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Press conference about Police shooting

There is a press conference on the 14th floor of the Justice Center scheduled for 1:00 today
I talked to the Police Chief's office the conference was supposed to start at 1:00 it is running late.

No one is allowed in expcept "Press". The public is not going to be admitted.
victim and officers names release 29.Mar.2004 13:50

from oregonlive.com

Monday, March 29, 2004

1:42 p.m. - Live with Chief Foxworth
From the Justice Center, Portland

Spelling of names migh be incorrect.

He met with the family of the victim last night and early today.

Two officers stopped James Perez, 28, in a routine traffic stop to failing to signal. Officers ask for a driver's license or valid identification, said Foxworth. A struggle occured and Officer Surrey shot Perez in the chest area.

The shooting victim was shot while sitting in the driver's seat. Officer Jason Surry was outside the vehicle and the car door was open, said Foxworth.

No weapons have yet to be discovered in the victim's car, but police are still searching the car.

The other officer, Officer Sean Macomber, was involved in the physical contact. Both officers were on the driver's side of the car.

Both officers were veterans of the Bureau. Both are on paid leave during the investigation.

Post Kendra James:

Both officers were separated and are not allowed to have contact with each other.

Witness and officers involved are being questioned today.

bullshit 29.Mar.2004 14:07


"No weapons have yet to be discovered in the victim's car, but police are still searching the car."

His car must be as big as Iraq.

Looking for information about these killers 29.Mar.2004 14:16

Weird story about Macomber

The following conversation is real, overheard on the police radio Friday night.

North Precinct officer one: "Under Oregon statute, can you do a DUI on someone riding a lawnmower?"

Officer two: "It's a moving vehicle. . . . Why? Do you have one?"

Officer one: "Yeah, out for a midnight mowing through the neighborhood."

The call went out after Officer Sean Macomber stopped a 36-year-old woman steering a riding mower down a Portsmouth neighborhood street just before midnight. She appeared to be drunk.

According to police records, she wasn't arrested or cited. Instead, an officer gave her a ride home.

There was no mention of the lawn mower getting towed.

Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) March 16, 2004
Author: JOSEPH ROSE - The Oregonian http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?p_action=doc&p_d

This is scaring the shit out of me! 29.Mar.2004 14:22

white guy

What the hell is wrong with the Portland police!!!!?????

Don't they know they live in one of the quietest and safest cities in the country?

They need to get real and get serious about legal and ethical policing or they are going to drive this town to some kind of big mess that I don't even want to give a name to.

Has anyone been able to get a confirmed message and reply from the the federal government? This is the kind of shit we really need their involvement in. and now, right now! I don't mean the national guard, but some kind of big investigation.

Fuck. I pray I don't hear a night full of sirens tonight.

No justice, no peace 29.Mar.2004 14:29

Not a medic

I think the comment by "Goatlove" is exactly appropriate here.

If the police could not find a weapon in the vehicle in 12 hours, it is because of two things: 1. there was no weapon in the vehicle when the young man was murdered by the police officer and 2. a crowd assembled almost immediately, which made it impossible to plant a weapon.

Will this community continue to allow the police to shoot African-Americans during "routine traffic stops"?

No justice, no peace. Remember Kendra James. Remember Jose Meija.

Watching and waiting 29.Mar.2004 14:58


I'm watching to hear of any posts for a rally protest. Meanwhile, I'm digging out my black felt pen and poster board: "Police: Stop the killing!" "Justice in Portland"

"He didn't have no gun" 29.Mar.2004 15:05

disgusted again

Sorry about the corporate media repost, but it's the only recent information I can find:

Portland police say officer shot, killed unarmed man at traffic stop

02:22 PM PST on Monday, March 29, 2004
By TERESA BELL and ABE ESTIMADA, kgw.com Staff

An officer shot and killed an unarmed black motorist in the parking lot of a dry cleaning and laundry business during a traffic stop in North Portland Sunday night, police said a preliminary investigation showed Monday.

It was the second time in a year that Portland police have shot and killed an unarmed black person after a traffic stop.

