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Portland Police Murder Unarmed Black Man

Late breaking news has just been submitted that just an hour ago, the Portland Police murdered an unarmed Black man in North Portland. The Black man was pulled over in one of the Portland Police's excessive use of "traffic stops" that are used to harrass and intimidate the working class in the city, especially African Americans and Latinos, in the NE/N.Portland area of the city. 7240 N. Fessenden was the scene of the state crime.

The victim asked for the Probable Cause of the police officer pulling him over, and so the police officer then told the Black man to get out of the car. When the above mentioned driver undid his selt belt, the officer fired his gun into the victim, murdering him.When a family member of the victim received information of the murder, a police officer then arrested the grieving relative.

This represents another police state murder victim, almost all of them: people of color. The police officer that murdered Kendra James, a victim who was also unarmed, was simply transfered to the Southeast. The corporate news will certainly whitewash this latest police state murder. But the world needs to be informed of this daily occurrence in the United States concerning these types of legalized murder; a direct line from the days of the Lynch mob, the "White" race riot with police protection, the Slave Patrols, and the US military's use in putting down Slave rebellions. Justice has been too long denied. Will this dangerous murderer not receive the Death Penatly? How long will we sit by and watch another person murdered openly - on such a beautiful spring day? [ READ MORE... ]

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