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People killing people or how I learned to despise Bush and all he stands for

Others than think as they want, but as far as this American is concerned, Bush is quite possibly the most horrendous excuse for a leader there has ever been. Initially, during the previous campaign, the writer just thought Bush a rich, spoiled brat that had gotten out of trouble, into business (all failed), and had the governorship of Texas bought for him by his daddy.
People killing people - or how I learned to despise Bush and all he stands for
Posted on: 3/26/2004 3:38:00 PM - Columnist

Others than think as they want, but as far as this American is concerned, Bush is quite possibly the most horrendous excuse for a leader there has ever been. Initially, during the previous campaign, the writer just thought Bush a rich, spoiled brat that had gotten out of trouble, into business (all failed), and had the governorship of Texas bought for him by his daddy.

Since that time, the perspective has changed to one of how the devil could a man such as Bush have the responsibility of controlling one of the world's armies and dictating policy? After all -

He cannot tell the truth.

He has no conscience for the miseries of we ordinary people.

He could care less about the enemies he as created, both abroad and domestically. He has the most corrupt of armed enforcers backing him, people who are as corrupt as he is (namely Congress and his "staff" of warmongers), and "courts" that do not resemble in the slightest courts of law established by the Constitution for the united States of America.

His lie after lie has resulted in genocide, or at least mass killings of thousands upon thousands of people. The people were blown to bits, with the families, homes, livelihood, relatives, and everything they held dear destroyed. And, for what?

If one is fair and impartial, one can only conclude that Bush is a blood lusting loser that could care less how many people are killed - both abroad and domestically.

Even now, as the truth has emerged - that both Afghanistan and Iraq were based on lies of the almighty Bush and his legion of losers - he still graves more human blood spilled, as he sits back in comfort acting as if he is concerned about human freedom. The US Military people are still being killed, while they slaughter additional human beings who have done no harm to our union of states.

To top it off, the truth has also emerged that he is a chickenshit that hid behind his daddy's money, while thousands of Americans, and millions of Vietnamese were slaughtered under false pretenses. Then, the big brave man doffs a US Military uniform and acts as if he is a great military hero. God, what gall.

We - the American people - were once a group of people joined in common effort to assure no human rights were violated, but we continue to allow this poor excuse of a man and Christian - and about as false a leader as can be - to remain in the white house, even though the world knows the truth.

What is equally gut wrenching is that most Americans know but because of misplaced loyalty, the writer supposes - that if you aren't with us, you're against us - they keep backing the incompetence of Bush and the warmongering bunch of jackals he surrounds himself with.

Bush is also a yellow jackal because he hides - or tries to hide the truth about his administration and the intent of those who control his every word and action - behind "national security", when in fact the only security they are concerned with is the protection of their own evil - despicable acts and intents to enslave all the people of the world.

When a leader will not make public every transaction and record, then he is denying the people the whole of the principles this union of sovereign states was founded. History thusly will certainly show this man to be one of the top ten enemies of human freedom - unless a Bush relative or lover writes the history.

Stop, People!!! Remove your blinders; think impartially and objectively about Bush's record of failures - before and after his placement into politics by his daddy - for the sake of mankind.

The best deterrent to crime is for every American to be fully armed at home, fully armed when leaving the house - particularly in a concealed fashion - and willing to use the weapons to defend himself and his family with his weapons.

Criminal do not attack people who they think could actually kill them, or end their criminal lives in some fashion, such as wounding them allowing law enforcers to catch them. If a criminal suspects another is armed, and knows his potential victim will use his arms, he moves on to less "dangerous" people to mug or whatever.

The same holds true for countries. Let them know about the weapons we have, and that we can and will use them. Our strength is much clearer then, than using them and failing in the use.

Stop and think! Kick in more than two neurons.

The Afghanis - those the US Government wished to dispose - have not been beaten. The fact is they are now stronger than before, as they survived the bombing of their people "back to the stone age". Remember - what does not destroy one just makes them stronger.

