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Hunting Dogs

Emaciated, Radio collared, painted dogs run down deer for sport...
I was out in the National Forest this morning, on the way to my favorite target range. I came across this poor creature on the side of the road. It is a hunting dog, trained to run down deer. The dog is fed a meager diet, to increase its desire to chase game. It has a radio collar, so the owner can follow it to the prey. It is painted with a number, for easy identification.

I hunt and fish, which most of you will find offensive. Although I do not hunt with dogs. I find the practice offensive and unsportsmanlike. (Unsportswomanlike) It is cruel to the dogs and deer.

Here is a photo of the dog. It has blood on its paw, and face. Most likely from running through thorny berry vines.

That's sick and sad. I wish you 27.Mar.2004 22:53


could have taken the dog to safety and comfort. The asswipe who is using him might shoot you if he caught you, though. Man, people are scum way too often.

Which national forest? 27.Mar.2004 23:10


A few more details, please. Which state are you in? Are you implying that this happens everywhere and has never been noticed before?

It isn't hunting season. Poaching is illegal. Did you not realize that? Why not, since you say you are an avid hunter?

You certainly did have the power to take possession of an injured domestic animal and seek medical treatment for it. Why did you take the time to photograph it and not bother to care for it?

The answer to all these questions may be as simple as one word: Troll.

Reply 28.Mar.2004 09:19

The person who posted the photo

The photo was taken in the Ouachita National Forest, In Arkansas. It is not hunting season. Dogs are allowed in the National Forest. The hunters train them throughout the year. I dont know if dogs are used to hunt deer in other parts of the country, they may or may not.

Being called a troll for posting a photo is isulting. I thought I could post the photo in a forum where people would be sympathetic to the animal. I get a lecture instead. WTF? Do you want me to write a treatise on animal suffering everytime I post a photo of an animal suffering? I think the photo tells the story.

The dog is wearing an expensive radio collar. If I took the dog the law would be after me. Since I was the only person on the road, with about 5 trucks full of people running their dogs, I would be suspected as soon as the dog did not return to them. I live here, and dont want to be targeted for stealing somebody's dog. It sucks that the dogs are treated in this manner, I dont like it. But I am not an Army of One to solve the problem Myself. Telling a Redneck that "I did not steal your dog, I liberated it from its suffering" will not get me off the hook when I get caught, though it may be true. I live in a small town, not a big metropolitan area where I can blend in and hide.

To Media Babe 28.Mar.2004 11:25

The person who posted the photo

I would be happy to provide you with the topo map, directions, and aerial photo of the area where the dogs were being run. You could come out and rescue the dogs with your affinity group, then take off without having to live in this community.

There is an irony I am experiencing. Having been involved in the activist community in OR and CA I have sat in on meetings where organizers spoke of the necessity of building bridges with people in rural communities. Both for 'educational' purposes, and to have inside knowledge of what is going on out in the sticks.

I am one of those out in a rural community reaching out to the activist community, I am now a troll.

Most of us know you're not a troll 28.Mar.2004 16:29


That word gets thrown around a lot. It is used sometimes carelessly and sometimes craftily. Most people who are interested in understanding things avoid that word totally. Um, so what I'm saying is don't think because one person called you that, that most others here share that opinion.

I saw your photo. I had the same thought, that I wished you could have rescued the dog, that I wished I could've done it if I were there... but chose not to write, because I realized that you may not have been able to. Publishing the photo was a good thing. Some of us didn't know this kind of thing goes on. Now we do. Awareness is the first step. I'm sure there were a lot of others who saw the photo, understood what you were doing, and felt no need to post comments. Thanks.

Thanks 28.Mar.2004 17:10

The person who posted the photo barnbuilder@sbcglobal.net

Thank you.

I have seen the photo's of beagles in the HLS labs, it is terrible. In the case of HLS there is something to protest, a big corporation. Phone numbers to call, fax numbers to fax. Buildings to march upon, internationally.

