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Black Thorn art auction......

Art auction. April first. 1914 gallery.
Black Thorn is having an art auction to raise money for the release of the fourth issue of the paper. The auction will be at the 1914 gallery(1914 E. Burnside). This will be a benefit for the release of Black Thorn issue number four, due to be released on May first. We are still accepting articles, artwork and money donations. We are also still accepting donations of art, ranging from pencil sketches to prints to clay sculptures, for the auction. This will be one of four benefits in April, the others being a brunch at Liberty Hall on april 8th, a concert at 15th and Emerson on the 16th and a big party at Liberty Hall, date yet to be announced. We still must raise six hundred dollars in order to print the next issue. The doors to the auction open at 7pm, the bidding starts at 8:30 and the auction ends at 10. Donations and/or submissions can be dropped off at Liberty Hall(311 N. Ivy) or sent to the PO box.

address: address: PO Box 11046 Portland, OR 97211