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9.11 investigation

Bombshell: Mossad sources admit 9/11 link

According to a well-informed web site in Ireland with sources in the Israeli spy agency Mossad and the FBI, officials in Mossad are now admitting:

The existence of the huge art students spy ring active in the US prior to 911 and, astonishingly....
Bombshell: Mossad sources admit 9/11 link

1. My Comments
According to a well-informed web site in Ireland with sources in the Israeli spy agency Mossad and the FBI, officials in Mossad are now admitting:

The existence of the huge art students spy ring active in the US prior to 911 and, astonishingly

That BEFORE 911 Mossad was closely in touch with alleged terrorist leader Mohammed Atta and had a team, posing as arab terrorists, WORKING WITH the alleged 911 plotters.

The sources claim that they were trying to prevent the 911 attacks, but does this defence stand up?

The astonishing admissions from Mossad bosses and details of more leaked documents are contained in a recent article (copied in full below) from the web site of Gordon Thomas, an intelligence analyst, and the London Sunday Express. The authors of this site are well connected to the US and Israeli intelligence communities. Express Newspapers in the UK have a long history of close ties with Israeli intelligence sources.

The report was triggered by the evidence of the huge Israeli art student spy ring active in the US last summer, evidence which would not go away. The ring was wound up after federal agents at a range of installations noticed systematic attempts to penetrate security. The agency given the lead role in the investigation was the DEA (Drugs Enforcement Agency) which produced a detailed report. Later, it was noticed that these "art students" (some of whom were explosives experts) had been staying at addresses close to the alleged 911 hijackers.

Fox TV reported on this and other Israeli spying activities, but the report was denied and removed from the Fox web site. Then the DEA report into the spy ring became undeniable - it was leaked in full on the internet.

Two weeks ago in the Israeli press Ha'aretz reported the spy ring as a conspiracy story, misrepresenting the contents of the DEA report and missing out all mention of links between Mossad agents and the alleged 911 hijackers, a sign of the sensitivity of the DEA investigations.

Was the art student spy ring really just testing US security, and helpfully keeping Mohammed Atta under surveillance as Mossad sources claim? It is clear from their reaction - arresting and deporting the suspects - that the US government last summer did NOT think the art student spy ring was trying to help with US security. And if help was intended, it was spectacularly unsuccessful as events showed.

The really devastating claim is of a big link between Mossad and the Atta Group, accused by Bush/Blair of being the sole culprits for the 911 atrocities. Mossad sources are quoted as saying they infiltrated the group with two teams of bogus terrorists. This statement would imply that there were as many Mossad agents as genuine terrorists involved in the 911 operation.

The Mossad sources claim that they tried to warn the US government of the impending 911 attack, but Israeli officials did a pretty poor job of warning the US. They tell Gordon Thomas had such difficulty getting the CIA to take their warnings seriously that they sent warnings via Vladimir Putin and the German BND, warnings which have been publicised outside the US and fuelled attacks on the Bush administration last week.

But contacts between Israel and the White House are ongoing at every level, for instance Bush had three face to face meetings with Sharon last year. Why didn't Mossad simply report to Sharon and suggest he put a call through to Bush or at least Rice? She should have been keen to take the call after her recent admission that they knew something big was afoot last summer This was not speculation or mere intelligence they had come across, it was hard facts about a project their OWN PEOPLE were involved with.

Did Israeli officials contact Putin and the BND because this was the best way they could get in touch with Bush or because they wanted to establish a cover story in case the truth came out?

Here is an alternative hypothesis, put forward by many web based investigators. Criminal elements within Mossad and the White House conspired in a strategy of tension last summer, designed to provide a pretext for the US/UK war against Afghanistan, and well-documented Israeli right wing plans to expel the Palestinians from the West Bank ('transfer'). The BBC website records that US allies were informed of the Afghan war plans well before 911. There were three plans, one for a series of bomb blasts, one for the anthrax attacks, one for the 911 attacks. The attacks would be blamed on arab terrorists.

With the discovery of the art students ring the first plan was aborted. The anthrax attacks have been traced by independent scientists to an individual within the US defence establishment, an individual described as a committed zionist. Only 911 is still widely thought to be a solely Bin Laden operation and the official story on that is now crumbling with the recent admissions that Bush received a personal briefing on the likelihood of terrorist attacks.

It was widely reported in Mexico that Mossad agents were arrested in the Parliament there with guns and bombs shortly after 911, but released after a Sharon envoy arrived. Was this another part of the strategy of tension?

