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Reclaim the Commons

Call to action against the commodification of life, San Francisco June 3-9
Organic Revolution
Organic Revolution
As global warming, biocontamination from genetically engineered crops, and pollution engulf the world wide ecosystem, a mobilization against BIO 2004 is being planned in San Francisco (USA). The Reclaim the Commons mobilization will be planning street protests, teach-ins and direct actions to counter the corporate commodification of all life on the planet from June 3rd to June 9th. "Dazzle the forces of corporate globalization with streets full of resistance and vision! While the biotechnology industry and its lobbyists meet in San Francisco and the G8 meets in Georgia, join us in San Francisco for a mass mobilization that says NO to corporate profiteering and destruction and YES to the world we want."

Reclaim the Commons,  http://www.reclaimthecommons.net
Biodevestation,  http://www.biodev.org
Black and Green Bloc,  http://www.autonomi.net/blackgreen

homepage: homepage: http://www.reclaimthecommons.net