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HELP! Give me some quick links/info about the evils of Wal Mart!

I was lurking around the Fender Forum and ran across a discussion about Wal Mart. There are some ignorant fucks out there you think Wal Mart is God's gift to humanity or something. Does anyone have any link to a good summary of why Wal Mart is bad? I'd like something based in reason, not emotion. Hard statistics are always a good weapon. Studies by the government or by right-of-center think tanks are always good too because then people can't say, "well, they're just expressing the left-wing bias."
Here's just a couple examples from the Fender Forum discussion:

>>Walmarts replace small businesses with minimum wage jobs and remove capital from communities.

This is *almost* ridiculous. If this were true, go ahead and buy a ton of Wal-Mart stock and short it. They're digging their own graves by bankrupting their customers.

Far from it, I've seen several economic booms started by the building of a Wal-Mart in otherwise depressed areas. I've never seen a Wal-Mart turn a thriving economy into a ghost town. I doubt anyone can provide evidence to the contrary.

Seriously, it's economically impossible for Wal-Mart to fleece people by selling them cheap groceries. Groceries are ubiquitous...as soon as Wal-Mart raised prices above current market value there would be another grocery store underselling them so fast their collective heads would spin.

ANYTHING else they sell is not a necessity, and is driven by the whim of the market, which demands a low price. If they were to gain an effective monopoly on CD's, do you seriously think people would pay Wal-Mart anything for music? Would you pay $50 for Britney?

No, there would be independent competition - in the form of mom and pop stores. Have you ever walked the streets of a large city? Competition there should be locked up tight, but there are thousands of street vendors and small niche stores selling music, electronics, jewelry, anything you could want. How is that possible?

Not to mention, being able to afford basic necessities and niceties enables more of my money to be used for other specialized purposes. That goes to local restaurants, theaters, gas stations, garden stores, auto mechanics, you name it.

So, yes, while I can't buy food and have an hour long conversation with my grocer, the guy who would have been a grocer can now be a computer scientist, because he could afford a cheap computer from Wal-Mart. I'd wager that the more specialized your job is, the more likely it is to be fulfilling. Do we really lament the loss of cashier positions at the local grocery? Those jobs stink. What difference does it make if you're a cashier at Wal-Mart? (I can hear it already, and you know what? Mom and Pop never paid for my health care either.)

There are no sound economic arguments against Wal-Mart. There are only emotional ones that appeal to nostalgia and tin-foil hat conspiracy theories. Wal-Mart has done more to raise the standard of living for more people than any other organization outside of the medical industry.

I know this conflicts with what some think commerce in this country should look like, but you should ask yourself why you should get to decide, and not the 50 other people standing at the checkout line.

Here's another:

"That savings had to come from somewhere, out of someone elses pocket".

This is completely untrue. Economics is not a zero sum game.

If I build a chair and sell it for $10, but my neighbor has better power tools and builds the same chair and sells it for $8, by your logic, he's stolen $2 from me for every chair he sells.

And another beauty:

I like the Super Wal-Mart near my house. They've got lots of stuff I need at good prices.

That's all I care about.

So, help me out guys! I know someone out there has some info I can use. I just don't want to get into this unarmed, as it were. Thanks!
a start 29.Mar.2004 16:26

a low paid worker

Sprawl busters 29.Mar.2004 17:03


Here's Mr. Anti-Walmart>> click the newsflash link f9or lots of facts  http://www.sprawl-busters.com/index.html

Video of Wal-Mart Day of Action in SE Portland 29.Mar.2004 17:23

Jim Lockhart eagleye@PhilosopherSeed.org

This is an 8 minute video of the last Wal-Mart Day of Action, which took place at the 82nd Street Wal-Mart
There will be another one, maybe even this month. For information about this event, in Oregon and other states:
Wal-Mart Day of Action.

For the video:

56K Stream

United Food & Commercial Workers 29.Mar.2004 18:31

tsalagi red

Wal Mart is GOOOOOOD 29.Mar.2004 20:08

Mr Wal Mart Shopper...

Take your Prozac, and repeat after me. Walmart is good. Walmart is good. Walmart is good.

Now, dont you feel better?

Thanks! 29.Mar.2004 21:36


Thanks for the links everyone! The tread on Fender Forum was locked by the moderators minutes after I posted the links. Oh well. But at least the links made it up. Maybe someone will read something on one of those pages that will change their view on Wal Mart. You never know....

... 30.Mar.2004 08:41

as-saddam alaikum


Wal-Mart "archives" on The Geeze 31.Mar.2004 00:21

Ayatolljahso webmaster@ocnsignal.com

Hullo Wal-Mart fans:

On October 13, 2003 we wrote a Wal-Mart Liberation page at


Since about November 11, 2003, we've posted a Wal-Mart story almost every day.

The Walmart-related archives begin at:


Usually the last entry for each date gives a story containng the Wal-Mart word coupling in the title.

The actual archived pages, starting (or ending) with our posting of the "BA" entry: "HELP! Give me some quick links/info about the evils of Wal Mart!" have numbered sequence; for example:

March 30, 2003 -  http://www.networkingtheinternet.com/zxm332.htm
March 29, 2003 -  http://www.networkingtheinternet.com/zxm331.htm

and so on...

Usta be, I could choose from many articles on the Google that are critical of Wal-Mart. Lately, the stories are more scarce. By some concidence, the recent scarcity correlates with Wal-Mart advertising on TV news broadcasts, and Internet (news) websites.

If you send news stories - the URL is ok, put some variation of "wal-mart" in the subject line. I use SpamArrest, so you'll hafta trip through the hoop as a first time e-writer. I'll post what "works" with our (mostly) Family and Hometown e-paper; i.e., we don't say "fuck" too often. Sometimes we just say @#$% or some such.

wa-salaam (and peace)


Florence, Oregon