In the case of the dog I saw, a beagle mix, it is not the same. It would take changing the law here to make the people stop using the dogs the way that they do. Maybe it is the same, I dont really know. I just know what I saw. I dont have the space to capture these dogs, and smuggle them off to a new home. There were about 12 dogs running the day I saw the one I took a pic of, all in about the same shape.

One of the great things about living in Arkansas is the wild lands. It is called the "natural state" for a reason. I have friends that have seen wolves here. I see Bald Eagle, Coyote, Red Fox, Pileated woodpeckers, Cardinals, Crows, deer, turkeys... on almost a daily basis. It is the rural nature of the state that supports such wildlife, and supports the hunters that take to the woods. Including myself.

The wild coyotes I see are better fed than that poor dog I saw on Saturday.


Hunter 28.Mar.2004 18:30


Using those dogs for hunting, and training them may not be against the law, but animal abuse is. Starving them so they hunt better should constitute animal abuse. Photographic evidence is the first step to raising awareness that this is going on, and can be used in court later if it ever comes to that.

Keep shooting... that camera of yours.

I live in Arkie too, I know what you mean.... 08.Nov.2005 09:00

Dixie dr_vfib@hotmail.com

Dang, I know how you feel when you want to so badly rescue these emaciated run down dogs to give them a chance at a better life, but local law and local people prevent you from doing so. My ex is big into coon hunting and he uses dogs, emaciated dogs. He doesnt actually feed them, he throws out a handful of dog food onto the ground and calls it feeding. He has (at last count) 7 dogs and they are living on a handful of food a day, having to fight amongst themselves for survival. You can easily tell these dogs have mange, worms, and many of them have open sores. One dog you could see EVERY bone in her body. This upset me enough for me to tell him that if these dogs dont gain weight and start looking better within a month I was going to contact the SPCA group (they do have the resources to press charges and to remove animals from people). The last time I went up there two dogs were tied out in a ramshackle pen and were fed every other day (handful). I may go up there again, take my camera, take pictures and send them to the SPCA group and they can open a case against the guy.

I have a wonderful loveable Labrador, he is fed EVERY day, (roughly 4 cups a day) I make sure he ALWAYS has plenty of water available to him. He gets a bath once a week sometimes twice if hes especially stinky from swimming in the pond. I spend AT LEAST 30 mins a day with him, sometimes more if I have time on my hands. He's had OB and we are working on doing 65 yd retrieves at the local football field when they are not practicing or playing. In the summer when the heat is scorching I set up a wading pool for him to lay in to cool off, it also serves as drinking water, and it gets cleaned out daily (dirty water dumped out, pool scrubbed clean, fresh water put in) He lives in a 30x10 run, he has hay put in his house for warmth on cold nights, and kennel is cleaned daily.

I get concerned when he drops weight (even if it is just 5 pounds), he deserves to be loved and cared for. When my ex told me that his dogs arent very good I was like well with proper care and training your dogs can be just as good as mine. Stuff like that just makes me want tobang my head against a brick wall.


i agree an disagree 11.Dec.2005 12:28

deer hunter

I agree that abusing animal is wrong an is unhuman. A dog is to be loved an cheerised, but i also support hunting with dogs an do it myself but i treat my dogs good. I feed each of my dogs a ban of food in the morning an in the evening an change their water three times a day. If my dog is injured i take care of it. Who evers dog that was should be starved an mistreated themselves.

in plain english....... 06.Mar.2006 05:52

GA. outdoorsman

first of all.,,, the dog being starved is just the photographers unproven theory.
most sporting dogs are of lean stature due to their very active lives (unlike u morons)... example; have u ever saw a marathon runner weighing 4oolbs. ? i guesss if yall had your way all dogs would weigh 5oolbs and lounge on the sofa with a tv remote watching DR. phil or Oprah.
these are "HUNTING DOGS" they must be kept in the best of shape to maximize their efficientcy. do you say its mistreatment when u see horses racing or training on a track ???
what you wanna be intellectuals need to be getting in an uproar about is the treatment of lab animals because that shit is barbaric