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We Are Resisting Conference tentative list of events

The We Are Resisting Conference aims to bring together people from across the spectrum of the movement(s) againste Empire and Colonialism. WAR will take place June 30-July 3 in Lawrence, KS
The We Are Resisting Conference will take place from June 30-July 3 with a day of action against Empire set for July 4

A tentative list of speakers includes:

Raegan Butcher, Cindy Milstein, Ward Churchill, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, Chris White, James Herod, Alexis Buss, Dave Hill, Kazi Toure, Joe Amrine

Workshop plans include:

Racial Identity and White Culture Assimilation, Gender Identification and de-constructing gender, Community Responses to Patriarchal Violence,(Anti-)Capitalist Globalization, Guerilla PR,Strategy Implications of the Various Anarchist Currents,9/11 in Context: A Marine Veteran's Perspective, The Case for Animal Liberation, Anarchism and Spirtuality, Leavenworth and U.S. Imperialism, The February Sisters, The Case of Leonard Peltier

Films will include:

Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment, Behind the Mask: The IRA and Sinn Feinn, Plan Colombia: Cashing in on the Drug War, Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, Afropunk, The Weather Underground, Maximum Security University, Through the Wire

Music will be provided by:

David Rovics, Ryan RedCorn, The Deep Thinkers, and more TBA


We are still looking for folks interested in speaking, facilitating workshops, showing films, playing music, etc...
Please check out the website at: