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9.11 investigation

The 911 International Inquiry in SF

The presentations range the full spectrum, from people with vast historical knowledge talking about the Kennedy assassination, to people talking about the details of the demolitions of the towers, to people who have been lifetime activists and are sharing their knowledge, to icons like Mike Ruppert who get a lot of applause.

Mike presented last night - he focused on a very well done and focused version of Paul Thompson's 911 timeline just for the segment of the standdown, and identified the person who is initially responsible. He presented it grounds for a legal case, and referred to Phil Berg who was in the audience.

Webster Tarpley (unauthorized biogrphy of Bush I), Bruce Gagnon (Coordinator of Global Network Against Nuclear Weapons), Mark Taylor(false flag ops and Kennedy researcher), Joseph Calhoun (Bombing of WTC in '93), Grey Brechin ('Imperial SF' power and ruin), Barrie Zwickwer (The Great Deception), Nicholas Levis (Berlin 9/11 Conference) and Carol Brouillet (International Inquiry organizer) also presented yesterday. [ READ MORE... ]

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