The US Government could have kept it up until every standing structure was destroyed, but the people still will not be beaten. Afghanistan through ten years of battling the Russians proved this beyond all reasonable doubt.

Now, here is what Iraq has taught not only the writer, but also the Iraqi people who oppose the brand of "democracy" exhibited by the US Government and the thoroughly enslaved American people.

The US Military is NOT the mightiest force on Earth. It cannot sustain its hollow victories over long periods of time, the same lesson the Russians learned.

Survivors of massive bombings can continue picking at the invading and terrorist military force until it is completely demoralized. Thus, even though huge numbers of innocent people are slaughtered, the intended end of the invading army - that is the United States in most cases - is not met.

The people's backs are not broken, so to speak, but instead the resolve against the invading force is intensified. Suddenly, people who were not enemies become enemies who fight a large massed army as only it can - through guerilla hit and run tactics that cannot be beaten by any army.

Thus, the terrorist in the case of both Afghanistan and Iraq - the US Government - becomes the target of what we mistakenly call "terrorists". Those who fight back we should conclude are in reality "freedom fighters" using "hit and run" tactics against the unlawful invasion and occupation of their countries.

Now, after bombing the crap out of Afghanistan, and the never ending conflict in Iraq, with the US Military beginning to become demoralized, other countries see the weakness of the United States, that its primary tool for enslavement is mass bombing and other means of mass killing and destruction, so as to avoid huge numbers of American losses.

These countries - at least those within those countries who believe they have the right to their own beliefs and customs - fight back with small, sudden attacks. They use what we call the acts of terrorists, when the truth is their acts are just acts of self-defense of themselves, their families, their property, their beliefs, and the land they call "home".

Diplomacy is the forgotten tool of peace. Bush has not the slightest inkling of what "diplomacy" is, and may not even be able to spell or say it. His idea of "diplomacy" is to lay down carpet after carpet of bombs, missiles, and other explosive, WMD devices until his demands are met.

For Bush, the Demented, his thinking extends no further than - 'you just do whatever the hell I say, or we will bomb the crap out of you." In other words, he is a loser in terms of statesmanship, a quality of leadership that he cannot be remotely accused of.

Recall back, People - that is, at least the generations that grew up during the 40s, 50s, and 50s. Up until the 1970s, there was very little terrorism - in fact, the writer had never heard the term used until either the very end of the 60s or the very early 70s. This was the case worldwide. What is different now from then?

The main difference is the US Government kept increasingly getting involved in the Middle East, and desiring control of all oil/ drug producing countries.

The US Government decided that it could interfere in other countries and relied on the ease with which the American people could be deceived and manipulating into thinking it was our destiny to control the world. What a load of crap.

What right do we have to conspire to kill the leaders of other countries? That has been one of the main functions of the CIA - to effect "regime" changes.

Another main function has been to create groups, such as the Taliban and al Qaeda, and to train them to combat terrorism that was created through the misplaced dictates on other peoples and cultures by the ever-greedy US Government. Even leaders such as bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were creations of the dastardly US Government.

Arafat was essentially a creation of the US Government or caused by the US Government and its interference in the Middle East.

Then, to add fuel to the fire of the Middle Eastern people, they know that without support of the US, Israel - the politically established country by Zionists - would have long ago ceased to exist. It is a politically created country that relies solely on terrorism without repercussions due the protection it receives from the US and British Governments.

If this "rogue" state did not receive billions of dollars, arms, political backing, military backing, and so on from primarily the US Government, the other countries in the Middle East would have long ago set things right.

At any rate, if another country knows that a country it would like to invade has the intestinal fortitude and the weapons to fight back so that the "war" might never end, that the costs would be too high, the country isn't likely to invade the other.

Let them know that nearly every household is armed, and that the people will use their arms should they be attacked, whether by a foreign force or a domestic force. Let them know the military might be destroyed, but the people will not.

