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Peaceful Protest at Snake River Correctional Institution

The following report was mailed to me by the prisoners in Complex 2 at Snake River Correctional Facility, SRCI. On March 12th, 13th and 14th, approximately 700 inmates held a peaceful protest by refusing to eat in the prison's chow hall. The prisoners who sent this report asked to remain anonymous. I did receive several independent reports about this event, so feel this is a fairly accurate account.

The weekend of March 12 - 14, prisoners at SRCI refused to eat in the prison's chow hall. This cost the state several thousand dollars in wasted food, but inmates felt it was important to bring attention to the increasing mistreatment of the prison population on the following issues. The quality of medical care, the food, institutional operations and the overall conduct of the prison's staff in regards to the day to day treatment of the inmates. These are by no means trivial issues. Staff conduct alone has resulted on one of the hioghest rates of staff assaults in recent Oregon history.

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