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imperialism & war march 20, 2004

March 20th in the US Poem- by John Paul Cupp

Part of "John Brown's Loaded Gun", poetry project by John Paul Cupp.
March 20th in the US Poem

They line the streets.
We "support our troops"!!!
Our sons and daughters,
the occupiers that are killing you.
We want you to know,
that we would rather see
a Fedayeen in a body bag.
This is a Kosher Movement.
I'm feeling "jewish" today!!!
They don't call it red-baiting anymore.
Hiding behind the hollowcause and "anti-semiticism"
when they "kick out the more violent elements".
You know the people that just wanted to say
they stand with Al-Fallujah and Tikrit.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity

anti- semite 27.Mar.2004 14:39


your anti-semitism is getting more and more blantant.

"This is a Kosher Movement.
I'm feeling "jewish" today!!!
They don't call it red-baiting anymore.
Hiding behind the hollowcause and "anti-semiticism"

is "hollowcause" a reference to the holocaust?
just because you don't think you are an anti-semite does not mean that you aren't.
Check yourself. you profess to be an anarchist yet you degrade others for not seeing things the same way you see them. There are places where one can take a stand however, before you say the same thing about me. Read up, educate yourself and stop being so ultra-militant. It seems like you take this ultr-militant standpoint because you feel like you have no stake or way to effect change in the various oppressed peoles struggles which you co-opt. Empower yourself and get involved do something real rehtoric is not enough let your actions speak and be smart about them. Instead of co-opting a struggle as a soapbox get involved and help. And get off the jew hating tip.
hope you get better...

cupp not an anarchist 27.Mar.2004 23:29


This freak is not an anarchist, for cryin' out loud! He's a Stalinist North Korea Kim-il Sung groupie! Do some searches here on indymedia for his other contributions! (Especially all the stuff from the "Songun Politics Study Group.")

Part of the challenge faced by anarchists and other political radicals is the political illiteracy of most Americans, who quickly become mentally confused about any kind of radical dissent against the establishment status quo, and quickly mix up anarchists, who are against all forms of authoritarian despotism, with Stalinists, Maoists, and others, who love authoritarianism and totalitarianism.

Of course this sort of mental prostration is promoted by rightwing politicians, who richly benefit by denouncing anyone who exposes their gangsterism and war profiteering as "communists," "pinkos," "terrorists," or whatever other bogeyman labels are in vogue with them at the moment.

John P. Cupp 28.Mar.2004 08:19


Is a pathetic loser and a complete idiot.

Yep, JP Cupp is a Loony... 28.Mar.2004 10:53


...up there with the chemtrails nuts and the people who think the WTC disaster was a "controlled demolition."

I see JP down in his basement, like Dale Gribble from King of the Hill, ranting on and on about the glory of the failed state that is North Korea, and spitting out anti-Semitic trash, while the cops abuse people in his neighborhood and Jim Francesconi is on his way to making the mayor's office fully owned by the Portland Business Alliance.

What well thought out scapegoating 28.Mar.2004 12:49


Did the burrito collective not meet today? No brew bloc activity on Sundays? No circle A, circle jerk, lack of ideological meaning workshops going on? JP, I'd rather be a juche-communist than a portland anarchist anyday.

fucking tiresome crap 29.Mar.2004 01:43


emma, thanks for the clarity.

wendyb, i'm sure you can find an anger management workshop for the mildy retarded somewhere in this fine city.