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Where is the outrage?

WMD Joke only possible from an unaccountable power.
Guess what? No elections in November.
American nightmare:
WMD, that was a good one! Your children really died for Chevron. Isn't that hilarious? Ha Ha Ha.
Vote for me!
photo 27.Mar.2004 12:39


the folksy dictator

no "outrage" possible. 27.Mar.2004 12:47

not in a nation of TV-somatized fast food consumers

and gadget-obsessed, child-porn-fetishist religious fanatics.
Genuine composite photomontage of the Average American
Genuine composite photomontage of the Average American

Here's the outrage 27.Mar.2004 13:35

George Bende

The next task is to get Nader on the Oregon ballot. To do that we need to get 1,000 registered voters together in one place at the same time. Join us on April 5, 6 p.m., Roseland Theater, 8 NW 6th Ave. It's free. If you're not already registered to vote you can register there.