The victim, James Jahar Perez, 28, died at the scene, police chief Derrick Foxworth said at an afternoon briefing with reporters.

The shooting happened after a patrol car with two officers stopped Perez's white Mitsubishi just after 5 p.m. on Sunday, at 7240 N. Fessenden Street.

Foxworth said the officer who fired the shots was identified as Jason Sery, who's been on the police force for five years. With Sery on the stop was Officer Sean Macomber, who has also been with the police for five years.

Both officers have been placed on paid administrative leave and Sery was to be interviewed by homicide detectives later Monday afternoon, Foxworth said.

"At some point during contact with the vehicle's driver, one officer fired multiple shots, striking the driver," police Sgt. Cheryl Robinson had said on Sunday night. "The driver was the only person in the vehicle when officers made contact."

Perez told the officers he did not have a driver's license, Foxworth said, and resisted subsequent arrest. He would not say if Perez had a prior criminal record.

Foxworth said that at some point during the encounter, officers also fired a stun gun.

Sgt. Robinson, at the time of the shooting, had refused to say if the man had a weapon.

Kim Sundquist, who said she witnessed the shooting from inside the laundromat, told KGW the man was not armed.

"They said he reached for a gun, but he didn't have no gun," she said.

The Associated Press on Monday also quoted the cousin of the victim as saying that police told him his cousin had a gun. But Larry Smith maintained his cousin had no gun. He just left for the store to buy the kids some candy, Smith said. Relatives ran to the scene when they heard about the shooting.

A large crowd gathered at the scene late Sunday, with many people demanding to know why the man was shot. The crowd had grown to hundreds people by Sunday night and Chief Foxworth also came to the scene to speak with investigators in person.

hey! wait a minute here... 29.Mar.2004 15:19

weren't these two cops

once part of the cabal of guards at Multnomah County Jail that former Sheriff Nolte had to fire because
they were involved with Brotherhood of the Strong and some of that nastiness? These names ring a bell,
and I think that's why. Somebody that's got access to info of 5 or so years ago when it was big hot
topic could do a favor by checking them out on that score...whether they were part of the Brotherhood of
the Strong?

What is the CORRECT spelling of the KILLER 29.Mar.2004 15:29


Is the officer who shot and killed the man named Jason Surry or Jason Sery? We should get this CORRECTED!

I heard there was no struggle at the scene 29.Mar.2004 15:35


My friend's girlfriend witnessed the shooting. She claims that the police kept telling the driver to get out of his car, but he wouldn't. The cops approached the car, one on each side (which contradicts Chief Foxworth's report). The driver rolled down the window. Both cops dived to the ground right after that, and one got up to fire several shots into the car, immediately killing the driver. There was no "struggle" because the guy never got out of the car. That also contradicts Foxworth's account of the incident.

She did mention that the car's windows were so darkly tinted that it was difficult to see anything inside the car. This could (understandably) freak out the police, if they can't see what the driver or passengers were doing. It could also be the reason why they asked the driver to step out of the car before they approached it, which is very unusual for a traffic stop. She emphasized that the police made repeated requests of the driver, but he failed to comply with any of them.

From my perspective, a black man dealing with trigger-happy Portland police might have a legitimate reason to worry about doing anything they say. You're dead if you do, you're dead if you don't. This sucks.

those damn tinted windows 29.Mar.2004 15:47

crazy kids

Of course, the tinted windows are irrelevant if the windows were rolled down.

Re: correct spelling 29.Mar.2004 16:21


It's spelled "Sery"... Officer Jason Sery. And it looks like he's got a history of harassing people under questionable circumstances both here in Portland and in Montana.

