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9.11 investigation

Morning of Sept 11 is where the Answers lie

if the official 911 panel really wanted to know the truth, they'd be asking about 911 morning.

like ....
Weeks before September 11, the Central Intelligence Agency reported to the White House that Osama bin Laden's network was planning imminent attacks on U.S. soil which would be "spectacular and designed to inflict mass casualties." They went on to warn that the "attack will occur with little or no warning."

The report, according to Newsweek, "names names, gives dates and provides a body of new information about the handling of many other crucial intelligence briefings -- including one in early August 2001 given to national-security advisor Rice that discussed al Qaeda operations within the United States and the possibility that the group's members might seek to hijack airplanes."

and then we have condi (in attached mp3) saying, i thought it was a terrible accident. maybe when they finally demand rice testify publicly, they can ask her why she thought it was a 'terrible accident' even after the specific warning of a 'spectacular' attack and 'hijacked airplanes'.

and of course, it'd be great to see bush testify in public, where he could be asked about these oddities:

1. This video showing bush sitting there listening to 2nd graders read The Pet Goat for 5 min AFTER hearing of the 2nd plane hitting.
(note- those are 2nd graders, the 'great' reading skills bush was showing off in premiering his national 'direct instruction' reading program really show you how sad our country has become. 7 yr olds should be reading full chapter books, not repeating in unison.)

2. The attached clip with dubya claiming he saw the 1st plane hit. which tv was he watching? who was broadcasting a pic of the WTC before the 1st plane hit?

3. Bush said on 911 evening in his address to the nation, "immediately following the first attack, I implemented our government's emergency response plans." what emergency response plans exactly... could you elaborate dubya? Did you tell the fighter jets to take off? What? What did you tell them to do? Standard procedure would have the jets go up 5 minutes after losing contact with the tower... so what were your orders, oh great commander in chief?

i think we're approaching critical mass, people are finally waking up.... if they lied about the war... what else have they lied about. the house of cards is collapsing, and they are screwed in a catch 22- they don't testify and they look bad, they do testify and they look bad. it's up to you out there to take clips like these to any tv believing sheeple you know... we're so close to tipping the scales and exposing the whole sham.

We should demand a public testimony from these proven liars. I would love to see several of the 9/11 widows do some of the questioning.
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either she is lying or she is incompetent

how did he see the 1st plane hit? no cameras were on the WTC until after the 1st plane hit. Listen to him, he saw it happen and he thought, oh that's a terrible pilot. if he's remembering the video of the 2nd plane, how can he also believe it's a 'terrible pilot' at that point?

what response? where the fuck were the fighter jets?!

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plus bonus:
check out rummy's latest monstrous lie. This one is huge. Thurs 3/25 on PBS newshour, Lehrer asked Rummy if he felt a sense of failure as Clarke did (re clark's big apology), rummy says:

That's not my job, this was in domestic airspace and it was a job for domestic law enforcement.

How fucking stupid! Like NYC has F-16s that could've taken off and handled it. What's Rummy saying? NYPD should've alerted all cops and had them run to the top of all tall buildings and shoot the 2nd plane down with their pistols? What the fuck is this lame ass answer.

mp3s of the liars at la imc

2 Questions for CONdoleezza Rice... 29.Mar.2004 10:04

Concerned Citizen

How did you know to warn San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown not to fly on 9-11? And why did you not warn the nation?


rumsfeld vs clarke 29.Mar.2004 10:07

lets play "spot the liar"

JIM LEHRER: Let me go back to Mr. Clarke for a moment. He said in his book, said it yesterday and he said it in his book, "By invading Iraq the president of the United States has greatly undermined the war on terrorism." Do you disagree?

DONALD RUMSFELD: Oh, sure, he's wrong.

JIM LEHRER: In what way is he wrong?

DONALD RUMSFELD: Well, there's no logic pattern that supports that contention. It is -- it just isn't valid. First of all, we're still attacking al-Qaida and Taliban around in the Afghanistan area. Our arrangement with Musharraf, he's working against the al-Qaida and the foreign terrorists there. The foreign terrorists are in Iraq and we're working them at the same time.


MR. RUSSERT: Why do you think the Iraq war has undermined the war on terrorism?

MR. CLARKE: Well, I think it's obvious, but there are three major reasons. Who are we fighting in the war on terrorism? We're fighting Islamic radicals and they are drawing people from the youth of the Islamic world into hating us. Now, after September 11, people in the Islamic world said, "Wait a minute. Maybe we've gone too far here. Maybe this Islamic movement, this radical movement, has to be suppressed," and we had a moment, we had a window of opportunity, where we could change the ideology in the Islamic world. Instead, we've inflamed the ideology. We've played right into the hands of al-Qaeda and others. We've done what Osama bin Laden said we would do.

Ninety percent of the Islamic people in Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, allied countries to the United States--90 percent in polls taken last month hate the United States. It's very hard when that's the game where 90 percent of the Arab people hate us. It's very hard for us to win the battle of ideas. We can arrest them. We can kill them. But as Don Rumsfeld said in the memo that leaked from the Pentagon, I'm afraid that they're generating more ideological radicals against us than we are arresting them and killing them. They're producing more faster than we are.

The president of Egypt said, "If you invade Iraq, you will create a hundred bin Ladens." He lives in the Arab world. He knows. It's turned out to be true. It is now much more difficult for us to win the battle of ideas as well as arresting and killing them, and we're going to face a second generation of al-Qaeda. We're going to catch bin Laden. I have no doubt about that. In the next few months, he'll be found dead or alive. But it's two years too late because during those two years, al-Qaeda has morphed into a hydra-headed organization, independent cells like the organization that did the attack in Madrid.

And that's the second reason. The attack in Madrid showed the vulnerabilities of the rails in Spain. We have all sorts of vulnerabilities in our country, chemical plants, railroads. We've done a very good job on passenger aircraft now, but there are all these other vulnerabilities that require enormous amount of money to reduce those vulnerabilities, and we're not doing that.

MR. RUSSERT: And three?

MR. CLARKE: And three is that we actually diverted military resources and intelligence resources from Afghanistan and from the hunt for bin Laden to the war in Iraq.

of course Clarke is assuming that there were 19 Arab hijackers... which has never been proven, weren't like 7 of the 19 identified Arabs still alive. Rumsfeld just looks like an idiot, he is the one with no logic to back him up.