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Israeli Attack on the Press Denounced

Israelis monitoring PDX Indymedia mounted new computer based attack on Al-Masakin.
The fact that a new wave of comupter virus attacks that mention the term "Tehran Times" serves as proof that Israeli agents are monitoring the PDX Indymedia, since this fact has was only mentioned once. The fact that my press cedentials were used as a springboard for this computer attack implies it is not only attack on the press (especially the Muslim press), but an attack on this particular reporter as an agent of that press.

One cannot speak about these obscenely stupid racist individuals with respecable disourse, since Israel is a predatory power that constant seizes, or creates pretexts for, murder, assassination and genocide which grows from its profoundly rotten ideology and structured in its pornographic criminal national spirit. Just as Mofaz is the Israeli Stonewall Jackson, Sharon is its Robert E. Lee; its supporters confererates in the attic. Confederate banners flap everywhere. Sharon's death will not be just good, it will be sublime. It political genealogy: Lee, Hitler, Sharon.

"Heritage" is a big term in racist ideology as every Jew must ask "What have I inherited?" Besides this Lost Cause, this legacy of virulent fascism piled on the bones of the hapless vicitims of a serial killer called "Israel". Secret, lurking killers. They stand in the shadows, quitely, anonymously stalking their prey; knife, fang and claw ready. Adrenaline eats at their minds, inflames their bellies. Thirst for blood and death causes arousal, scientists say. Stroking...thirsting. Arousing the passion...all fall together in a moist pile of semen, blood, urine and feces...Israel...Israel...Israel! It is yours and his and his and hers...all fall together in a moist pile. L'chai'im...live today for tommorrow you shall die; "Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees"?