My sign simply says... 29.Mar.2004 16:53


"no justice, no peace"

When did Sery get so dumb? 29.Mar.2004 17:07

99th monkey

The reference to the Montana stop on April 12th 1998 from the records of the lawsuit that is referenced above shows reasonable non-lethal police behavior, even if it does cross the lines for probable cause. AT LEAST NOBODY WAS KILLED!!!! Is it the fault of the police officer or lack of guidelines, supervision and failure to reprimand totally inapropriate police behavior that has lead to this and other killings (murder) by police officers in this town? The police in Portland have shown a propensity to stop anyone they want, act like bullies and when frightend people react the police then pull out tasers and guns as their ONLY form of ending a situation. Go into a situation with a violent attitude and the outcome will almost always be violent. This in a town that in the same NE neighborhood a system for helping kids deal with conflict resolution without resorting to violence has been fairly successful. Maybe the children that have gone through the training should teach the cops that patrol in their 'hood.

Goatlove 29.Mar.2004 17:27

show me

I would like to know where you found this evidence of harrassment. The search links you provided show me no such thing. I'm not saying its not true, just that your links don't show that.

I do find interesting the Montana Department of Labor & Industries hearing which mentions his being hired in Montana: "Sery received a borderline "do hire"? recommendation on the psychological test"

In researching the Google Search info on 29.Mar.2004 17:46

Officer Jason Sery

I found a "linkage" between him and his wife as being members of Southwest Bible Church of Beaverton,
and naturally I wonder if a Christian could still be a "christian" after killing someone like Sery has?
It's a big question is it not? Here is clear violation of one of the main Ten Commandments. WE need
to get in touch with the church ((www.swbible.org)) and ask them to clearify this matter...is Sery still
a Christian after he killed a fellow human-being or not? If so, then what form of punishment will the
church impose upon him for wanton killing of another human-being? Let's let the church know that we
know one of their "members" is killing people over in Portland, and it leaves us wondering WHAT kind of
church they're running?

More stuff about Officer Sery 29.Mar.2004 17:47


This is from a Montana Bureau of Labor and Industries human rights case filed by a female applicant against the Billings, MT. Police department concerning allegations that several less-qualified men were hired rather than her in 1996, when Jason Sery underwent testing and evaluation.

34. Jason Sery timely applied for the 1996 hiring process. He had almost
three years of college study, and expected to obtain a B.S. in December 1996 from
M.S.U.-Billings. He was not P.O.S.T. certified. He interned with BPD in the
summer of 1996, and had no other law enforcement experience. He had almost
two years service in the Marine Corp. reserves, with a medical discharge for a
knee injury. His application file contained no documentation of any background
investigation. His application file contained medical information from the
Billings Clinic about his knee, dated July 9, 1996. BPD confirmed telephonically
that Sery received a borderline "do hire" recommendation on the psychological
test, and obtained written confirmation after hiring him. BPD hired him effective
November 12, 1996. Testimony of Reinlasoder and Ward; Exhibits JS-1, RN, X18
and V.


Also, it seems that Jason is involved in teaching home Bible study under the auspices of the Southwest Bible Church in Beaverton, Or. I wonder what his church thinks about what has happened.


Re: harassment 29.Mar.2004 17:53


I mean "harassment" in the sense that two cases I linked exemplify how he has been involved in situations which seriously tested (and violated!) 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable search, one of which also started as a "routine traffic stop" for failing to signal. This is the first time he's murdered someone in the process, AFAIK.

I missed the comment about borderline psych scores in the hiring practices suit. That is interesting.

Hmmm... 29.Mar.2004 18:08


If the windows were so darkly tinted, how did the young woman in the laundromat see everything clearly? She said she saw him reach to undo his seatbelt. She also said she saw one policeman slam the victim's head against the steering wheel. That could be what Foxworth meant by "struggle." None of the other witnesses said anything about cops diving to the ground either. Not saying it's not true, just that things don't add up yet.

The two things the police won't confirm yet are that the victim had no weapon and that he had no police record. They've had enough time to determine both. They just don't want to admit the truth. With Kendra James, they kept bringing her drug use up as an excuse. They must desperately wish they had something like that on this man.

The Portland Police Dept. should protect ITSELF by getting rid of those not fit for the job, rather than protecting them, keeping them, and in effect condoning their criminal behavior.

... obviously you didn't catch the 29.Mar.2004 18:34


about the FACT that the young man's car window's were rolled down
and thus, this why the lady was able to observe it all. If you'll
check the pictures shown of the car..albeit after the fact...you'll
see that the windows are down. Would the police roll them down after
they'd killed him? Don't think so? Thus, they were down as the lady
said. Got to pay attention to the little details now!

Wow! That's amazing that this cop was a "home Bible teacher" 29.Mar.2004 18:55


It blew my mind to read above that this murdering cop was/is a "home Bible teacher" at the Southwest
Bible Church in Beaverton! Really? Frankly, this doesn't sound like something Jesus would do...killing
an unarmed man without justification whatsoever! I mean, let's get real here folk's?

These damned rightwingnutters cloak themselves in the flag and grab a Bible with gun in another hand...
then they murder citizens. What's wrong with this picture? Is this church a bunch of religiloonies?
What do the other people that go to this church have to say about a fellow member out killing people?
Do they think it's OK? Would Jesus think it's OK? How do they reconcile themselves to such evil?

I would pray that these people are far above this man in spiritual development, and that they'll NOT
be giving him too much sanction and let him get a spiritual "skate by" on this? Guess we'll have to
see HOW truly committed they are to Jesus's teachings, or whether it's just mere "words" used to fleech
the sheep (if you catch my meaning? wink! wink!) I hope they'll bring it to his attention that he's
broken one of the 10 Commandments...one of the most important ones as I recall.

Actually I recall having gone to this place once a couple years ago as a guest with some friends, and
I can only remember that I had the impression it was very rightwingish, very much Testosterone-driven
with it's so-called "theology" and that women were very warm and friendly and the men far less so!
Makes one wonder how a guy like this cop could blend in with the woodwork so as to speak? My goodness!
All these rightwing churches and they're deluding themselves with their false belief's about Jesus???

Paying attention to all the details 29.Mar.2004 19:02


The lady never said they were down. If we are talking about the same lady at the laundromat. They may have been down and she didn't say it, because it was obvious to her.

What I am commenting on is the post above that says there was "no struggle" which contradicts what the lady at the laundromat said. The post also says "The driver rolled down the window. Both cops dived to the ground right after that, and one got up to fire several shots into the car, immediately killing the driver." This indicates that the window (at least the driver's window) was NOT open until right before he was killed.

You see I'm paying attention to the details, all of them. I'm not indicating that anyone is not telling the truth. I'm just saying that things aren't adding up yet. No doubt more details will help the story come together better.



Alright! We are doing a fast and good job in finding out who this Jason Sery is. It looks like he does bible teachings from his own home in Beaverton every Thursday at 7pm. What I think is ironic is that the website does not say what his address or phone # is. Actually he is not even listed in the phone book...sound like someone you know? It lists everyone else's stuff but not his. What if I want to go to one of his bible teachings, how am I gonna find it? Maybe someone should look into this, actually EVERYONE SHOULD LOOK INTO THIS!!!! The longer we wait to get his info the harder it will be to find him, like Scottie. Someone with money should do the people searches and find his address and # in Beaverton. The most important thing is getting his address and picture because he can always change his #. MAYBE WE SHOULD ALL GO TO HIS CHURCH ON SUNDAY! These are just ideas......NOW ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some time back I posted here at Portland Indymedia 29.Mar.2004 19:25

lady from Beaverton

a few words about some ladies at my church receiving a video that showed some of our church members who
were Beaverton Policemen that had been involved in the pepperspraying of babies when Bush was here in
2002. Well, guess which church? You guess it! While it's a good church with a lot of good people, we
do have a lot of these policemen coming there and a lot of us don't like it. We don't like their ways
or their attitudes. You are seeing why I trust? This guy here is a buddy of those I mentioned before.
Go figure it out for yourselves!

still looking? 29.Mar.2004 20:00

Marvin smtmbb@covad.net

I wonder how long they will be searching that vehicle? Perhaps another week or so I suspect. I wonder if there was a camera focused on that parking lot?



is a real jerk! He has been called out to bad situations where this cop was present and he didn't have
too much good to say about him. Said he was a cop with an attitude, a chip on his shoulder, and just a
general all-around-asshole. Said he sensed a lot of the other "better" cops didn't like him either!

So, maybe we're unraveling what's wrong with Sery? Maybe he didn't like NOT being liked, and so he was
looking to even the score. Or some sort of psycho mumby jumby like that. Who knows? How does normal
people get inside the heads of odd-balls like this? I mean the guy killed another human and it like he
don't grieve or apologize to the family or no nothing...just arrogant in-your-face stoicism! No wonder
we're getting spooked by these Portland cops, as they've got too many weidos like this religious freak!
That's what I read elsewhere here that he was some "preacher" at some church in Beaverton. Weird isn't
it? What kind of church would that be? Oh! enuf of my ramblings...

Those cops at that Beaverton church as also big in the 29.Mar.2004 20:52

Masonic Order

for whatever it's worth? They do strange things. Have strange ideas. Maybe this has
something to do with why they are the way they are? Check it out!

To hmmmm...... 29.Mar.2004 21:03

right on

You are right. The police protect each other rather than getting rid of the bad apples. Unfortunately, this is what has happen and will continue to happen. I think the only way things will change is if we treat the Portland police like they are, as cancer. Lets start from the inside out instead of firing the chief. This has been going on too long, and nothing has ever been done except for scapegoating the police chief. The city and DA's office also protect the police. They have endless resources, and get away with everything and anything.

Scapegoating - Diverting the people's attention from other problems, to shift blame for failures, and to channel frustration in controlled directions.

Poor cops, poor cop training, ineffective mindless review boards. There in lies the real problem.

Any ideas?

in response to "any ideas" last comment 29.Mar.2004 21:40

I think

it's obvious the PoPo's are cracking under the "stress 'n' strain"...some anyway, and the secret to our
bringing meaningful change is to get more creative in dishing them a constant dose of STRESS in every
manner we can, yet know when to back off so they don't go banana's like this freak did. See, they're
prone to stress-induced illnesses and when they start dropping dead like flies from heart attacks, from
strokes, from cancer, and all the manifestations of stress-related illnesses, then they'll realize WHY
and their younger brethern will take notice and hopefully wise up and refuse to be so stupid to foliow
the same path. So, the thing to do is dish out the STRESS and a lot of it...just be creative!

The Solution 29.Mar.2004 22:37


You need to dis-arm your Police. They are paid to be placed in danger.....the citizen is not.

Falsehood is bound to vanish 29.Mar.2004 23:46


The poor man is with the lord now, where we all will be someday. Blame whoever you want, the truth is thats the way cops who have authority over the weakest members of this society operate. Will the government end this no. They want the people to think they have some kind of power over the blacks thats not really welcome in this country.

Fear 30.Mar.2004 02:08


Cops operate in constant fear. It seems to be the nature of the type of job and the type of people who take it. A scared man with an Attitude and a Gun is a recipe for just this sort incident.

His religion has little to do with it other than it gives a stick to people who don't like religion to begin with so I discount those arguments.

In the end what you have is a Size 12 Ego in Size 9 Soul - with a gun. Armed and dangerous.

Activity 30.Mar.2004 08:58


In Australia when a young Aboriginal man was run off a street by white cops and impaled to his death, the aboriginal people in the community placed Wanted pictures of the guilty policemen on street post to let people know who they were so if "justice" did not reign in their courts,at least they would be known as murderers by his and other communities.
I feel people should begin a Boycott today(buy nothing in Portland Week) with a letter to the city council mayor,and a call for a federal investigation into these blatant murders on young brown and black people.
We all must act now, Its like that old saying First they came for the Communists but I was not a Communist so I didn't help them ,Then the for the ....

ACTIVE has a good idea about a downtown 30.Mar.2004 09:13

Portland boycott

and I think it'll get results. It has to be such that a lot of highly vocal people participate and at
least write, call in or e-mail Vera & the 4 Stooges, because if anything is apparent about them, it is
that they are more responsive to the business community than to citizen's. If the business community
screams at the pinch felt or even the threat of such, they'll scream at these joke's and get their
attention like we'll never be able to do.

