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After Police Shooting, It's Time for Action! March on Wednesday?

Let's March on City Hall!
I see lots of talk here on Indymedia about what happened and why, but no organizing an immediate response to this latest in a long list of fatal shootings by Portland's finest. Maybe someone else (Copwatch? AMA? Joanne Bowman's new organization?) is organizing something, but I think we should not wait for too long.

What about meeting at Pioneer Square at Noon on Wednesday, then marching to City Hall? Or maybe 5pm would be better for more people, but then City Hall is closed.

I don't think this is the best way to organize something, but it's the fastest, and we should be in the streets right away.
Rally & March in N. PDX is Better 29.Mar.2004 18:53

up for it

To show solidarity with the community, I say have a rally/prayer session at the parking lot of the laudrymat, 7240 N. Fessenden Street, and then march the few blocks to the North Precinct Station at 7214 N. Philadelphia. It's just a few blocks down Fessenden to St. Louis, turn south for a few block to Ivanhoe, I believe, and few blocks back east to the station.

A rally and march on this route in the next few days would probably send a fucking chill up the backs of the cops. An unpermitted, imprompto march through the main streets of the neighborhood topped off by a scolding demo in front of the station!

If anyone else has the wherewithal to pull this off, I'll be there. We could probably get passersby to join in. It would only take a core group of about 20 angry, anguished but peaceful protestors to pull this off. Make it like 6/7 pm on a weeknight to accommodate everyone who might like to try.

wait for the n. portland community to make a call 29.Mar.2004 19:16


i have no doubt that folks in N. Portland -- probably some of the church leaders involved in organizing around Kendra James -- will make a call for something soon. out of respect for them, and what they want, and which tactics they want to use, we should wait for their call. and then turn up in f'n DROVES.

I agree with SE PDXer 29.Mar.2004 19:48


The groups who have a definative say in this situation should make the call.... and then everyone should get out there and help.

Waiting for a time and place.

wait for family to act 29.Mar.2004 22:40


do nothing without the lead from the murdered man's family and community. if they don't sanction it, DON'T DO IT.

On doing things 29.Mar.2004 23:37

Ken Spice kspice@pdx.edu

I was out there today, over a long lunch hour and again at the end of the day. I stood with a sign at Pioneer Square, and in front of the "Justice Center". My sign says No more "routine" traffic stops / PPB stop killing citizens now!

I think it is fine, and good, for people to do small things like this.

You're absolutely right, though, that any sort of organized community response must depend on the needs and wishes of the family, and will be led largely by people not reading this message board. In that organized community response, whatever form it takes, "our" role is to be there. ("our" meaning us white activists, the vast majority of people who will ever read this comment)


White America, White Portland - we have a role beyond this particular murder that we need to come to grips with... we are the majority in this city, it is largely our will the city government enforces. We pulled that trigger just as sure as that cop did. And we are the ones who can sit on our lazy asses and watch the perky evening news anchors tell us all about the newest murder at a "routine" traffic stop, and shake our heads and say "that's just terrible" and then we're on to the basketball scores.

We did this. We allow our police to behave this way. We have to make it stop. We have to stand up, call bullshit, and make it stop. That's you, Vera Katz, and you, Joe Schmoe, and you and you and me.

(and if you need to call bullshit on my rant, go for it... it's the way I feel right now but I've been wrong before)

get ready for another obscene joke 29.Mar.2004 23:59

seen it before

whatever rally & march ends up happening will probably be mostly a bunch of bull. just like the Kendra James event. hell, they had a police escort, am I right?! and it will be exactly the same thing again for Perez

that ain't right. no fucking way.

the only way to have a meaningful memorial for Perez is one from the community, from everyone in the area who wants to particpate, but one that DOESN'T have police involvement, participation, control or supervision.

if it does, then it's nothing but an obscene joke.

I don't mean to get down on anyone's motives, but we've got to think this through. a rally and march that involves the same bloody mafia that caused the situation in the first place, does no one any good--except the cops.

people in this town have got to really STAND UP and say NO MORE!

oh, I'm sorry, I didn't ask permission from the bastards who just killed my family. I need the murders to say when and how I can vent my anger and rage.

we are nothing but a weak, pathetic community until we STAND UP!

You are right 30.Mar.2004 00:28

and I'm sorry for your loss

Things need to change and we do need to STAND UP. As of now, our options are limited outside of hiring lawyers. It seem pointless to preach to like-minded people who preach to like-mined people. Write your congressman/woman, senator, HRW (human rights watch), and your mayor. Hold meetings and organize. Talk to people who this has happened to, and relate. Be strong and don't give up. I can start to feel your pain.

The Real Facts 04.Apr.2004 21:15


Does anyone see how screwed up this is. This man was not innocent. He was a paroled felon, with drugs, who had history with the Police and following order. He mouths off, or reaches for something instead of listening, and he paid the price. No innocents have died. All animalistic, disobedient, menaces to society. I say good riddance.