Then, use diplomacy so that the adversaries feel each has won.

However, with Bush and people like Bush, this cannot be done, as their intent is not world peace but war piled upon war for profits to the elite, and death to as many people as possible.

What Bush and his bunch of conniving secretive corrupt warmongers - and most of the American people - have forgotten is that a country's strength is not in its military and so-called "leadership"; the strength of a country is in its people and the unwillingness to be ruled by any but them selves. That is liberty - freedom - not the drivel spouted by people such as Bush.

Thus, to summarize - Bush is incompetent - except in lie after lie, and directly responsible for the writer suspects thousands more deaths of people than what is being reported by Zionist mainstream media.

So, why the hell is this liar and war criminal still in the white house, along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the other warmongering bunch in their positions?

Why are Americans still in Iraq, Afghanistan, and 135 countries total, when our borders are open to any number of thieves, illegals, other criminals, and terrorists, while our own people being attacked by law enforcers, their private property seized unlawfully, and so on?

Wake up, People. We - at least the government - are the terrorists both at home and abroad, while those in other countries are the true freedom fighters.

Not only that, but it will remain so with the Republic/Democrat coalition of corruptness in power.

Never ever will the world see peace - including within our many states - as long as these two political parties have powerful people the likes of those now in power.

We will go on and on - people killing people. And, for what? Our defense? For democracy and liberation?

God, are we gullible. I for one wish I could correct the wrongs done to the world by the corrupt in Washington in our name. But, there is simply no way to correct a man holding pieces of his child - or a child holding the pieces of his father or mother - the result of indiscriminate American mass bombing, is there?

People killing people at the orders of the so-called "elite" - will it soon reach America in massive numbers? Only if it is at the orders of the US Government and Bush-like officials.

Thus, the writer's utter contempt for Bush.

By Ed Lewis


Misleading 27.Mar.2004 18:11


Bush is a messenger boy.

Lewis' hysterical diatribe serves only to divert attention from the real enemy.

more than that, Dio 27.Mar.2004 20:40


in his "hatred" - supposedly politically-motivated and -directed - he is completely losing sight of ____what is actually happening_____.

(and I'm going a bit beyond what I think you 'Dio' may have been trying to infer with your comment: messenger boy for the elites, corporations, oil-grabbers, PNAC, Christian Fundamentalists, etc.)

the above author is completely ignoring an *alternate conclusion* that can be reached from all of GWB's aberrant behaviors and career actions that he lists:

namely, that GWB is *NOT IN CONTROL* of his own personal, professional, or political life. he doesn't have an original political, financial, or public policy thought in his brain or bone in his body. Even drones like Reagan came up with a few original ideas (crackpot as they were).

I mean, look at it:

Yale (how the hell did that happen?? what a disgrace . . .)
Skull & Bones
Texas ANG bailout
Texas governorship
Harken Energy bailout
Texas Rangers baseball team
Enron bailout
Selection 2000
Energy Task Force
Supreme Court decision to appoint him to White House
USA Patriot (pre-drafted long before 9-11)
Homeland Security
Iraq invasion + fake WMDs

all of these things were done **FOR** GWB or carried out **ON BEHALF OF** GWB by his family Mob helpers / handmaidens:

Daddy Bush
Carlyle Group
Jeb Bush
Katherine Harris
Antonin Scalia, Kennedy, O'Connor, Rehnquist, Thomas
Jackson Stephens
James Bath
Karl Rove
Fox News/corporate media

THEY are the ones who keep the ball rolling. Not Dubya. he's just the Nameplate.

