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Fw: Italy, the persecution against anarchists goes on

This is worth reading, because it is an omen of things to come. It is important to remember we are not alone, and to do more than express solidarity. We need to live it.
> Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004 4:16 PM
> Subject: Italy, the persecution against anarchists goes on
> > With this statement we wanted to inform all the
> > comrades about the status of repression in Viterbo
> > (Italy, note of the translator). In this sad small
> > town have been living for years some people that have
> > made of freedom and rebellion their life choices The
> > generalized situation is unhappy, indeed, in al the
> > cities in this gigantic jail-word, but , recently,
> > here in Viterbo is getting harder and harder. Monday
> > the 19th of January, with the usual 41 TULPS, 4 houses
> > of 4 of people, in viterbo and surrounding cities, had
> > been searched. The protestuos motivation was the
> > explosion of a bomb in front of the tribunal. Of
> > course, the search lead to nothing. But the infamy of
> > the police reached the apex, one of the houses had
> > been literally stormed. This action was even more
> > unfair if we realize that, the policeman, where aware
> > in that house where living also children. Never the
> > less they did not have any problem on smashing doors
> > and windows, destroying also the children games. To
> > whom who may be scandalized we answer that we are not
> > astonished by this way of acting. This is the true
> > face (se c scritto faccia, se invece c scritto
> > feccia e non un errore di battutira puoi mettere
> > "shit" = merda che ci sta bene lo stesso) of the
> > policeman's brutality. The following week, other 3
> > comrades have been denounced for offending the army
> > because of hanging inserts to the walls of the town.
> > The day after another comrade has been stopped and
> > checked by two police cars, with the excuse of finding
> > out the eventual possession of weapons and explosives.
> > Of course, with the search they found nothing. The
> > described situation is enriched by DIGOS (the
> > political police, note of the translator) endless
> > shadowing and "standings" under the comrades' houses.
> > An easy presentation of a book is criminalized during
> > the distribution of the written communication of this
> > appointment to the people, for this action of
> > communication a comrade is stopped and threatened to
> > go away or he will risk to be beaten. Naturally the
> > determination of the comrade himself made the action
> > going on! Tuesday the 17th, following the order of the
> > infamous lawyer of state ( "procuratore" in Italian,
> > note of the translator) coordinated by another
> > "stinking corpse" Ionta, more than 40 houses, in
> > Viterbo, Roma, Labruzzo and Rieti, has been searched.
> > With the usual 270 Bis, for crimes leading back to
> > attacks against some institutions of state, they are
> > trying to criminalize that group of people that
> > practice the due choice of not getting submitted.
> > Making conjectures about some kind of association they
> > would try to reduce to a sterile hierarchic
> > association those whom have in the heart the desire of
> > a truly free world To this servants, we answer that
> > the state, composed by those who are ready to obey to
> > any order, is the one and only subversive association!
> > Once again we scream out our adversity to any lead
> > role, aware that hierarchic and submitting
> > organizations may only own to short-sighted minds! We
> > want to specify that this communication is not a
> > victim complain, but knowledge of opposing, to the
> > spread giving up, the will of rebellion to this
> > spoiled system ("esistente" in Italian, note of the
> > translator). Indeed we are convinced, now more than
> > ever, to go on with the fight against our threateners
> > They, lawyers of state and policemen, can not even
> > dream to shut up our voices! As long as this system
> > will exist, our determination on fighting against it
> > will be alive and awake!
> >
> >
> > some of the inquired anarchists