If this hypothesis is correct, further attacks are unlikely because they are too dangerous for the conspirators who have already been exposed on the art student ring and the anthrax attacks. The conspiracy may soon collapse as the post 911 censorship in the corporate media in America erodes. The drivers for the collapse will be whistleblowers in Mossad and the CIA, and the desire of the conspirators to cover their own backs.


2. The original Story from Globe-Intel (by Gordon Thomas)

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon authorised the leak of sensitive documents which reveal America's spy agencies were warned about a terrorist strike weeks before September 11. The controversial move has now directly embroiled President George Bush in the 'how-much-did-he-know?' debate over the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Sharon's reaction is a calculated response to growing claims that Mossad has been running spy operations within the United States and also reveals a split in the special relationship between the two leaders.

Mossad chiefs insist the Israeli spy agency was tracking Osama Bin-Laden's terrorists in America before September 11 and that the information was passed on to the CIA on Five separate occasions before the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. As late as August 24, less than two weeks before the attacks, a Mossad warning, confirmed by German intelligence, BND, said that "terrorists plan to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture." The warning alert was passed to the CIA.

The warning was also passed to MI6. The agency made its own checks and also informed the CIA. Frustrated by its inability to alert the CIA to an impending attack, Mossad arranged on September 1, according to Tel Aviv sources last week, for Russian intelligence to warn Washington "in the strongest possible terms of imminent assaults on airports and government buildings." Mossad's fury at the failure of the US intelligence community to act has been compounded by the revelation that the Bush administration had ordered the FBI Only a Week Before the September attacks to curtail investigations on two of Osama Bin-Laden's close relatives living in the US state of Virginia at the time.

Sharon's decision to allow the story of Bush's prior knowledge of the attack to be leaked comes at a time when Israel is smarting over what Sharon sees as Bush pressurising the Jewish state into an accommodation with Arafat.

The feeling in Tel Aviv is that Bush's much hyped war on terrorism does not actually fit into the aggressive policy Israel wants to pursue.

Sharon has already suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of his arch-rival, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as the central committee of their Likud Party ruled out the establishment of a Palestinian state last Sunday.

The party's decision, formalized in a resolution backed by Netanyahu, directly contradicted Sharon's own stated acceptance of a Palestinian state as the eventual conclusion of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. It came as Sharon faces mounting domestic and international pressure to find a way to stop more than 19 months of bloodshed and launch talks with the Palestinians.

The support he was expecting from America failed to materialise, said a source close to Mossad. "Ariel Sharon is furious because he thinks Bush has not supported him as fully as he could. His coalition is falling apart, Netanyahu has sneaked ahead of him and the Israelis are generally fed up of living in fear. Sharon is quite clear where the blame lies - in the White House. "Now he has really stirred things up by putting Bush right at the centre of this storm by actively allowing these sensitive documents to be leaked to the world. He feels he needs to teach Bush a lesson and this will certainly complicate America's peace efforts in the region," he said.

According to similar documents shown to the Sunday Express, Mossad was running a round-the-clock surveillance operation on some of the September 11 hijackers.

The details, contained in classified papers, reveal that a senior Mossad agent tipped off his counterpart in America's Central Intelligence Agency that a massive terrorist hit was being planned in the US. A handful of the spies had infiltrated the Al-Qaeda organisation while a staggering 120 others, posing as overseas art students, launched massive undercover operations throughout America.

Other documents leaked to the Sunday Express from several intelligence agencies including the Drugs Enforcement Agency show that two Mossad cells of six Egyptian and Yemeni born Jews, trained at a secret base in Israel's Negev Desert on how to penetrate Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network.

One team flew to Amsterdam and were under the control of Mossad's Europe Station. This is based at Schipol Airport within the El Al complex. They later made contact in Hamburg with Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker on September 11.

The second group flew directly to New York. From there they travelled South to Florida and infiltrated the Bin laden organisation. In August last year, the Mossad team in Europe flew with some of the Hamburg terrorists into Boston, a month before the attack on the twin towers.

By then the Mossad team had established an attack on the US was "imminent". It reported this to its Tel Aviv controller through the Israeli Embassy in Washington using a system of secure communications. In early September Mossad Chief Efraim Halevy sent a warning to the CIA of the possibility of such an attack. The warning was noted and acknowledged. But CIA chief George Tenet is understood to have described it as "too non-specific." The FBI was also informed. Halevy sent a second alert to the CIA that reached Washington on or around September 7.

A spokesman for the FBI refused to discuss specific details of the Mossad operation but said: "There are Congressional hearings with regard to possible intelligence failures arising from September 11. We can't verify your information because it is part of an ongoing investigation."

Neither the DEA or the CIA would comment on the record, but a senior US intelligence source said: "Anyone can be wise after the event but it was extremely difficult to act on a non specific threat given in a couple of tips from Israeli intelligence. It would be interesting to know if they could have been more specific with their information.

"Their surveillance teams must have observed Atta and his accomplices going to flying schools. I guess we might never know the real truth."

The spying operations first came to the attention of the DEA in January 2001 according to a classified 90-page dossier which has been seen by the Sunday Express. The names, passport details and other personal records of some of the Israeli-born spies are also detailed in the dossier.


3. Comment from newsgroup contributor Sean McBride
911 Was a Mossad False Flag Operation
by Sean McBride

(McBride is a discussant in newsgroups investigating CIA drug-trade involvement.)

I've been strongly resisting coming to the best guess that 911 was a classic Mossad false flag operation, conducted with the full complicity of a Zionist political network loyal to Israel at the highest levels of the U.S. government, but some recent events have made it almost impossible to ignore the obvious.

This is the theory that best fits the known facts. It's not enough that the U.S. has failed to capture a single planner behind or perpetrator of the 911 WTC and anthrax attacks. It's not enough that the U.S. is even failing to show any interest in capturing these "evildoers."

But now we have George W. Bush urging Americans to pay no attention to Osama bin Laden and to forget he exists. What's that again? Forget about OBL? And forget about the anthrax attacks? OBL has conveniently been demoted from Lord Satan to a pesky "parasite," someone beneath our notice. You can't afford to capture "evildoers" when knowledge of the real identity and purposes of said evildoers would turn the popular understanding of 911 upside down and create the biggest crisis in American politics since the Civil War. Then we have the frantic efforts to shift the focus of attention regarding 911 to Iraq, even though there is not a shred of solid evidence that Iraq was involved in the attacks, and that the campaign to attack Iraq is being masterminded and promoted by Israel and Israeli loyalists in the American government like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle.

The question then arises: was the purpose of the 911 attacks to justify precisely this kind of military campaign, against the Palestinians, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and on down the line? Then there are reports about John Ashcroft, a militant Christian Zionist, demanding that the investigation into the 911 Israeli art student and movers spy rings be buried. Both spy rings appear to be closely connected to the 911 WTC attacks in sinister ways about which Ashcroft would prefer to keep Americans in the dark.

Here's the best guest so far of what happened on 9/11/2001. Osama bin Laden is a high level agent operated by the Israeli Mossad in cooperation with the CIA. OBL and his inner circle recruited the hijackers for 911, with the naive recruitees having little idea of what they were really getting into or about whom was pulling their strings (this was the false flag component of the operation). The hijacked planes were taken over on 9/11 by remote control -- the hijackers lacked the piloting skills to execute the maneuvers that were performed. Well-established procedures for handling situations of this kind were deliberately overridden by orders from on high within the Bush administration. The planes were allowed to hit their targets.

Now the government is engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to suppress any reasonable questions about 911. If the cover-up starts to fall apart, it is likely that more and worse terrorist incidents will be engineered, martial law will be declared, and any skeptics and dissidents will be imprisoned or murdered. Now, if none of this true, why is the government doing its level best to make it appear to be true by its bungling and provocative behavior? Doesn't this entire operation -- both 911 and post-911 -- have a keystone cops quality about it that is highly redolent of Iran-Contra? Anyone who thinks Israel is incapable of this kind of behavior should thoroughly research the Lavon Affair. Start by doing a simple Google search on "lavon affair". Anyone who thinks Christian Zionists aren't capable of supporting Israel in this kind of behavior should take a close look at the attitudes expressed on Free Republic, a hotbed of Christian Zionist opinionating. Christian Zionists regularly express the conviction that Americans owe absolute loyalty and submission to the Israeli government, and that Israel and the United States should launch a campaign of genocide against Arabs and Muslims. Literally thousands of messages in this vein have been posted on Free Republic in the last few years, with the approval of Jim Robinson.

The most difficult thing to wrap one's mind around in this scenario is the idea that some Americans would participate in such a radical betrayal of their country and fellow citizens.

But then you have to take into account the bizarre effects of ethnic and religious cultism on the human mind, particularly cultism animated by apocalyptic fervor. If this scenario comes close to describing what happened on 911, George W. Bush and many other high-level government officials are probably as much out of the loop as the average American. They are no doubt asking the same questions in private that have been asked on the Internet. I hope this scenario is proven wrong in the near future. I hope we catch the real culprits behind 911 and the anthrax attacks, and discover they really are whom the media have claimed they are. But if the weeks drag on and on with more government evasions on these issues, and not a single significant arrest or conviction, suspicions are going to grow and harden.