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Summit of the Unemployed - a call for survival & political action Sun 1 pm @ R&B cafe

High unemployment and underemployment are not going away anytime soon. In fact, the enormous structural problems within capitalism are making the prospect of full employment and living wages a more and more remote possibility for future generations, unless we can affect what can amount to revolutionary changes in the emerging world social order.
Huge debt load and the pressure of depleting oil reserves are but two of the factors which will continue to slow down the "engine of growh" necessary for capitalism to produce the goods.

Socialists have hisrorically identified with lavor and the working class. But, lately, arganized labor has not been paying much attention to a growing segment of the working class. Those of us among the unemployed are losing our healthcare, our homes and sometimes our families, while the country slides into increasing debt over a misguided war, and a deliberate attempt by the Republicans to destroy the social infrastructure of the nation moves forward, unchecked.

We need to organize for survival. It's time to revie some of the innovative institutions and organizing stratefies developed by socialists and communists in the Depression years, and to come up with fresh apporaches to the growing problems of capitalism.

An idea which has been floated on the internet recently is for a "summit of the unemployed," and DSA Oregon has decided to pick up the a strategy gor direct action/legislative reform,
*education around globalization, labor economics, oil depletion, etc., and
*building skills for survival.

If you are unemployed, underemployed, threatened with falling into the abyss, orknow someone who is, then this issue should interest you.

Questions? Contact  duane@dsaoregon.org. (503 252-6303
Green Party includes "Repeal Taft-Hartley" plank in 2004 platform ! 27.Mar.2004 23:33

politics as possible

The greatest boom in U.S. history for labor organizing was the period following enactment of the Wagner Act in 1935. Now in 2004, the Green Party is recognizing the importance of labor and union organization by including in its 2004 platform a "Repeal Taft-Hartley" plank. All that means is we could go back to what so many workers --- often led by the I.W.W. --- fought for through years of struggle and finally achieved in 1935 ! ! ! Repeal of Taft-Harley is also supported by the House Progressive Caucus in the Congress (54 Democrats and 1 Independent). The Socialist Party also supports repeal of Taft-Hartley and eliminating the unfair management practices, once illegal, that are now the everyday reality faced by workers attempting to organize in today's "SuperAmerica".