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now that everyone's attention is once again on the

let's not forget that we're still awaiting the posting of
photograph of SCOTT McCOLLISTER. We need now more than ever to know what this killer-cop looks like,
and we need to renew our collective efforts to be on the look out for him and get him on film and get
him up here. Just doing so will give the officials and the police a strong MESSAGE. Let's do it NOW!
believe it or not, I think McCollister was there last night for a while 29.Mar.2004 20:44


When I was there in the crowd that gathered up after the killing, there was a few cops who showed up in
squad cars and soon were told to leave by one of the higher ranking ones. One of 'em looked dorky and
was tall and tubby-sized and one of the lady's beside me said she think it was him. So....missed him it
looks like, but we need to keep it in mind to get a pic of him whenever he does show his face!

I hope these officer don't recieve a medal 29.Mar.2004 23:28

as in the Jose Poot shooting

They belong in jail, or at least disenfrachised.

this is right 30.Mar.2004 09:20

we can reclaim our POWER

and give these blue bastards a MESSAGE by doubling our efforts
to get the picture of their favorite Poster Boy and get it up
here to show them that they can't hide behind the badge!