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Tre, Free and Billy - ELP bulletin

ELP Information Bulletin (27th of March 2004)
Dear friends

ELP has four lots of news for you today.

1) Prison now accepts Tre Arrow's legal name.
2) A message from Jeff "Free" Leur's support campaign.
3) A request for info about Billy Cottrell.
4) Subscription details for  elp_extra@yahoogroups.com

First off. ELP is delighted to report that the Canadian authorities are now
accepting Tre Arrow by his legal name. At birth Tre was given the name
Michael James Scarpitti. However several years ago he had his name legally
changed to Tre Arrow. Initially the Canadian authorities refused to accept
any mail addressed to Tre under his legal name and insisted he used his
birth name. However ELP is delighted to report that the Canadian
authorities have now relented on this point and are allowing post to Tre
under his legal name. Therefore please address all letters to:

Tre Arrow
Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre
4216 Wilkinson Road
Victoria BC
V8Z 5B2

Also, if you wish to support Tre financially, a defence fund has been set up
for him. Please send donations, for Tre, to "Tre Arrow Defence Fund", 125
NE 83rd Ave., Portland, OR 97220, USA.

2) ELP has been sent the following message from the Free Free Now

International Day of Action and Solidarity with
Jeff "Free" Luers
June 12, 2004

June marks the fourth year that our friend and comrade, Jeff "Free" Luers
has been imprisoned and held captive by the state. Sentenced to 22 years
and 8 months for burning three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at Romania
Chevrolet in Eugene, Jeff has continued to be active in prison and fight
back with his words and inspiration. This June 12, we aim to strengthen
his efforts by promoting a day of action and solidarity with Jeff
throughout the world.

This day will mean many things to many people - we say do what fits your
local situation and your desires. Some ideas are film screenings, protests
at SUV dealerships, wheat-pasting campaigns, letter writing and outreach,
music shows and direct actions. The important thing is that you ask
yourself: will this action help Jeff's situation? Remember that what we do
on the outside has an impact on his life on the inside-sometimes its
positive and sometimes negative. Consider this crucial bit of information
when planning your event.

There is no central organizing body or group to check in with but the J12
Organizing Committees can help by providing you with flyers, graphics, and
merchandise such as videos, zines and stickers about Jeff's case. It is
imperative that you be able to speak about Jeff's case if you do a public
event. Take some time and read about it on our website:

Jeff's imprisonment and sentence is without a doubt, intolerable but keep
in mind that his sentence is yours as well. It is meant as a deterrent to
social and environmental movements all over. Let us not forget that when
you fight with Free for his freedom - you fight for yourselves and your

There will be events in many US cities and potentially in countries as
diverse as England, Australia, Finland, Brazil, Russia and more. There is
already a large public outreach event planned for Eugene, which will
involve speakers, music and more. If you choose to hold a public event,
email us and we can include the event on the website as well as include
your information in outreach materials. After the day, you can send us
write-ups, photos and updates and that too can be posted online. Many
people have emailed us about a desire to do more for Jeff - this is the
perfect time to show your solidarity.

In struggle,

Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers  freefreenow@mutualaid.org

Break the Chains, P.O. Box 12122, Eugene, OR 97440
 breakthechains02@yahoo.com  http://www.breakthechains.net

Free's Defense Network, POB 3, Eugene, OR 97440

**Contact any one of the above addresses for more information
**Updates and Events will be posted to www.freefreenow.org/j12.html

3) ELP has an information request to anyone who has written to Billy
Cottrell (American eco-activist accused of involvement with a series of ELF
actions which saw the damaging of approximately 125 vehicles). If anyone
has heard from Billy, can they please contact ELP as we've not heard
anything from him since his arrest and we'd like to know he is okay. Or if
he isn't okay, then is there anything we can do to assist him? And we'd
also like to remind everyone that Billy is in desperate need of support, so
please send him a letter of support today. Address them to:

William Cottrell, #0403300535
Central Detention Center
630 East Rialto Avenue
San Bernardino
CA 92415-0025

4) Yesterday ELP reported the creation of a new service "ELP Extra" which
circulates information about non-environmental political prisoners, such as
the Italian anarchists who are currently being targeted by the Italian
police. To subscribe to this new service send an e-mail to


"Prison is a weapon used by the State to crush individuals who step out of
line" (Michael Collins - former Mayday 2000 prisoner)

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