Anyone seen The Passion?

It doesn't get much clearer than that.

liberal bullshit 09.Apr.2004 01:27

that's spelled b-u-l-l-...

>It is sad to read about supposed guilt and innocence
>- none of you know what really happened. NONE OF YOU!


>Don't you see?

We see you're full of shit. Anything else to show us?

>Both sides are hurting. Both sides are wounded.
>Both sides need to love your enemies.

Ow ow ow. One side's dead, the other one's getting a paid vacation.

Sorry facts make your head hurt. Maybe soon you'll figure it out.

Evil continues 09.Apr.2004 10:20

swearing always the rule

Again it is sad that people must swear to get their point across - again it is selfish behavior to make them feel better

Unfortunately, it hurts others when you resort to that.

Tired of injustice?

Join the club - we all face it in some degree or another

It is selfish pride that makes ANYONE think they are at the raw end of the deal in life

EVERYONE has had loss

Don't be preaching to me with your foul language about loss and injustice

You know not of what you speak....

liberals and holy rollers are sometimes very worthless!! 30.Apr.2004 03:32

yer mom

Oh quit already. Love your neighbor, Hug your enemy, dont swear, yeah watever!! Until its your son or daughter, or your father or mother that is murdered by a gun totin' wife slappin' baby faced judgemental f&^k, or whatever the malfunction is. Hypocrites and apathetics SUCK and get nothing done in this country! Someone has a brush with the law, or has a drug addiction, or mental illness that certainly wasn't asked for does not make them any less valuable than a <Sunday> Christian or ANYONE else. You want a cop shutting off your lights permanently because of some percieved threat bullshit? I didnt think so...

get a life 31.May.2004 03:04

ignor amos

Way to go passifier. Get a life ya meathead!

Tis a true enigma, tisn't it? 07.Jun.2004 17:16


This fellow goes to my friends church, on murray, big white building close to scholls... They pray for him... Not a peep for the dead, I suppose somehow the dead are beyond the reconciliation of prayer in their collective minds.

I am not a religious fellow - in fact, I could care less about such things. What does bother me is the here and the now. It seems to me, as a friend once recommended, that our government is waging a war on intellect... Our intellects, to be more precise.

It matters not what great clarity we can perceive the problem, or problems, with. All that matters is how far the sheep will follow the carrot and flee from the stick. If human history tells us anything, our masters will overstep their bounds someday and the populus will snap to awareness of the evils that they (that indeed I, through my passive nature) have done. And then we shall see what remained of our liberty washed away in a tide of blood, to be replaced by some other miasmic nation-state.

The point of all of this is not that I have any superior course of action to recommend; for if I had one, I would be on the warpath to reclaim our collective minds by now. But instead, it's just that; This problem is not a gun, an officer, a department or a state - or dare say I - it isn't even our government. It is born of man's imbecility and arrogance to believe that giving any man control over any other can lead to anything but injustice, I worry little for the physically dead - for one must acknowledge that there are more forms of life in you than just the beating of your heart - but for those still physically alive, those who can still wake up.

I do not presume to seek justice, for I know not what justice truly is (and I have thought heartily upon the subject). I merely seek a return to reason, on everyones part. You must admit, whomsoever you are, that this was not an action born of any virtue - not of wisdom, charity, chastity or faith... But of the vices of our race - ignorance, fear and perhaps even pride.

So with that, I'll trouble you no more; No man can make the decision to think and reason for you, nor can I say you will find yourself with some Truth at the end of the thinking. I would be lying should I tell you I have. I can say with great certainty that to lay amongst the dreads of our day and dream, however sweet that dream may be, leaves you just as frightened when you awake to find the monsters under your bed.