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saucer secrets

phoenix lights
i witnessed thode 'phoenix lights' saucers afew years back.these were originally sighted in phoenix ariz. in march 1997.check arizonarepublic.com website archives under ufos.i saw them a few times and believe me they are real.others saw them but werent sure.but ive seen them a couple of times flying silently and below the 500 foot limit over a city.could this be why theres a military takeover in usa??they know there here and they want to make sure theres absolute control of population.2 air force pilots who chased them in arizona were reportedly 'very shaken'' by what they saw.so was i, but i have no fear of them.could they be worse than these right wing bushfreaks?? this is not a bullshit story ,i really did see those eerily glowing orange ctaft which actually had a 30 ft. diameter disc inside beacause i swa thm once at dusk.the disk was a dull black.the glow and flame type light was like no kind of light ever seen. it looked like welders torch orange but had an 'impossile' sort of a 'feel tone' to it.nevertheless the govt. knows they were here.btw these were the same ones witnessed near carteret new jersey airport in july 2001.see abcnews.com,it might still be in archive.i know it was in new jersey star ledger.the airport reported no transponders on the 'craft' indicating these were not legal flights.in phoenix they were reported to disembark from mile long triagle, but i only witnessed the individual glowing discs.the military doesent want people to know this but im making sure this is known.
woah 28.Mar.2004 16:23


just saw the 'look up' post after i wrote above article.this is unrelated but it shows that people should think about what the state is doing technologically and the kinds of lies their so called scientists are trying to rule us with.apply the pressure in any way you deem necessary.protect yourself be careful act quickly or slowly when necessary