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International Day of Action to Support the Iraqi Resistance- September 25th

For information in the US Contat The Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network


1) Demos for the Iraqi resistance on the anniversary of the Intifada
2) Protest against the expulsion of Serbs from Kosovo
3) Abnaa ElBalad's imprisoned leaders on hunger strike
4) Rally in Karachi, Pakistan, against US occupation of Iraq, March 20
5) Mass demo in Rome to pull out troops from Iraq, March 20


1) Int'l Day of Action for the Iraqi Resistance

We call upon all anti-imperialist forces to endorse this call and to
prepare action in their country. The day of action was a product of the
discussions of Mumbai Resistance in January 2004.

In Iraq a battle of historic importance is raging. After two wars of
aggression and a genocidal embargo claiming 2 million lives and having
devastated an entire country, the Iraqi people is confronting the
illegitimate and brutal occupation by the US and their allies. The heroic
resistance of the Iraqi people against the Anglo-American invaders is
legitimate according to international law and the UN Charter, including the
right to resort to armed means. They are claiming their inalienable
right to national self-determination and sovereignty. But at stake is much
more, namely the very future of the US attempt to erect their global
empire, that is to say the future of humanity.

The battle of the Iraqi people is the battle of all movements, peoples
and nations fighting for their liberation from the imperialist world
system led by the US. Therefore we have to firmly rally behind the Iraqi
resistance. If we are able to support their struggle to smash the US
attempt to build a puppet regime and to eventually drive out the
invaders, it will result into a victory for mankind. It will not only give new
momentum to the struggle of the Palestinian and Afghan people, but will
lead to a new offensive of the liberation struggles all around the

Thus we call upon the democratic forces of the world, the anti-war and
the anti-globalisation movements to join hands in a international day
of action for the victory of the Iraqi resistance with demonstrations
all around the world on September 25, the Saturday before the anniversary
of the Palestinian Intifada.

Stop the occupation of Iraq and Palestine!
Imperialist troops and bases out!
Down with the US preventive war and their empire!

Mumbai, January 19, 2004

Promoting organizations:
1. Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
2. Iraqi Communist Party (Cadre)
3. Patriotic Democratic Communist Current, Iraq
4. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
5. Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
6. National Liberation Council, Bangladesh
7. Socialist Thought Forum, Jordan
8. Askapena, Basque Country
9. Anti-imperialist Camp
10. Kenya Socialist Democratic Alliance (KSDA)
11. Communist Mazdor Kisan Party (CMKP), Pakistan
12. Stop the War Action Coalition, Japan
13. National Alliance for Democracy & Reunification of Korea (NADRK)
14. Co-ordination Simón Bolívar, Venezuela
15. Left Front, Hungary
16. Free Iraq, Committees for the Resistance of the Iraq People, Italy
17. Revolutionary People's Liberation Front (DHKC International),
18. Danish Committee for a Free Iraq
19. Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, USA
20. Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee, USA
21. Anti US & Israeli Globalization & Hegemony Movement, Lebanon
22. International Leninist Current
23. Action Circle 24 March, Jena, Germany
24. Yugoslav Austrian Solidarity Movement
25. Revolutionary Communist League, Thuringia, Germany
26. Sierra Leone People's Democratic League (PDL)
27. Arab Palestinian Club (APC) Vienna, Austria
28. Action for Unity and Socialism, Chad
29. Initiativ e.V., Duisburg, Germany
30. North East Coordination Committee on Human Rights (NECOHR), Seven
Northeastern Indian States
31. Pro Defense of Life and Liberty Association (APRODEVIL), Peru
32. Graduates of Iraqi Universities and Colleges Club in Jordan
33. Kana'an editorial board, Palestine
34. Kana'an online editorial board, Palestine
35. The Arab Muntada - Ramallah, Palestine
36. Al-Wehda Weekly Newspaper, Jordan
37. Damascus Center for Theoritical Studies and Civil Rights, Syria

Promoting individuals:
1. Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad, USA
2. Ahmed Karim, Iraq
3. Noori Al-Muradi, Iraq
4. Djimadoum Ley-Ngardigal, Chad
5. Blagovesta Doncheva Georgieva, Sofia, Bulgaria
6. Harsh Thakor, Human rights activist, Bombay, India
7. Serguei Novikov, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist
Workers' Party of Russia - Party of Revolutionary Communists (RKRP-RPK)
8. Awni Al-Kalemji, Spokesman of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
9. Andrew Kahn, Student, New York City, USA
10. Dr. Hisham Bustani, Jordan
11. Dr. Abdel-Sattar Kasem, Runner-up for the President elections,
12. Sarah Al-Qudah, Journalist, Jordan
13. Farhan Al-Matar, Journalist, Syria
14. Jamal A. Rasheed, Cameraman, Palestine
15. Nidal Hashem, Cartoonist, Jordan
16. Zeina Sfeir, Filmmaker, Lebanon
17. Muwaffaq Mahadin, Writer, Jordan
18. Stevan Mirkovic, retired general and chief of staff of the Yugoslav
People's Army

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity