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The stolen election thing vs. perplexed Liberal

Trying to re-think my Liberal up-bringing.
So, by the time the primary elections reach Oregon, most of the best choices have already been eliminated. I was very frustrated to see what happened to Dean. Thank goodness Kucinich is still going to be on the ballot so that I can make one valid choice on this marathon election. But here's the deal. I keep thinking that Nader ruined the election last time, but then I REMEMBER! Gore won that election, but bush was installed anyway. Nader had nothing to do with all of that. And, wait! If the elections really do mean anything, the winner has to WIN it. What am I giving up if I waffle on my own beliefs just to vote for the most "electable" candidate? I've been around a long time, and still held out the hope that maybe, just maybe, one of the "electables" would be different and offer a real choice, yet here we are again, facing the lesser of two evils kind of vote. Is it really 'throwing away my vote' to vote for Nader? How do we stand firm and say that we are not happy with the direction this country is taking? I grew up with the two party system, and always thought that was good enough, but recent events have made me question the whole election process and I am considering the unthinkable. What if I vote my conscience this time.
Your Conscience Says 31.Mar.2004 17:27

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