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In Defense of Animals Benefit Show April 23rd

4 band benefit show for In Defense of Animals
With great bands like Cootie Platoon,Reclinerland,The Ice Cream Socialists and Batcowkitty this benefit for In Defense of Animals will be a show not to miss. This will be FRIDAY APRIL 23rd 21 and over at The Rabbit Hole 8:00 pm 203 se Grand. Hope to see ya there! For more info call IDA 503-249-9996
21 & over? 29.Mar.2004 11:41


Why is this show 21 & over?

Response to A 29.Mar.2004 12:12


For the same reason as some parts of the animal rights community are racially exclusive, sexist, and/or classist: Probably pure thoughtlessness. They're probably not trying to discriminate, but that's still the effect of 21-and-over shows.

I'm not trying to quibble. This issue really is important. If any activist scene wants new energy, new ideas, fresh faces, that scene needs to cultivate relationships with younger people. That means don't hold your damn benefits at bars unless you want to broadcast the message that you don't want the support of minors.

? 29.Mar.2004 23:34


yeah I don't think IDA is concerned w/ new members period! The last post they had for help w/ the circus protest they posted it the day before the protest. Seems clicky to me. I say we start a non-discriminating AR group! Who's w/ me?

I believe this benefit was planned for I.D.A. 30.Mar.2004 17:48

md coldfemale2002@hotmail.com

I remember when this flyer came out. I think I remember In Defense of Animals (I.D.A.) staff had very little to do with the planning of this event. As far as the circus protest, I called I.D.A. and let them know the circus was coming to town, kind of last minute, but I did not organize a protest, I encouraged them to do that, because I was not sure I could make the protest at the times the circus was happening. About the new members, I believe I.D.A. would like new members and for them to participate. Last, building a new animal rights group sounds like a good idea. The local animal rights groups have a pretty full plate and a already have lots to work on. I would be interested in being involved in this group.

"cold female"--I'll bet you haven't 30.Mar.2004 22:23


gotten a single e-mail about this issue about starting a new AR group. In my experience people like to gripe, but not actually do anything.

For those complaining about overstretched IDA--go ahead and start your own group--it will be welcome.

As to the racist, classist, sexist, etc. complaint--go ahead and start your own nonracist, nonsexist etc. group--it will be welcome. There is more than enough to do for the animals. You may be sorely disappointed, though, to see that most people against racism, classism, etc. are not for the animals, are not vegan, do not fight vivisection etc. You will be trying desperately to educate everyone schooled in all the "isms" about the true evils of the factory farmed meat they enjoy, and how "humanely raised" really isn't, and what's wrong with pet stores and puppy mills, and the rest. In other words, you will not find your perfect group. If you think you can create it, please go ahead.

This isn't meant to be snide, but really, go ahead and start the group that you think can help the animals, and stop degrading one of the few that's actually trying to do something.

Actually 31.Mar.2004 19:59


Actually x she did get an e-mail and anybody else young or old white or purple thats interested in a new ARA group e-mail me at  cookinkittin@comcast.net I have tons of materials just waiting to be put to good use!

oops 01.Apr.2004 22:59


Here is the right e-mail  cookinkitten@comcast.net