It's plain to see by all the laws of physics, logic, legal rigor, and common sense that GWB cannot be held personally "responsible" (except that by SCOTUS fluke and rigged election / racist voter suppression subterfuge he actually did end up taking the Oath of Office) for any of this stuff . . .

he's just the Prodigal Son of former C.I.A. Director George Herbert Walker Bush, fulfilling his "role" in the universe.

you can see it in Bush's own facial tics, expressions and bizarre outbursts in public. in the recent forced slideshow bathroom/sophomore humor. He's trying hard to "enjoy" the ride but - he doesn't WANT to be in this show - he *has* to. No choice.

the guy is like a 16-year old, mentally. think Beavis and Butthead - _____really_____.

Think beyond politics or social class for just a moment - can you imagine trying to have a rational discussion with the guy - about anything at all? it'd be like talking to a depraved frat boy, or worse.

p.s. has anyone seen or heard of Laura Bush lately? the skinny is that she and Dubya have been effectively separated, very rarely have they appeared in public over the past two years, except for mandatory, large functions. She reportedly spends a lot of time with a female former White House aide of hers, or on her own (last spring for instance, she was encountered at a resort - by herself, w/only Secret Service escort - in Vancouver BC).

all this is not to "demonize" or "sensationalize" Bush's public or private life, but to give anyone reading this the sense that GWB is quite literally NOT IN CONTROL OF HIS OWN LIFE.

I mean sure, he goes into those adolescent-rant "I'm enjoying the little dictator" dances which light up his facial expression every so often - but mostly, the guy must be *pullin' hard* just to make it thru the next day. either that, or be totally sedated on God-knows-what pharmaceuticals . . .

he is utterly, totally fulfilling a figurehead function, implementing genocidal, pro-corporate, anti-human policies wherever his pen strikes on behalf of the wealthy elites from which he sprung.

it goes beyond him being a "messenger boy". in a very real sense, he's not unlike a simulacrum or a robot / servant. only operates as programmed, 15 minutes prior . . .

it's not _his_ life. and he can't be held "responsible" - except for the fact that he did put his hand on that Bible and take the Oath to get into the White House.

his family Name is on the Plate.

so stop "hating" 'Bush' - if you really want to hate, hate the injustices of his Mob Regime!

Good Point Skeptic 28.Mar.2004 18:26


Bush is certainly not in control, but his neo con cabal are the real power behind the thrown. More reason to get them out. There are two schools of thought, ABB and vote your conscience. Both are valid. Voting for Kerry means voting for someone, like Clinton, that numbs you to the bad legislation and actions they do during their term because you're just happy to have a democrat. However, they give you enough air space to breathe. Voting for Nader, Kucinich and others is admirable, but if it results in a Bush win, we get four more years of that crap. Will 4 more yrs of Bush galvanize Americans, I doubt it, many are blind to what's happening. Will 4 more yrs of Bush force the democrats hand so they put up someone more progressive - doubt it as they will put up someone more conservative to get elected. Radical politics unfortunately does not have too much momentum in this bible belt/corporate owned country. In my opinion, the best thing to do is work locally, one on one, if you have to. I don't see any other means for change. I think post 9-11 has resulted in some significant changes, from the massive war protests to mainstream criticism of war on terrorism. Major change is going to take a long while. In the meantime, you need to survive. Women may not have the patience to put up with Bush and the possibility of regression of reproductive rights. I think there is some self righteousness on the part of some here to criticize those who feel that they would be more comfortable with Kerry, in spite of his flaws.

'abc' 28.Mar.2004 23:07


"I don't see any other means for change."

--the votes for Gore didn't change a thing. I'm not going to go into partisan debates on the Presidential candidates they've been extensively hashed elswhere on this site. you've got lots of thinking and learning to do if you think a vote for Kerry is worthwhile, though - the next 4 years of either him or Bush will "galvanize" nothing.

"the best thing to do is work locally"

--agreed completely. I will say that in terms of all our votes - the Presidential election is not nearly as significant as local, regional, and national Congress races. those are the contests in which your vote actually has a proportional, numerical chance of making a change (as compared to the White House race).

"In the meantime, you need to survive."

--here's how: