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Dennis Kucinich speaks to, and with, SRO crowd at Lane Community College

Dennis Kucinich, still running for presidential nominee of the Democratic Party spoke to, and with, an audience of hundreds (easily more than 500) in Eugene from 1:30 to about 3:15 today (Sunday, March 28, 2204). Answering questions more than 20 members of the crowd, Dennis addressed such issues as corporate globalization and corporate control of the media and of the vote-counting apparatus, problems of the Democratic Party, Ralph Nader's candidacy as an Independent, the 9-11 investigation, supporting U.S. troops in Iraq and abuse of the word/concept of "patriotism".

Any people who have yet to hear Dennis speak in a venue small enough that you can see and connect with the man owe it to themselves to get out and hear him. It's like going back before television, maybe to the days of Abe Lincoln, when public speaking was the way that candidates made themselves known and that issues got discussed. Dennis is a great speaker. Maybe not as great as Martin Luther King, Jr., but he's more than just good. He's sincere, eloquent, impassioned and humorous. I had never heard him before and I expected a performance about like what we get from out Fourth District Congressman, Peter DeFazio, who shares with Dennis membership in the leadership of the House Progressive Caucus and takes most of the same positions on issues as Dennis does. Pete has the sincerity and is able to respond on any issue more than adequately, and I have no complaints whatsoever about how he represents the Fourth District and Oregon, but Pete just doesn't compare with Dennis as a public speaker. I say this with all due respect to our own Peter DeFazio, whose integrity and indefatigable commitment to progressive democracy cannot be over-stated. Pete is one of us. Solidarity.
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