This requires a thorough investigation... 30.Mar.2004 10:58


...but White Boy (above), sorry to burst your bubble, Portland is by far not the safest, quietest city around. Still no excuse for this nonsense. If anything, we should ave a high quality police force that knows what the fuck they are doing.

downtown boycott 30.Mar.2004 11:32

i'm down with that

The PBA has been baiting the dogs all year. They bankroll and influence the police state, while the corporate media builds consent for it. I say, boycott all downtown businesses, and vocally boycott any business that supports the corporate media with their advertising dollars. ESPECIALLY katu.

the church thing 30.Mar.2004 13:00

christianity...manipulative arm of government

For centuries the ruling establishment has used Christianity to gain a politco/religious foundation. The government in order to have the support of the masses must rest their mountain of lies on a pure truth to give the illusion that there are morals present in politics. This is why you have Bush quoting Christ and visiting Martin Luther King Jr's grave site even though the differ completely on ideologies.
As for the "thou shalt not kill" commandment, if a person wishes to follow Jesus Christ they cannot participate in government at all let alone carry a gun for protection or as a soldier or police officer. Christ denounced the government and that is why he was murdered you could in fact say that Christ was an anarchist...minus the violence which goes against the peaceful ends that people who consider themselves anarchists (and believe in the use of violence) wish to attain.
The church itself cannont punish if they wish to be recognized as christians. What they could do is simply talk to the officer and let them know for certian that the don't approve of his actions and let his conscience and karma be what awakens him to his misguided ways.
You can't fight evil with evil but only with love and compassion can you attain peace this is what Christ taught and I say he was on to something. Peace Always!!!

(North) Portland is by far not the safest 30.Mar.2004 17:20


X is right, North Portland is far from the safest anything. I know Portland seems all well and wonderful from your yuppy West Hills Starbucks, but it's a different story in St. Johns, Portsmouth and all the other shitty ghettos up on that side of town. I wouldn't compare it to south central LA, Mesa, AZ or even some of northeast Portland but it's no tree-lined picnic paradise. I am speaking from experience, I used to live on University Ave, which is the richest part of that side of town due to the proximity of U of P. I rode my bike all around St. Johns and it's a miracle I made it out without a scratch. Shitty deal about the man being shot, but wake up; N. Portland isn't some pristine utopia.

Silent Majority 31.Mar.2004 08:31

Public Citizen

Everyday people like Officer Sery risk their lives in underpaid position dealing with thugs and criminals so that you and I can have peace and security. I'm ashamed of my fellow Portlanders who have written the comments on this site and apparently take this fact for granted. Rather than perscuting an upstanding and self sacrificing officer who did what he needed to do in the heat of the moment and to protect his partner, himself, and ultimately you, we should be thanking him.

Thanks Public Citizen! 31.Mar.2004 11:35


If U wanna know Y us black folk wont B able 2 EVER fully trust white people, read the what Public Citizen had 2 say. Thanks 4 the reminder!!!

StarChile, please don't think that Public Citizen 31.Mar.2004 13:39

is at all representative

of decent and honorable Public Citizens. Please realize this person who wrote that vile piece of clap-
trap is most likely a troll, who in their personal anquish in having their collective well-crafted masks
being taken off and the real public seeing the ugly beings behind the masks is merely doing what they do
best>>>intimidate, hurt, use flawed logic, and irresponsible writings in their vain attempt to put right
the false masks that they themselves wear. Sad, but it is a choice they've made, and while we can feel
saddened for them, we nonetheless must note their pain in being who they are, and move on, ignoring them
as viable members of more intelligent society. Many of these poor souls are merely captives of their
own ignorance held in glutches of their prejudices and never known there is a "higher" life above that!

As for you, dear StarChile, know that there are those out here that feel your pain and share it too, as
they also share the "dream" for a better day that will surely come when there are most of us than there
is of THEM!

Get a life 31.Mar.2004 15:33


You people are totally stupid. So officer Sery goes to church and teaches bible school. Big deal. You are really reaching here!

Reaching for what? 31.Mar.2004 17:18


I love it when people post on here in the vaguest terms, like they know everything but won't deign to tell it to dumb people. What are people reaching for here? A way to get active and hold a police officer accountable for his actions. A way to connect with his community and get them to make his life hell if he doesn't take responsibility? Or a way to figure out what communities are responsible for supporting the most criminal acts perpetrated in this city and hold them all accountable for who they choose to support?

a clue to sery's character is that... 01.Apr.2004 02:06

St Just

... he, at one time, embraced the cult of the us marine corps- whose functional motto is 'kill, rape, mame'.

They intended to kill him 01.Apr.2004 02:11

Whistleblower assistanceofcounsell@yahoo.com

too bad I don't have his contact info so i could send the proof that this was intended to happen

Cameras? 01.Apr.2004 10:23

concerned brotha

Do the Portland Pigs videotape "routine stops"?

I was a Marine...matter of fact a typical infantry hard charger! 01.Apr.2004 11:03


hey there St just, hold on to them horses buddy! thats not the Marines' motto! The motto is, "Semper Fi" its latin for "Always Faithful", to our God, Country, and to the Marine Corps.

What Sery did is,(to my assumption)totally wrong! I am not a cop or had police training, but i've had intenive training on all sorts of weapoons. what ever procedure it was that he was following needs complete revision, for crying out loud, IT WAS A ROUTINE TRAFFIC STOP DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOUR!.

Someone mentioned that he got medical discharge from the Marines for some knee problems. In my 5 years of service, what i conclude from my experience, the majority of medical discharge are those that cant handle the lifestyle of a mariine and a medical discharge is the easiest way out. those are usually the types that fits the discription that others have mention as not beign stable.

I am very disturbed about this and feels that i can't do anything. We really need to do something. I don't feel protected by the police force but instead, more like an harassing department. This isn't what i should feel.

Double Standard 01.Apr.2004 12:58

Dan Wilcox

A few posts up I note a black using the term "White Boy." If a white calls a black a boy that is racist and derogitory. Please expain?

Wait for the true and correct facts first 01.Apr.2004 13:48

Mr.Both Sides

Eveyone is concerned when there is a Police involved shoting and this case should be no different, but please wait for the true facts of what happened. No one knows what happened during the contact between the Police Officers and the driver of the vehicle except the two Officers and the driver of the vehicle. It does not matter if the driver had a pass criminal record or if the Police Officers were jerks prior to the stop. The only thing that matters is what happened information the Police had as they approached the vehicle and what happened as they made contact with the driver.

I know Sery 01.Apr.2004 14:50


I know Sery's wife and have talked to him on occasion. He is very friendly, likeable, and one of those incredibly nice guys. He bends over backwards to help people--men, women, black, white, it doesn't matter to him. Whether he is skilled or makes good decisions in crises I have no idea. But one thing I know--this was not a case of racism. Really, who would give up his career and put his family and reputation at risk simply because he has a hatred for a certain race? That's pretty irrational. And of all people, he would not.

As it is, I would be hesitate to judge a cop's motives, since I'm an RN who does not ever have someone pointing a gun at me. But in this case, I personally know Sery, and I know he had no malicious intent. Poor judgement--of that he might end up being accused--I don't know. But definitely not racism.

You may think you know Sery 01.Apr.2004 15:30


"Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace"

In his own neighborhood, Officer Sery may act as your friend, he may speak in kind ways, and he may seem benign. Unfortunately, when some (not all, but some) men and women don a uniform, they feel free to act in ways that would shock and horrify most people. Hiding behind a badge and uniform in order to commit acts of violence against one's fellow humans is nothing new, witness the acts of the fascists in Germany during the '30s and '40s. I grew up in a family of military and law-enforcement members, and from first-hand experience can tell you that the power that accrues to someone in a uniform is not always wielded in a wise or humane fashion.

The facts as I understand them are: Sery stopped a driver for a minor infraction (not using a turn signal). Sery shot and killed the driver. The driver was unarmed. The facts point towards a criminal misuse of power, and an action by Sery far out of proportion to the situation. I don't care if he had drugs in his mouth (and personally, I am suspicious of the origin of those drugs), that doesn't justify a killing.

