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15 Hours Later, Po-Po Still Mute

Fifteen hours have passed since the black man was killed by a Portland cop, & nearly nothing is known about what happened & why. Fifteen hours is a long time to determine, for example, if the man had a weapon. The man was dead inside his car, & the po-po is still investigating whether he had a weapon? Must be. Or maybe it's that the Division of Creative Spin does not have a night shift. Hey, Derrick. Hey, Vera. Was the man armed? Your silence is not helpful. Perhaps you are beginning to understand that there are a few psychopaths wearing PPB blue. That would indeed be hard to explain. I don't live in Portland, but the demand for Justice recognizes no boundaries, certainly not political ones.

We're waiting, ..... for the truth! [ READ MORE... ]

from comments: "Clearly this is yet another vicious police killing of fellow citizen for minor infraction of road rules. The police are dragging this out so their union Preez can help the killer cop and his partner get their "story" straight. PEOPLE, are you going to let them get away with it?" --by COVER-UP!

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