It is irrelevant whether the driver was of color, white, or two-tone green and purple. He was unarmed and was killed during what should have been a brief encounter with a public employee. This public employee works for an agency that has alienated and squandered the trust and good will of a significant portion of the public that it purports to serve. Valid questions exist about the prior stability of this public employee, and his use of a lethal weapon against a member of our comunity.

I'm glad for you that you have had good relations with Sery. It's very fortunate for you; I only wish the dead man had enjoyed such good relations, as well

agreement on some of your points 01.Apr.2004 20:18


Yes, you make a few good points here. However, the facts you stated that we know are only a few of the many facts. I am not sure how I would have responded if I were an officer pulling over someone on a minor violation, and then the driver refused to cooperate, wrestled with my partner, and began reaching for something. Obviously Sery thought it was a weapon for whatever reason. I do know that as a nurse I have made some mistakes; thankfully I never caused anyone's death. As a mother I have made mistakes (such as leaving medicines within their reach) that could have harmed my kids--thankfully, nothing happened to them. As a driver, I even caused an accident once. Thankfully, no one was hurt. I am so glad I'm not a cop. We all make poor judgements at times, but since we are not in the types of situations where we might be shot at, most of us have not made the horrible mistake that was made on Sunday. I'm just saying that we don't need to make the assumption--one that causes bitterness and division within our community--that there was any malicious intent here. I believe if any of us were cops, we could have accidently assumed our partner was in danger and done the same thing--and regretted it the rest of our lives.

Ok, say he just made a mistake. 03.Apr.2004 08:27

tipping point

Even if Sery just made an honest mistake, even if he'll regret it for the rest of his life, he needs to pay in other ways. He at least needs to be fired and prohibited from ever again holding a job where he has access to deadly force. Make a mistake that results in someone dying means you have to take the consequences. The risks are just too great to let him stay on the streets with a gun. But, if past events are any guide, he'll probably be given a paid suspension and then be back to work in 5 months or so...

North Portland isMellow Near U o P 03.Apr.2004 22:01

Mr B near U o P pambob@pcez.com

To the person that said the U o P area was risky. I have lived here twenty two years, and never felt at risk from crime. I walk, run, and bicycle the streets tween home, St Johns and the area around PCC. The citizens of all neighborhoods have been good to me.

There is crime, but when it comes to drugs, there is crime everywhere. So why is it that the cops (with or without intent) rarely shoot a white drug dealer. They always seem to apprehend white drug dealers without shootings. Something is not right here. Accedent, or racism ?? Never seems to be an "error in judgment" with the white folks. I am white, lived in Portland, SF, LA, Spokane, and Seattle. These "mistakes" always seem to happen to black folks. I do know there are a lot of whites in the drug scene too, and these "mistakes" rarely happen to them. Have not seen any Rodney King type videos involving a white person yet.

North Portland isMellow Near U o P 03.Apr.2004 22:55

Mr B near U o P pambob@pcez.com

To the person that said the U o P area was risky. I have lived here twenty two years, and never felt at risk from crime. I walk, run, and bicycle the streets tween home, St Johns and the area around PCC. The citizens of all neighborhoods have been good to me.

There is crime, but when it comes to drugs, there is crime everywhere. So why is it that the cops (with or without intent) rarely shoot a white drug dealer. They always seem to apprehend white drug dealers without shootings. Something is not right here. Accedent, or racism ?? Never seems to be an "error in judgment" with the white folks. I am white, lived in Portland, SF, LA, Spokane, and Seattle. These "mistakes" always seem to happen to black folks. I do know there are a lot of whites in the drug scene too, and these "mistakes" rarely happen to them. Have not seen any Rodney King type videos involving a white person yet.

a quote 05.Apr.2004 15:47

a man

"Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they do." -Jesus Christ

I will pray for each and every one of you. I urge you to pray for Mr. Sery. God bless you all.

Peace? 10.Apr.2004 01:09

James A. Lander

This site contains a lot of hate speech and prejudice coming from people claiming to be peaceful souls. How does that work?